Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 1

Future Shock

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 17, 2004 on The WB
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Future Shock

When helping Batman with some dangerous time travel technology taken from the villain Timecode, Virgil is accidentally tossed 40 years into the future. He meets up with Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, must help the future Batman track down villainous gang KOBRA and rescue his future self from their clutches.


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  • Crossovers


    - I LOVE CROSSOVERS!! They show the brilliance of the producers and the writers. They give us fans more opportunities to love the characters and the series that we've followed religiously.

    Why can't we have shows like this anymore? Shows that cross over to other awesome shows?
  • really nice.......

    OMG! this episode rocks! i love watching episodes that has something to do with the future. So, this was one of my favourite episods of static shock. I mean there was batman, in the future! With the new batman. Awesome.... The original batman looked so OLD. Oh,god. And he's still single! Doesn't he get bored with the whole hero, alone thing?! And static in the future looks more rugged! But i love the present static better. Richie has gone fat! Somebody needs a diet..... I don't know whathappened to the rest of the family.Hm... Overall, the episode was really good and well written!moreless
  • static and batman bewyond...

    In this episode static is sent to the future while helping batman and robin out with a time machine. He is sent about 50 years in the future and meets terry mcginnis AKA batman beyond, then they fight and bruce wayne comes down and says that he has been waiting for static. now terry and virgil have to team up to save the static of the future and when they do young static is sent back to his own time. This is a real aeries classic I liked Terry and virgil working together and the static of the future was pretty cool. later...moreless
  • "Wonderful!!!!"

    "Wow, Virgil and Terry met!" Not to mention we saw the older static. But Terry behaved a lot different from this episode then in batman beyond. I vote this my favourite show of them all. The whole thing was great accept the part where gear came in and static was right, he was BIG!!! That part was just hilarious!! It was super on how static and future batman worked together. spectacular performance: A for all of them. The real difference is how this show isn't really like all shows, its story was much different and the ordinary static style. But all the same GREAT SHOW!!!moreless
Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Terry McGinnis / Batman

Guest Star

Shane Sweet

Shane Sweet


Guest Star

Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen


Guest Star

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Bruce Wayne

Recurring Role

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Older Static

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • This episode takes place after "A League of Their Own" and yet Batman from the past has his third suit on instead of his Justice League suit. If this episode takes place after, he should have his new JL suit on. (However, as seen in the flashback scene from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman has his third suit on yet again. This is believed to have taken place after Justice League, so sometime in between, Batman had switched back to his third costume instead of his fourth.)

    • Terry hesitates when he says that Robin (Tim Drake) is a civilian. This indicates that these events occurred after Return of the Joker.

    • Kobra's leader(Xander) was around Terry's age in the Batman Beyond episode The Curse Of Kobra, but he has grown a lot since then, though Terry hasn't changed a bit (not including his outfit).

    • Re: Robin's Costume: First off, the Robin from Teen Titans is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, so of course he would have the right costume. The Robin featured hear is the third(from the original comics, second in the animated series) Robin, Tim Drake. In the comics his costume was the right color, but not in the show, even though in both versions it is the uniform of the Robin before him. The goof is that in the show Grayson's uniform was the right color, yet when Tim shows up on the scene the colors have changed.

    • The closed-captioning in this episode incorrectly misspelled every mention of the Kobra organization, beginning it with the letter "C" instead of "K".

    • Static returned back to his own time at the very end. So that's how he met himself. Real question should be, if travel to the future as a teen, wouldn't he know Cobra set a trap for him? Or possible a new time time was created? Does Biff rule over Dakota City? (Reply: The best guess would be that the older Static let himself be captured. Knowing things would turn out all right as he'd be rescued by his younger self. If he avoided capture, some other superhero would have been kidnapped instead and things might not have turned out as well, even with advanced knowledge of the trap.)

    • It would be impossible for Virgil to have seen himself in the future because he would have been gone however many years he went into time.

    • When Static and Batman watch the Gear Hologram. The Hologram called him "Virg." If the message is a fake, that must mean that Static's identity is not a secret anymore, or at least that Kobra knew who he was.

