Static Shock

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 04, 2002 on The WB
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A boy named Jimmy is relentlessly bullied, leading to tragic events. Virgil recounts to a counselor what happened as well as his own guilt and not doing more to help.

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  • Feels

    Bullying, guns, bad relationships with people. How many of these things we are living, or that we see people live through day after day in school? Claustrophobia, phobias in general... Pushovers, depression, etc.

    I commend them for making a 'moral' out of this story. I wonder, however...

    Despite them saying "it's not like on TV" and how innocent people can still be hurt. I think... I hope kids will be able to understand those things... could they finish the season with this episode? :(moreless
  • Good storyline, tacky finish.

    I feel that the episode, overall, was fantastic, well written and thought out, and I loved the fact it was, essentially, all one big flashback. It also shows the negative effects of violence; an innocent bystander (in this case, Richie) was seriously hurt, an event which could have been fatal. I would give this episode a 10 out f 10, if only it wasn't for the very final bit; the morally correct comment from Static/ Virgil! While yes, maybe they needed it, it just made the entire thing kind of tacky! Besides, if kids can get their hands on guns, something is seriously messed up! Otherwise, great episode! A must watch (just skip the VERY LAST bit!)!moreless
  • really good episode

    this episode shows the importance of not having guns at skool or at home. it is a great episode because it shows kids not to use guns ever. it is good to show what firearms can do to u and peopleu luv.i think this is a really educational episode i luv it.
Lorraine Toussaint

Lorraine Toussaint

Dr. Franklin

Guest Star

Joe Spano

Joe Spano

Mr. Osgood

Guest Star

Pat Musick

Pat Musick

Ms. Osgood

Guest Star

Matt Ballard

Matt Ballard

Carmen Dillo

Recurring Role

Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Why did Nick only get suspended when he ended up bullying a kid to the point of him bringing a gun to school? And Jimmy was sent to juvenile hall because he was bullied to the point that he saw no other way but to bring a gun to school?

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Carmen Dillo: Hey sparky, I've been working out.
      Static: I can tell. The muscle between your ears is bigger then ever.

    • (Virgil exits the counselor's and sees Freida sitting)
      Virgil: Hi, Frieda. You're next?
      Freida: Uh-huh. Everyone who is involved is getting counseling.
      Virgil: The doctor told me that Jimmy's getting too. I don't think he belongs in juvie, though.
      (The Principal, Nick and his parents exit from the Principal's office)
      Principal: We'll be in touch, Mr. Connor.
      (The Principal and Nick's father shake hands and Nick's parents looked at Nick; disappointed)
      Virgil: What about him?
      Freida: Suspension. He also has to do some community service, same as his buddies.
      Virgil: He's getting off easy. But at least he'd never win any more popularity contests.

    • Static: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for school.
      : I hope you get detention!

    • Nick: Osgood, forget something in your locker?
      Freida: Nick, that's enough!
      Nick: (sarcastic) Sorry.
      (Jimmy pulls the gun out of his jacket and pointing it at Nick; kids gasp)
      Nick: What's that?
      Jimmy: A gun!
      Nick: Okay, put it down! That's not funny!
      Jimmy: Lots of things aren't funny. Breaking my computer wasn't funny. Shoving me in the locker wasn't funny.
      Nick: Jimmy, you're right. I'm sorry, man.
      Jimmy: No, you're not!
      Frieda: Jimmy, don't! It's not worth it!
      Richie: She's right, man. You're all upset this now, but next week it wouldn't even matter. Don't mess up your whole life over this.

    • (after Virgil, Robert, and Mr. Osgood saw a threatening journal on Jimmy's laptop in Jimmy's room)
      Virgil: I'm afraid he's gonna hurt somebody.
      Mr. Osgood
      : He'd never do that. He doesn't mean it.
      Robert: Your son's depressed, Mr. Osgood. I work with kids and I can tell you can't dismissed this. He needs help.
      : Pops, Jimmy told me he knew where he could get a gun.
      Mr. Osgood
      : My gun's locked up. I have the key. Oh, my God.
      (the three of them race to Mr Osgood's bedroom and Mr. Osgood was looking through his drawer)

      Mr. Osgood
      : It's gone! The gun's gone!
      : What were you thinking having a handgun in the house where a kid can get to it?
      Mr. Osgood
      : But I didn't know, Jimmy would even think of...
      : Pops! Those kids were hassling Jimmy. They might be down at the community center!
      : I gotta get down there. (to Mr. Osgood) Call the police. Have them send a car down there, now.
      (Mr. Osgood dials the phone and Virgil and Robert were heading to their car)
      : Pops! Wait for me!
      : No, you go home. Jimmy's dad and I'll handle this. (Robert was in the car alone driving to the community center)

    • Static: (to the people watching the show) After Richie was shot, I found out some things about guns you should know. In one year alone, 6000 kids were expelled for bringing a handgun to school. As many as 4000 kids are killed by guns each year. You can do something to help stop this. If someone tries to show you a gun, don't stick around. Get away from them. Tell an adult or someone you trust. Do your part to increase the peace out there. All right?

    • Virgil: I'm mad at Jimmy for shooting my friend. I'm mad at Nick for messing with Jimmy. I'm mad at myself for not telling somebody when I first heard about the gun ... I'm mad at everyone!

    • Virgil: That's when Nick Connor came in. Last year, he was voted "Best Personality". Should have demanded a recount.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The whole story seen is a flashback, except when Static is talking to the counselor.

    • This episode features a preaching by Static at the end telling kids not to play with guns, even if they are loaded, and not to hang out with kids who do.

    • Richie's middle name is, supposedly, Osgood (Richard Osgood Foley is his full name - his mom used it in Power Play). Jimmy's last name is Osgood.

    • In the Static comic book, Virgil had two friends become victims of gun violence. Larry Wade (gave Virgil the gun in the comic) and Chuck, who may have killed another student in what became the final issue of the series. This episode is most likely a remake of Chuck's story that was never published.

    • This is the perennial morality episode, like "Frozen Out" (homelessness), "Sons of the Father" (racism) or "Where the Rubber Meets the Road" (dyslexia).

    • This episode won the 2003 Humanities Prize Award for Children's Animation Category.