Static Shock

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jun 07, 2003 on The WB
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Static encounters a Boom Baby with the power to travel through time. Still filled with grief over the loss of his mother, Virgil convinces her to travel back to the day she was killed during city riots. However, Ebon interferes and is thrown back with them, looking to change history to his benefit. Static must try to save his mother and keep Ebon from tearing history apart.


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  • This episode really managed to catch my attention.

    Any episode involving time travel, I'm sure I'll enjoy. That's most likely why I liked this one so much. It was heartwarming in a way, but it still managed to keep its usual Static Shock "routine" with a bad guy that needs to be beaten. I really liked this episode, and I'm pleased with the way it turned out. It made me a bit thoughtful, which is good since I like how it affected me so much.

    Sometimes Static seems a little immature, but this is one of his more mature moments. I reiterate: I really enjoyed it a lot.moreless
  • I agree with Lionheart once again. This episode is great.

    The episode opens with a statue being erected to honor the heroes who died in the Dakota riots including Virgil's mother. Later Static and Gear see Ebon chasing a girl who turns out to be a meta-human with the power to move through time. They rescue her and she decides to become a superhero named Timezone to use her powers to help people. Static convinces her and Gear to go back five years to the riots in Dakota to save his mom and Ebon manages to go with them.

    In the past Virgil meets his mother and tells her he is Virgil from the future. She says how proud she is of him. He warns to her stay put because she is in danger and she promises to. Meanwhile Ebon kidnaps Timezone and Gear tracks them to Alva industries where Ebon steals a truck full of Big Bang gas to create an earlier Big Bang he can control. Static and Gear stop him but Static sees his mother back to work as a rescue worker before the remote Timezone uses shorts out and they are pulled back to the future along with Ebon and the truck. Timezone says her powers are too dangerous and vows to go back in time to make sure she is never affected by the Big Bang. Virgil runs home and realizes that his mother still died in the riots. Robert tells him that on the night she died he remembered her telling him that she was very proud of Virgil and that he was her hero.

    Wow. This was a spectacular episode and one of the best half hour's this show has ever produced. The amount of emotion that is in this episode was intense. I was touched by the end helped along by Phil Lamarr's astonishing performance as Virgil. Everything about the episode clicked. Nina/Timezone was a cool guest star voiced by Racheal MacFarlane (sister of Seth) and I really liked how she prevented herself at the end from getting her powers in the first place. The scene between Virgil and Robert was so moving at the end. This episode was awesome from start to finish.

    The animation was great too. Timezone's costume was neat and the rioter's seen in shadow were creepy. An almost flawless episode that stands among the very best of not only Static Shock but the DCAU as well.moreless
  • This was probably the best episode of season 3.

    It was only a matter of time before Static Shock conquered the time travel issue. I was actually expecting one sooner or later. I just never expected it to be this good.

    The episode starts with Virgil's mom is being honored for her duties during the riot. Afterwards, Static and Gear discover a new bang baby getting chase down by Ebon. The babng baby is Nina Crocker, a teenager who has the power to turn back time. Static and Gear manage to save her. Then, after some time, Gear manages to design a remote that can help Nina control her powers. Virgil then convinces her to go back in time to prevent his mom's death.

    This was probably the best written episode of the series. Phil LaMarr put so much emotion into his voice acting in this episode. The whole episode was pretty much an emotional roller coaster ride. Virgil's anger after Sharon started getting on him after the ceremony, his greif over his mom's death, his excitement when he meets his mom in the past.

    Nina was a real interesting character. Her wanting to use her powers for good was a real nice sight to see ( since she's like the 4th bang baby who wanted to be good). I thought it was creative how she prevented herself from ever being near the big bang location.

    Ebon was used pretty well in this episode, though it wasn't his best. Ebon's scheme was brilliant. His attempt to recreat the big bang was amazing. The finaly fight was kinda disappoint though.

    The humor was pretty fuuny, but there wasn't much of it. The funniest scene has to be when Virgil and Richie realize how there gas station got in the condition it was.

    The best scene of the episode was near the end when Virgil figured he saved his mom. I almost came close to tears when Virgil called out his mom's name only to discovered nothing had change. I also couldn't help but smile when his dad told him how all his mom could talk about on her death bed was how Virgil was her hero.

    So yeah, this is personally my favorite episode. It is the best of season 3, and one of the best episodes of the series. Definitely a must see.

Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard

Jean Hawkins

Guest Star

Rachael MacFarlane

Rachael MacFarlane

Nina Crocker/Timezone

Guest Star

Maria Canals

Maria Canals

Shelly Sandoval

Recurring Role

Gary Anthony Sturgis

Gary Anthony Sturgis


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Since Nina went back to the Big Bang and made it so Timezone never existed, even if Static had saved his mother, it didn't make a difference because he never really went back in time. Everything that he did or undid when he was at the riots was undone when Timezone made it so she never existed.

    • Can anyone believe that nobody's going to call the Dakota police and tell them that Ebon, who has several jailbreaks, kidnappings and thefts to his name, is chasing a girl around the city? And that they're going to just ignore the fact that Public Enemy Number 1 has been spotted like this?

    • Nina says that Ebon found out about her powers and wants her to join the Breed. What the heck could she do for him? She even says that she can't control her powers, so it's not like she could help him get away . . .

    • The only thing that is restraining Timezone in the Meta-gas truck is the seatbelt, so why didn't she just get out and leave?

    • The first time Nina moves Static and Gear back in time, they state they traveled back 'ten minutes.' However, during the scene where time is turning back, you can see the hour hand of a clock positioned on a building moving backwards. This would mean they were moving back hours, rather than minutes!

      Also, the sun seemed to 'raise' during the reversing of time, meaning the sun would have gone from the position it is at noon, to night in ten minutes!

    • Reply to the last comment: Actually, Static and Gear didn't live through the change. Remember, Flashback went back alone. They shouldn't remember her.

    • Nina goes back in time at the end to prevent herself from ever gaining the ability to time travel in the first place. Afterwards, Richie explains to Virgil that Timezone no longer exists. She is now a normal girl. This means that the entire episode never actually happened. So, no one except possibly Nina herself should remember anything, and Virgil would never have met his mother after all. If Nina the time traveler does not remember, no one else should. Richie and Virgil should not remember; the version of Static and Gear that remember the adventure should have ceased to exist.

    • From Static's point of view up in the sky, he sees his mother and another doctor treating a hurt victim. His mother is on the left side of the victim, and the other doctor's on the right. However, when the camera moves to the ground, his mother and the doctor are both on the right side.

    • In the beginning of the episode, the Dakota news stated that Virgil's mom was killed by a stray bullet in the Dakota Riots. Yet, when Static went back into time, he saved her from being killed by a falling building. (Reply: It still works out. Remember that when they returned to the present, she'd still been killed, that his intervention had not kept her alive after all. That just means that he was meant to be there - he saved her from a falling building so that she could eventually die later by a stray bullet instead.)

    • The positioning of the pictures with Virgil's family in them change throughout the episode. In the first scene with them, a picture of Sharon is the first seen on the mantel. Then, a picture of Robert, Virgil, and Sharon together. And finally, the picture of Virgil's mom. At the end of the episode, mom is the first picture, then of Sharon, and finally Robert, Virgil, and Sharon together.

    • In the episode, Nina is called Timezone but the credits list her as Flashback.

    • Reply to Static and Gear remembering: It's a theoretical thing in temporal mechanics. They lived through the change, so they might be protected from the revision. It's similar to the idea of the show Seven Days.

    • The newscast indicated that the riots occured 5 years ago. However, in "Tantrum," the Hawkins family was commemorating the first anniversary of Jean's death.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Static: He's (Gear) going to invent something that can help you.
      Nina: Can he do that?
      Static: He fixed our toaster.

    • Gear: (to Nina) Amazing! Your energy waves distort the space-time continuum and move you through it exponentially.
      Static: Uh, you wanna keep that in English?
      Gear: She can rewind herself through time like a VCR! Whoa! If we could make something to channel the energy and quantize time-space into measurable units, something that - (Gasps)
      Nina: Is he ok?
      Static: He's havin' a brain blast. I wouldn't stand too close if I were you.

  • NOTES (7)

    • We learn that two years have passed since the Big Bang.

    • We learn that Virgil's mother was killed in a riot.

    • Timezone/Flashback is based off of the Blood Syndicate character of the same name. Her powers could only take her back three seconds in the comics, however.

    • The episode's title is a reference to the character from Milestone Comics' Blood Syndicate. The Blood Syndicate is a superpowered gang who bands together after getting their powers in the Big Bang.

    • Two years has passed since the big bang, meaning Virgil is almost 16 now.

    • The song "Will It Be Tomorrow" is played several times throughout this episode.

    • Whatever was said in previous episodes about Virgil's mother was reset when Static, Gear and Timezone went to the past. It's part of the dangers of time travel - causing temporal anomalies and paradoxes. Basically, by going to the past, they could have started a new time line and any goofs are not really goofs. For a good example of time travel, paradoxes and alternate time lines, watch the Back to the Future trilogy or most of any Star Trek episode.