Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 5

Army of Darkness

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • Static goes up against a group of Meta-humans known as the Night Breed.

    While on night patrol Static meets a metahuman girl name Nightingale who is helping a group of them rob a bank. It turns out the group is working for Ebon who plans to use Nightingale’s shadow powers to blot out the sun so he can take over Dakota. Nightingale balks at the plan when Ebon tries to kill Static and Gear. She tells Static that she and the others in the group call themselves the Night Breed and were affected by the Big Bang in such a way that they cannot stand to be in the light and they've lived underground ever since. Ebon has the tech guy of the group build the machine to blot out the sun. Nightingale, Static, Gear, and another member of the Breed called Brickhouse stop him and the Night Breed escape with Static and Gear. Nightingale tells Static that he'll always have friends underground in Dakota should he need them.

    I really wish Static Shock had gotten a fifth season as the Night Breed was so great that I'm disappointed that they never got the chance to return. They were based on the Blood Syndicate from the Static comics and I thought they were cool. This episode had a bunch of great little touches such as Static protecting Batman's identity. I also loved the flashback and found the Night Breed kind of creepy, but neat.

    The animation in the episode was top-notch as well. I loved the shadow effects and I thought the fights were extremely well done. As it stands this episode is one of the standouts from the fourth season and I really liked it a lot.
  • Quite possibly the best episode of Static Shock... Ever?

    This episode is fantastic. I watched it for the first time after recording on Sky +, and I seriously regret the fact that I had to delete it from the memory card.
    First off, the art. It was up to usual excellent standards, and then came Nightinggale. Dude, her powers were AWESOME. The wispy effects added to the greatness.
    Second, the dialogue. While a little corny in places, it was fantastic. "You have friends in the shadows." That's cool (even though I probably got that wrong there; I'm paraphrasing!)
    Third, the storyline. I've read about this before and thought "Nah, this'll be well naff", or awful, for those who didn't grow up with a bunch of illiterate boobs for teachers. But it was fantastic! It was, in summary, very well written: I say in summary because I could quite easily rant about this one (for a LONG time).

    Yeah, it was just fantabulous. Definitely my favourite episode for the series, thus far (I haven't seen the rest of season 4 yet). Of course, it's closely followed by Future Shock and Jimmy in second place, with Gear in third (just 'cuz it was funny when Talon got decked by Gear). But yeah, awesome episode!!