    • Bruce says that he's been waiting 40 years for Static to show up. So, then how is there a Static in the future, if Bruce hasn't seen him for so long? (Reply: When Static came back to the present, he told them he had went to the future and had seen Bruce, too. So, Bruce would know Static would have shown up at some time.)

    • How'd the Joker in the hat recover quickly enough to pick up the anvil by himself?

    • Robin's costume is black where it's supposed to be green. (Reply: This version of Robin has a red and black costume, since it's a crossover with Batman Gotham Knights and Batman Beyond. The latest Robin, from Teen Titans, has the more traditional red and green.)

    • When Static and Batman were on the roof, Terry removes his mask, but his voice doesn't change. Now when you watch an episode of Batman Beyond, Terry's normal voice is lighter on the throat. When he's Batman, his voice is more tough and rugged, but in this episode his voice doesn't change like that. (Reply: The gruff voice is Terry's "Batman" voice. As far as he's concerned, he's Batman to Virgil. Bruce does the same thing to anyone that knows his identity.)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Static: What's gonna happen to me? What should I do?
      Future Static: Believe in yourself. That's your greatest power.

    • (After future Static defeats the Kobra army)
      Static: Wow. I can see why you thought I could never be him.
      Terry: Actually, I'm starting to see the resemblance.

    • Terry: Kobra has captured one of the world's grestest heros. He's someone with the power to change the future.
      Static: How great can this guy be if he got captured by a bunch of snake people?
      Bruce: He's you.

    • Static: And you're Bruce Wayne, aren't you? But you're so, so...
      Bruce: Old? No big surprise, considering you just hop-scotched over forty years!

    • Static: Robin? Batman? (Looks around the cave) Someone's been doing some redecorating.
      Terry: What are you doing here!
      Static: It's kinda a long story, ..uh...?
      (Terry throws a gadget at Static)
      Static: Hey! Let's not get on the wrong foot here. Coz that's one foot you don't want to step on!

    • (Batman takes a tool kit from Robin)
      Robin: You're welcome! He learnt science from noble loriates, martial arts from kung-fu masters and manners from a crocodile.
      Static: So he's a little harsh sometimes.
      Robin: Sometimes?!
      Static: He's teaching you, making sure you would be ready for whatever. I think you're pretty lucky.

    • Batman: And you, Static. Be careful with that. It has a glitch.
      Static: Hey, the plug's been pulled, or didn't you notice?
      Batman: It also has an eternal power source, or didn't you notice?
      Static: Just testing. I'll put it right there.

    • Static: You've seen what I can do! You're still mad about that little go-around we had!
      Terry: (defensively) This has nothing to do with that!

    • Kobra: What have we here... a failed cloning attempt, a mini Static?
      (grabs Static and Static electric shocks him but has no effect)
      Kobra: Yep, mini alright.

    • (While knocking clowns down)
      Static: Come on, guys, where's that sparkling sense of humor?

    • Robin: "His young friends." I don't have a name any more?
      Batman: Get me my tool kit, Boy Wonder.

    • Batman: (to Bruce) You've gotta get this kid off my back. He's driving me crazy.
      Static: I saved his butt! He needs me!

    • Terry: Robin's a civilian now. The rest of the League's stationed near Alpha Centauri. Gear's on a mission halfway round the world. As for your son...
      Static: Son!? I have a son?

    • (Static returns to the present)
      Static: Batman, you were -
      Batman: I'd rather not know.
      Static: At least you still had your hair..

    • (Right above where adult Static is being help captive)
      Terry: It's a stasis field. That's how they're holding him.
      Static: That's me. Got a plan?
      Terry: Go down there and fight real hard.
      Static: That's what I was thinking, and I don't even have a mentor.

    • Static: Sure must be nice having someone to give you leads and help figure out things.
      Terry: It is. What was Bruce like when you knew him?
      Static: Taller.

    • Static: Batman's not gonna be happy when he hears how you've been treating his guest.
      Terry: First, we don't have guests here. And second, I'm Batman.
      Static: And I'm Beyoncé.
      Terry: Well, whoever you are, you don't belong here!

