Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 4

Fallen Hero

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 07, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • The name of the ring that Static gave to Sinestro was "CAPTAIN DWAYNE'S DECODER RING," referring to Dwayne McDuffie the creator of Static and co-founder of Milestone Media.

    • A Green Lantern power ring is powerless against anything yellow. So how could Sinestro use his GL ring to pick up gold? It's yellow so it should have been useless against it. (Reply: Firstly, that weakness was removed by the Guardians. Second, that was in the comics, not in the animated universe. Thirdly, this is Sinestro's Ring. It doesn't have the same vulnerabilities as the Lantern Corps's rings. For example, in the current arc in the Green Lantern comics, he was able to fight Hal Jordan when he went insane because Parallax couldn't affect him through his Ring.)

    • When GL knocks Gear out of the sky and Static catches him, Gear's helmet stays on as if there's a strap holding it on. Yet, any other time this happens, it doesn't.

    • The Ring is powered by a millenia-old force harnessed by equally powerful beings and doled out in small portions to those beings found noble and incorruptable enough to use it for good. So, how does a kid with the power to generate lightning manage to power up the Ring?

    • The Green Lantern Oath used in this episode is the traditional one, with the line "In Blackest Night." But in the comic universe, John Stewart modified his Oath to say "In Darkest Night," an attempt at being politically correct. (Reply: This is not the comic universe. They can do things differently. Besides, which sounds cooler, old-school or politically correct?)

    • When Green Lantern was in jail, he gave his ring to Static so he could prove to him he was good. If he didn't have his ring, how were his eyes glowing since we know that when he doesn't have power, his eyes go back to normal?

    • This is only one of the many times Static catches Gear, who's falling through the sky, unable to stop himself. Gear must weigh about the same as Static, and falling that fast under the push of gravity should at least make Static stumble. However, as always, he catches Gear with almost a natural ease. Either Static is unusually strong for a 15-16 year old or something's amiss. (Reply: Static can lift cars along with other things with his electric power, so he could be using his abilities to help make Gear lighter.)

  • Quotes

    • Static: (about Green Lantern) Yep, he's definitely a hero.
      Gear: You know what, V? He's probably thinking the same about you.

    • (As Green Lantern robs the Gold Reserve)
      Guard #1: What are you waiting for? Stop him.
      Guard #2: Yeah. Me and what army? That's the Green Lantern. Nothing can stop him.

    • Gear: Pictures don't lie, V.
      Static: Oh, no? Then, what about the one you made on your computer with a poodle's head and Sharon's body?
      Gear: Heh. That did look pretty real.

    • Static: (about GL) First he's a thief, now a coward. When it comes to idols, I sure know how to pick 'em, don't I?

    • (After GL hits Sinestro with his ring)
      Static: All right! Let's finish him off.
      GL: Go help Gear. This is personal.
      Static: Like I said, I'll .. go help Gear.

  • Notes

    • This episode contains the last reference to the comic's retired hero Stevedore J. Perkins, a.k.a. the Scarlet Scarab. This one is harder to pick out, but when Green Lantern gives Static his ring, it reminded me of when Perkins gave Virgil the ring of the Scarlet Scarab, which became a permanent part of Static's costume.

    • Sinestro has indeed appeared in a Justice League episode, namely "Secret Society." He also appeared previously in the Superman episode, In Brightest Day...," which is as close to an origin for him as has been presented so far.

    • It has long been established that when John Stewart creates things with his ring, the constructs are very straightforward. It's nice to see that when Sinestro impersonates him, he creates more complex constructs, not having an understanding of John Stewart's preference.

    • Voice actor, Phil LaMarr, basically talks to himself through most of the episode, since he does the voices of both Static and Green Lantern.

    • This marks the second recent appearance by Sinestro in a Warner Brothers series. He also appeared in Duck Dodgers, and they've said they might have him appear in Justice League as well.

    • Sinestro, a former Green Lantern, was featured on the 1970s Challenge of the SuperFriends series. He was Hal Jordan's (Lantern before John Stewart) foe. John Stewart's deceased wife, Katma Tui, received Sinestro's old Lantern ring.

    • This episode continues a Static Shock season tradition. In every season, (with the exception of the first season) Static teams up with a DC Universe Hero. This marks the second time this season. The Hero: Green Lantern.

  • Allusions

    • Sinestro: Captain Dwayne's Decoder Ring?
      Celebrity Name-Dropping: This is a reference to the creator of the Static Shock comic book, which spawned the series.