Static Shock

Season 2 Episode 5

Frozen Out

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 23, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In the gymnasium, after Richie makes his "my arms are going to fall off" crack, for a few seconds, Virgil is wearing a watch on his right hand. A few seconds later, it's gone. Also, when Virgil takes out his uniform after Richie calls him, his white shirt has long sleeves. This is the only time we see the sleeves of this shirt while his next uniform doesn't have sleeves.

    • When the icicles start raining at the power station, the static saucer vanishes from underneath Static's knees.

    • In the beginning of Permafrost's flashback, her two front teeth are missing, only to re-appear two seconds later.

    • Permafrost seems to recognize that her powers get out of hand whenever she gets emotional, yet she goes into crowded areas to get handouts, knowing that there's no way a homeless metahuman will get one. We later see that she doesn't want to hurt people, either, so why does she do it? On the subject, why doesn't she just go to the church? She's been there before, and she knows that the priest feels sorry for her, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. (Reply: It's made clear that Permafrost is mentally ill. A mentally ill person wouldn't think as clearly as someone who isn't, and thus she wouldn't know all the mistakes she's making.)

    • It is debatable whether it could be considered an animation goof or not, but it is most definitely a goof on basic human edict! At the social events (I.E; Frieda and Daisy's holiday parties.) the guests appear to be dressed nicely (Including Virgil.) while Richie remains in his customary green and orange hooded sweatshirt.

  • Quotes

    • Static: Church service! Pops will slaughter me if I don't show up! (looks heavenward) You ever have one of those days? ...Right, 'course you have.

    • (At the mall)
      Daisy: Now, any idea what to get your sister?
      Virgil: Let's check out the pet store. Maybe they have a sale on muzzles.

    • Static: Come on, Maureen. Chill out!
      Permafrost: You know about me?
      Static: I found out from some people! People who still care about you.

    • Static: Look, can we talk for a while?
      Maureen: No! Give it (the picture) back! It's mine!

    • Richie: Merry Christmas, V.
      Virgil: Back at you, bro.

    • (After Static keeps hurrying the occasion)
      Annoucer: Some kind of emergency, is it?
      Static: Yeah, I'm going to be grounded 'til I'm ninety if I don't hurry.

    • Permafrost: The voices in the dark, they call me something ... Permafrost.

    • Static: I know what you have been through ...
      Permafrost: No, you don't. No one knows me.
      Static: I know because ... I lost my mom, too. (Permafrost stops attacking) I know the feeling. It just stays there.

    • (After most of the mall is iced by Permafrost)
      Static: Next time, I'm doing my shopping online!

    • Richie: You know, lifting could go a lot faster with a little magnetic boost.
      Virgil: Rich, we're in a gymnasium full of people. Somebody might notice!
      Richie: No sweat. I'll create a distraction when my arms fall off!

  • Notes

    • It has been a year since the Big Bang.

    • This episode shows us just how good a hero Virgil really is. Once he found out about Permaforst, he talked to her and tried to understand her instead of fighting her.

    • We find out that Rubberband Man isn't the only one that can change from the meta-look to human-look at will. The roster of villains that can change back and forth at will are: Nails, Permafrost, D-Struct (temporarily), Rubberband Man and Monster.

    • This is the perennial morality episode, like "Jimmy" (gun violence in schools) "Where the Rubber Meets the Road" (dyslexia) and "Sons of the Father" (racism).

  • Allusions

    • Static: Three apartment fires, two train wrecks, and a cat stuck in a tree.
      This is an allusion to the popular Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

    • Static: Lois, isn't it?
      When Static says this to Daisy, upon saving her from being nearly crushed by a giant Christmas tree, he is referring to another lady who is frequently in need of a super rescue: Lois Lane from the Superman mythology!