Static Shock

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 04, 2002 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Nick: Osgood, forget something in your locker?
      Freida: Nick, that's enough!
      Nick: (sarcastic) Sorry.
      (Jimmy pulls the gun out of his jacket and pointing it at Nick; kids gasp)
      Nick: What's that?
      Jimmy: A gun!
      Nick: Okay, put it down! That's not funny!
      Jimmy: Lots of things aren't funny. Breaking my computer wasn't funny. Shoving me in the locker wasn't funny.
      Nick: Jimmy, you're right. I'm sorry, man.
      Jimmy: No, you're not!
      Frieda: Jimmy, don't! It's not worth it!
      Richie: She's right, man. You're all upset this now, but next week it wouldn't even matter. Don't mess up your whole life over this.