Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 5

Army of Darkness

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 14, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Why does Virgil pretend he doesn't know who Batman is in real life? He's only met the guy on four different occasions! (Reply: He only says that to protect Batman's true identity. After all, Gear was asking about it.)

    • Dark matter explodes when it comes in contact with normal matter.
      (Reply: That is actually anti-matter. While the two are often confused, they are two entirely different things. Dark matter makes up a large portion of the universe.)

    • When Nightingale is telling Static and Gear about the creation of the Nightbreed, she says that any light is poisonous to them, but she's sitting in the light of the shop behind her with no ill effects.

    • Static and Gear don't have nuclear shielding as any of their powers, so they shouldn't have survived Ebon's sending them into the core of the power plant. Come to think of it, Ebon shouldn't have lived either.

    • There is no possible way that a nuclear would be left unshielded like that. (Reply: Ebon has the power to generate portals. This means that, no matter how protected the reactor would be, Ebon would always bypass it with his portals.)

    • When the sun rises in the end, none of the Nightbreed feel the symptoms of light exposure.

    • We see in Nightingale's flashback that there are about 25-40 different Nightbreed metahumans. So why didn't Ebon try and recruit anymore of them?

  • Quotes

    • Static: Wait, people will help if you give them a chance!

      Nightingale: Sorry, Static. It's human nature to be afraid of the dark, and we are the dark.
      Static: But how will you survive?
      Nightingale: We'll find a way and remember, you have friends in the shadows of the night.

    • Ebon: Why can't you ever stay out of my business?
      Static: Sorry, it's a superhero thing.

    • Gear: Static!
      (Static wakes up)
      Static: Uh! What!
      Gear: You fell asleep again like you did in chemistry class. Well ... at least you're not lighting a Bunsen Burner this time.

    • Brickhouse: Leave us alone!
      Static: I just can't help myself, you all seem like such nice people to hang with.
      (curls a lamppost around Brickhouse)
      Static: (gets hit) That was great. Lucky for me I didn't wrap her with a truck.

    • Static: Late night robbery sweeps Dakota. (Reading from a newspaprer) Police unable to catch mystery thieves. Yeah, me neither.

    • (Finding out that the dark matter machine is being placed at the gas station)
      Static: Our own headquarters? We should of gotten a big guard dog to watch it, or at least a chihuahua with some attitude.

    • Static: I guess I'm not cut out for these all-nighters. I don't know how Batman does it.
      Gear: Eh, in real life, he's probably some rich guy who gets to sleep all day.

  • Notes

    • Fade is also a member of the Blood Syndicate. Brother of Flashback (who appeared earlier in the cartoon), he could make himself invisible and insubstantial for three seconds at a time.

    • Brickhouse is a member of the Blood Syndicate in the comics.

    • Static is hit by a pole that says Swinton Street. One of the show's producers is Swinton O. Scott III.

    • The Nightbreed resemble the X-Men's Morlocks, who live in the sewers because normal humans cannot accept their differences.

    • Ebon's scheme to block out the sun eerily mirrors that of a powerful demon on an episode of Angel, who used dark magic to turn L.A. into a 24-hour blackout zone and vampire paradise.

  • Allusions

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