Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 7

Hoop Squad

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 28, 2004 on The WB
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Hoop Squad

After winning tickets at a charity event, Virgil and Richie get to meet a group of NBA all-star players, who are later revealed to be a team of super heroes. Static and Gear team up with the group to take down a scientist and his rubber-eating nanomachine robot.


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  • Static pulls a 1970's Scooby Doo style guest star episode, only with cheesier writing. Five basketball stars are really top secret heroes in brightly colored costumes who are fighting the nanites, controlled by a scientist who has cryogenically frozen himmoreless

    The voice acting on the show has never been stellar, but... Oh my did it take a nosedive. They let the stars voice themselves, and they are simply embarassing to watch. The episode is entertaining if you like bad TV. It's just so outlandishly ridiculous you have to laugh. But seriously Static... Screen your guest stars and writers. This totally put a tremendous stain on an otherwise solid show.
David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers


Guest Star

David Paymer

David Paymer

Mason Andrews

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

El Gata

Guest Star

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Tracy McGrady / Spin Drive

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • (To the part of Virgil talking to his dad, they probably could overhear the conversation that they were having and put two and two together.)

    • When Odium pretends to be Gear to lure Static and the Hoop Squad to the sewers, he makes the nanites go over Gear's mouth so he can't talk. However, and it's clearly shown, that the nanites are only going over the glass infront of his face, not touching his real face at all. So it shouldn't have hindered his ability to speak in the least.

    • At what point in the episode did Static reveal his identity to the Hoop Squad? In the scene where Static is on the cell phone trying to come up with an excuse to his father, one of the Hoop Stars takes the phone and apologizes to Mr. Hawkins for keeping Virgil out so long.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Odium: You know, I see a lot of me in you. Problem is, I don't like me.
      Gear: That makes two of us!

    • Yao: (to Static) You are very smart for a short person.

    • Static: Where's Gear?
      Yao: In that tornado.
      Karl: And I don't think he's on his way to Oz.

    • Gear: Man, the city's stopped. Not even the cops can get through.
      Static: Maybe that's the idea. (Backpack beeps) Backpack got something?
      Gear: He's sensing increased abnormal transformations of base compounds on a molecular level.
      Static: In english.
      Gear: Nanites.
      Static: That's english?

    • Karl: I'm just tired of dragging your sorry butt up and down this court.
      Yao: How about McGrady? He's all talk, no shoot.
      Tracy: Hey, what are you flapping on about? I made my last 6 shots, Yo-Yo.
      Yao: That's Yao-Yo.

  • NOTES (3)

    • "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" is shown briefly in the opening scene.

    • The Hoop Squad owes its costume design to the Power Rangers, as well as the look of the constantly-interrupting robot at HQ (inspired by Alpha). Also, Hanna-Barbera had a cartoon series about the famous Harlem Globetrotters as superheroes, titled The Super Globetrotters (1979), so there's precedent there too.

    • The villain's name is from the Greek word "odi," meaning "I hate."


    • Karl: And I don't think he's on his way to Oz.
      The Wizard of Oz is a magical and wondrous place where Dorothy and Toto went to in the movie. There, they meet munchkins, good and bad witches, a scarecrow, a tin man, a lion, and others while they follow the yellow brick road to see Oz, the great and powerful ruler.

    • Gear: Guess I'll sumo wrestle with Godzilla.
      "Godzilla" is humongous lizard monster that comes out of the water whenever trouble stirs up in the city he lives in. Trouble pertains to other huge monsters tearing up the city.