    • Terry: He (Static) says his name's Beyonce.
      Bruce: He's Static.
      Terry: That's not Static. Static's an old guy.
      Static: Hey, I'm almost old enough to drive!
      Bruce: Yup ... Static.

  • NOTES (20)

    • This marks the second episode where Static uses a buzzer meant to harm against the person. The first was in "The Big Leagues," where he uses Joker's buzzer, meant for Batman, against him.

    • The older Bruce has a black dog with him, which can be assumed to be Bat Hound. (Reply: The dog's name is Ace, and the story of how Bruce got him can be seen in Batman Beyond season 2 episode 39 "Ace in the Hole.")

    • Actually this Static is either the same or close to the age as the one in Justice League Unlimited episode "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales (1). Dwayne Mcduffie said that Static was just redisigned. Also Bruce said he went more than forty years into the future not exactly forty and Terry said that the had gone about fifty years into the future which is pretty much the same thing.

    • There actually is a Static comic called "Future Shock". In it, Static's enemy Snakefingers comes through a portal from the future, chasing one of Static's soon-to-be allies. Thank God they didn't try that here, because Replikon(Snakefingers' name on the show) would have made a crappy comeback.

    • With this episode, Batman has appeared the most. He's been in a total of five episodes, including: "The Big Leagues," "Hard as Nails," and "A League of Their Own (1)" and "(2)".

    • It is never revealed where exactly Gotham City is located in the DC universe. Though, it seems that Dakota and Gotham are relatively close to each other. It must be for Static to want to go to his HQ in the future.

    • When Bruce was going to show Static the pictures, looking over his shoulder, a Nightwing uniform in a glass case can be seen.

    • There were no meta-humans in the future, except for Static and Gear. This must mean that the final episode of did take place, with Static and Gear being the only meta-humans left.

    • We never meet Static's son.

    • The fake Gear message calls Static "Virg," and since it was set up by Kobra, it could mean that Static no longer has a secret identity in the future.

    • I'm pretty sure they mention the Alpha Centauri police in the Teen Titans episode,Sisters.

    • Among the other superheroes the Kobra leader mentioned in this episode are Wonder Woman and the Lantern. Though it's possible the former would still be around in the future time period, we know that by this time, a young Asian boy assumes the role of the Green Lantern as seen in the Batman Beyond two-part episode, "The Call."

    • When Static from the future appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales (1)," he has a different costume which looks like a combination of his first and second costumes. Also, he looks older in the episode.

    • Gear gets a lot fatter in the future.

    • This episode is set after Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Terry tells Virgil that Robin (Tim Drake) is retired.

    • Static knows about Batman's identity because of the episode "Hard as Nails" at the very end Virgil saw Bruce Wayne and Alfred (who earlier in the episodes Static saw on the batcave) together. Thus, he knew who Batman was.

    • We see Gear at the very end of the episode with his new uniform is white and green. The future Gear wears the same kind of uniform.

    • If you have closed-captioned set on your TV, the lyrics of the old theme song appear instead of the new theme song lyrics by Lil' Romeo.

    • Reply to the Age/Unform thing: In the JLU ep, he says "65 is the new 30." We kow Virgil to be 16, so this is Static 49 years into the future. In Future Shock, he only goes forward 40 years, so this one is an older static. (reply: Static may just have well been generalizing when he said this, therefore it doesn't mean he's actually 65)

    • This episode continues a Static Shock season tradition. In every season, (with the exception of the first season) Static teams up with a DC Universe Hero. This marks the first time this season and features more than one hero. The Heroes: Batman and Robin (in the present), and Batman Beyond (in the future).


    • "Future Shock" was also the title of an issue of Static of which this show was based. The issue had nothing to do with this episode, however.

    • Leader: Wonder Woman? The Lantern?
      These two are, of course, superheroes. Wonder Woman is the Princess of the Amazons, and Green Lantern is wielder of an alien Power Ring. Ironic that Lantern was mentioned because three episodes later, the Lantern appears in Dakota.