Static Shock

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 30, 2000 on The WB
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There is considerable fallout from the gas explosion, resulting in a rash of sick and mutated people labeled "bang babies." Virgil's bully, F-Stop, is one such person and calls himself Hotstreak. Static must battle Hotstreak while also investigating the accident that caused everything.

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  • Cool..

    This episode was so great. The whole Static breaking into Alva's industry and discovering a disk that would help him to know what was in that bang-baby-gas. Too bad it got detroyed by Hotstreak coz it could have helped Gear make the anti cure in 'Power Outage'. I felt sorry for Virgil when he got beaten by Hotstreak and when he's dad was talking about him turning into a blob. But the part I liked best was when the doctor called and told him that he was normal, now that was hilarious. Either way this show was awesome and so are the others to come.moreless
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CCH Pounder


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Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor

Dr. Harris

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Melissa Disney


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Danny Cooksey

Danny Cooksey


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Kerrigan Mahan

Kerrigan Mahan

Edwin Alva

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Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Hotstreak can fly in this episode, but loses the ability for the rest of the series. (Reply: Hotstreak does fly on his own in "Sunspots" and "No Man's an Island.")

    • When Richie and Static head back to the street from the alley, the repeat screen background wall is a different color than when they exit.

    • While Static's throwing the stuff in the park, he throws a tombstone, which has no metal content whatsoever. (Reply: It's possible that the tombstone had trace iron amounts. While small, this would still allow him to use it.)

    • When Virgil faces Hotstreak in his Static costume for the first time, he refers to F-Stop as "Hotstreak" even though F-Stop only called himself that when Static was Virgil. Wouldn't Hotstreak, knowing who he mentioned his new name to, obviously be curious as to how Static could know his name already? And then figure out that Virgil was Static?

    • Why is it that when Static fights Hotstreak all he does is throw metallic objects at him? Why doesn't he just fire direct bolts at him?

    • • Bill Gates has been the richest person on earth for seven years straight with a whopping $58 billion. To make him seem homeless, Alva would have to have trillions of dollars, which is ridiculous. Come on Richie, bad comparison.
      • The glass tube Static got trapped in filled with gas very quickly as you see before the commercial; you would assume he would suffocate or be knocked out or something. However, he keeps breathing and thinking of a way to get out, despite the pressure. The most odd thing is that the "pressure" he creates breaks the glass before hurting him at all. The pressure should squeeze and hurt him before breaking the glass.
      • Static picks up a car with his powers and uses it to reflect an oncoming flame attack by Hotstreak. How can the car reflect fire???
      • Static uses the sewer line to take out Hotstreak in the end. Clearly hundreds of gallons of sewage is launched out at Hotstreak, yet Static still thinks it's a water main. He was even in range to smell the sewage. Static cannot tell the difference between a brown sludge and water.
      • When Virgil and Richie see Hotstreak attacking the city, Virgil runs to a nearby alley to change into Static with Richie following him. Richie runs right behind Virgil, and goes into the alley with him. Within a split second, Virgil changes his clothes into Static's uniform. He changed way too fast.
      • As Richie was giving him the advice "you're not just Virgil, you're Static" and they were rushing back toward the scene, the animators put in a Tom and Jerry type scene where the background was one drawn wall just duplicated a bunch of times. Before Static gets on the trash can lid to start flying, only three trash cans are up against the right wall, two of which are next to each other. Yet, you can see the two of them pass by the same trash can about seven times.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Virgil: Well, I've been going through these ... changes.
      Doctor: Well, that's normal for someone your age.
      Virgil: Trust me, Doc, this is not normal.
      Doctor: Do these changes involve another person?
      Virgil: A lot of them.
      Doctor: Does your father know what you've been doing?
      Virgil: What?! Whoa, Doc, we're talking about two totally different things here.

    • (After getting his bio results and jumps on his bed, making electricity run around his room)
      Virgil: Did you hear that?! I'm normal! Perfectly normal!!
      Richie: Yeah, right.

    • Alva Employee: You're that freak from TV!
      Static: You say freak, I say unique!

    • (After dodging Hotstreak's fire balls in the air)
      Static: Newton's Laws are catching up to you, Hotstreak. Or should I start calling you burn out?

    • Virgil: Mutant? That's degrading.
      Richie: You have a better word for it?
      Virgil: I kind of like ... meta-human.

    • Richie: Yo, Virgil! Don't let your history with him (Hotstreak) get in the way. You're not just Virgil anymore. You're Static. Remember that.
      Static: I'll keep it in mind.

    • Virgil: What if I turn into some kind of blob?
      Richie: You're not gonna turn into a blob. Now, primordial ooze, that's another story.
      Virgil: Ok, Mr. Def Comedy Jam.

    • (About Hotstreak)
      Richie: He's certifiable!
      Frieda: We knew that back in second grade.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode along with "Shock To The System", "The Breed", "Grounded", "They're Playing My Song" and "The New Kid" was released on DVD as Static Shock: The New Kid.

    • Part of this episode was based after the first issue of 'Static'.

    • In the end of this episode, we see the original design sketch of Hotstreak. That design, with the flaming hair, would debut in the re-animated theme beginning in the third season.

    • Edwin Alva was the main villain of Hardware, which was Milestone's first comic series that was a cross between Iron Man and Steel.