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Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutanic gas and takes on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation. He confronts real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood. Learning to control his powers, figuring out how to patrol the skies at night and still make it home in time to study for his chemistry class, Virgil's greatest discovery becomes the real "charge" he gets in helping people and making a positive difference in his community - Dakota City. First Telecast: September 23, 2000 Last Telecast: May 22, 2004 Episodes: 52 Color episodes (52 half-hour episodes, 1 two-part episodes) Production: Warner Bros. Animation Distributors: Kids' WB For updates on Static, go to the creator's homepage at: Character Guide Virgil Hawkins / Static Shock - Can control electricity and manipulate metal objects. He's been living with his sister and father. His father works for the city. His mother was a paramedic until one day she died in the Dakota Riots. Richie Foley/Gear - Virgil's best friend and is a genius. Richie mutates in the third season and gains superpowers. He's still Static's sidekick, but he has a more active role creating the tools they need to stop crime. Hotstreak - Francis Stone Aka F-Stop. A gang leader who bullied Virgil around. Mutated so he could control fire. Ebon - Aka Ivan Evans. Petty thief, who has a gang of three. He turned into a living shadow. He can go under doors, through cracks and even take others with him. Rubberband Man - Aka Adam Evans. Disgruntled music writer. He used his powers for revenge when a famous rap star stole his lyrics. His body is like a rubber band that can stretch or become anything. Now, he's using his powers for good. He is Ebon's brother. Talon - Real name revealed to be Teresa. Mutated into a bird. She's one of the members of the meta-breed. She can fly and screech at high levels, which is deafening to anything around her. Shiv - Also part of the meta-breed, along with Ebon and Talon. He can create light energy weapons at his disposal. Puff - A meta-human bounty hunter. She can breathe any kind of gas (acid or knock-out) from her mouth and also turn her legs into steam to fly. Onyx - Puff's sidekick in the show. He's a rock monster with super strength. Carmen Dillo - A humanoid armadillo who could roll up into a ball and launch himself as a projectile. Kangor - The leader of the Ruffpack with feet big enough to deliver powerful kicks and shake the ground. Sometimes works with Ebon. Ferret - Member of the Ruffpack who has a snout that can smell anything. He can also scale buildings. Omnifarious - Edwin Alva Jr. can use his meta gas and control it to have any power he wants. He probably could have found a cure if things hadn't been ruined with his dad. Theme Song Fight the criminals, chase the bad guys Save the world, fly through the sky Half kid, half amazing Ok, Static Shock's who you're facing Yeah, one zip, then you zapped Good against evil, get trapped Look in my eyes, I've got the power Villains run from the static shower Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Criminals get twisted This superhero gifted The bell rings and I'm back in school Nobody know what I do, ok Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) Superhero Static Shock (Woo-hoo!) One zip, then you zapped Good against evil, get trapped Look in my eyes, I've got the power Villains run from the static shower Criminals get twisted This superhero gifted The bell rings and I'm back in school Nobody know what I do, ok Superhero Static Shock! Performed by: Lil' Romeo (Seasons 3 and 4 only). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kids' WB Broadcast History September 9, 2000 - October 28, 2000 .... Saturday, 10:30am November 4, 2000 - June 16, 2001 .... Saturday, 11:00am January 26, 2002 - August 31, 2002 .... Saturday, 8:30am January 25, 2003 - July 26, 2003 .... Saturday, 10:30am August 2, 2003 - September 6, 2003 .... Saturday, 11:30am January 17, 2004 - February 7, 2004 .... Saturday, 11:30am February 14, 2004 - May 22, 2004 .... Saturday, 8:30am June 5, 2004 - August 21, 2004 .... Saturday, 10:30am Repeats January 5, 2004 - April 30, 2004 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm May 3, 2004 - July 30, 2004 .... Monday - Friday, 3:00pm Special Presentations May 2, 2002 .... Saturday, 8:00am July 13, 2002 .... Saturday, 8:00am January 27-31, 2003 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm April 14-18, 2003 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm May 3, 2003 .... Saturday, 9:30am April 10, 2004 .... Saturday, 8:00am Cartoon Network Broadcast History September 27, 2004 - Current .... Monday - Thursday, 9:30pm October 10, 2004 - Current .... Sunday, 8:00am October 18, 2004 - Current .... Monday - Friday, 6:30PM Awards & Nominations 2003 Annie Award - Outstanding Directing in an Animated Television Production 2003 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition 2003 Humanitas Prize - Children's Animation Category (Winner!) 2003 Golden Reel Award - Best Sound Editing in Television Animation 2004 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Special Class Animated Program 2004 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Music Direction and Composition (Winner!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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supernatural forces, dead parents, city living, high stake situations, Grade Schoolers