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RPG: A Future Charged

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    This show needswell deserved a RPG. So here goes:

    The Story: Static and his partner Gear have passed on along with the rest of the bang babies. Edwin Alva jr. (Fixed from his transformation) put the big bang liquid into the cities water, by accident of course, and was sent to Dakota High mutating the students. Some chose to use their newly found powers for evil, however some chose to use theirs to stop evil. The good, "new" bang babies formed a team called The Dakota Republic of Heroes. It has been one year since the incident and they have calm down. Except some evil bang babies still roam the streets.

    Just Create a character to join the team with this format:

    Real Name:

    Bang Baby Name:



    Normal Looks:

    Hero Costume:



    Just post your characters and have fun!!!

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