Static Shock

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 01, 2003 on The WB
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Richie begins to exhibit unnaturally high intelligence and increased proficiency at inventing battle tech. When the Meta Breeds suspect that Virgil is Static and capture him, it's up to Richie to save the day and begin his own superhero career.

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  • In this episode, Richie becomes a boy genius. Like Dexter he begins inventing up a ton of new inventions without knowing why.

    I really liked this episode. For one thing, this is the beginning of Richie\\\'s new role in the show. Before, he was just a best friend who often stood on the sidelines and watched. Now, he can actually help Static more. However, his powers in becoming a total prodigy overnight seem a bit useless. Like he said in the episode, \\\"...How am I supposed to fight super-villans , THINK them into submission? All I can be your mega-mechanic.\\\" I find this true, and Richie should\\\'ve gotten a power that\\\'s more interesting. With a smart brain, all he can really do is build things.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Virgil says that Richie has been with him so much, the gas got to him. Sharon and Robert have been with him so long, so why didn't they mutate? (Reply: Virgil actually speculates that it happened because he saw Richie immediately after fleeing from the Big Bang when his clothes were presumably freshly saturated with the Bang Baby gas. That's when Richie got exposed by it. By the time he got home, the gas would have dispersed, so his father and sister wouldn't be affected. So, it was the timing of Richie's meeting with Virgil that made him a Bang Baby, not the duration.)

    • Judging by Richie's comments, it would appear that Static's new costume is a recent change.

    • After this episode, Static's saucer folds up smaller, thanks to Richie.

    • Even with his sweatshirt, it's pretty easy to notice that Richie is on the scrawny side. But when he gets into costume, his arms are suddenly built like a weight-lifter's.

    • This is an ongoing mistake, but when Richie puts on the helmet, his glasses disappear. This problem is never corrected once in the entire series. (Reply: The mask on Gear's helmet has a visor in it. Therefore, Richie probably puts his glasses in his pocket.)

    • When Ebon tells Shiv to see what the noise was, the top half of his vest is colored purple instead of gray.

    • The zap caps in this episode shoot the tentacles before they hit, but every other time, they act like grenades (work on impact).

    • When Richie spits out the feather after he knocks into Talon, he spits out a feather. It should be impossible for Richie to spit it out because there is nowhere to spit it out from.

    • Shouldn't Ebon have known about the Shock Vox? He lifted Richie's in "Sons of the Fathers" and should have searched Virgil after capturing him.

    • One of the points made is that Gear had a delayed reaction to the Big Bang, or to be more precise, that he absorbed some of the gas from Virgil the day after the Bang. However, using that logic, wouldn't Sharon and Virgil's dad be Bang Babies too?

    • How could he have had a delayed reaction when throughout the series prior to this episode he was always inventing new gadgets for Virgil? (I.E.: Zap Caps, the Static Saucer (AKA his flying disc), etc.)

    • After Richie crashes into Talon, he spits out a feather. How'd he do that with the mask on? (Reply: Richie's helmet must have some narrow spaces in order for him to breathe. So, it's likely something as thin as a feather could get in through them.)

    • Richie's reaction was not delayed at all, but merely a gradual process which culminated in this episode. If you notice, Richie invented a lot of interesting new things in previous episodes, growing more and more intricate with each new invention. Thusly, it can be assumed that Richie's super intelligence has, like Virgil's power, grown over time.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Richie: (working on his remote) Paper clip. Circuit board. Opticon scholometer.
      Virgil: Optico-wha-wha?
      Richie: Ah, just clownin' ya!

    • Virgil: You sure you're okay? You know, 'cause you looked a little green around the glasses when I left you.
      Richie: Yeah, well, how would you feel if you almost got Ebon-ized?

    • Richie: (after running into Ebon) Completely, utterly, and totally my bad ...

    • Richie: (about his powers) How am I supposed to fight super-villains? Think them into submission?

    • Static: We're still working by that. I want to tag him Robin the Boy Wonder.
      Gear: Ah ... no.
      Static: See, it's a work in progress

    • Daisy: Virgil, can you ask Richie if he would tutor me on chemistry?
      Virgil: Why not me? Aren't I the chemistry kid?
      Daisy: Yeah, but you aren't the one who aced today's chemistry exam.

    • Richie: I do feel different lately. I think faster. A lot faster. Sometimes I can't stop thinking. Sometimes it's like my thoughts are thinking thoughts! See! I just thought that! It's like ideas are exploding in my head! Does it look bigger?! It does, doesn't it? Cranial perimeter is defiantly expanding! Oh no ...

    • Shiv: It's Static!
      Static: Yeah, it's Static. You don't start none, there won't be none.

    • (Notices he's locked in a padded room)
      Virgil: Sharon always said I was gonna end up in one of these.

    • Virgil: Yo, bro. What's that? Plans for a particle accelerator?
      Richie: (sighs) Yeah.
      Virgil: I was kidding.

  • NOTES (6)


    • One of the ideas for Richie's superhero name was Hardware. Hardware is the name of another Milestone Comic character. He had no superhuman powers, but he had a lot of gadgets, as Gear does. Edwin Alva was more of a main villian in Hardware.