Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 6

No Man's an Island

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 21, 2004 on The WB
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No Man's an Island
Static and Hotstreak are captured and taken to a mysterious island for scientific experiments. Now they have one goal: to escape the island alive, but can their hatred for one another cause the two to work together, or is there something bigger occurring on the island?

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    Nell Wade

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    Matt Ballard

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    Junior / Omnifarious

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • The staff that the masked guards wield are the same design as the Apokoliptic staff weapon that Kanto demonstrated to Intergang in the Superman: TAS episode "Tools of the Trade".

      • When Static freed Talon, Talon wasn't very reluctant to help the others.

      • Junior tore off his armbands and belt at the end of "Junior," but he's wearing them when he is turned back into a human.

      • Why, instead of Rubberband Man or Gear, doesn't Alva try to get his hands on D-struct? He probably would have generated more than enough energy. (Reply: Because the last time we saw him, he wanted to turn back into a human. Its been more than a year since the Big Bang, so the doctors probably tried it on D-Struct and possibly succeeded.)

      • Richie was missing for two days. Shouldn't his parents report him as missing? Didn't someone, mainly Static, notice that he was kidnapped?

      • Though it served the purpose of preserving his secret identity, Gear's helmet was never removed, particularly when he was hooked up to the machine that transferred his energy to Alva Jr. Notice that when RubberBand Man and Talon are hooked up (as well as Static and Hotstreak later on), they have the small wire pads attached directly to each side of their heads.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Static: On the count of three...
        Hotstreak: Three! (Pulls Static with him)

      • Hotstreak: I don't do hospitals. I went in one once when I was a kid and didn't come out for two years.
        Static: If we can't get that key and unlock orselves, we're both gonna be in here a lot longer than two years.

      • (After Static and Hotstreak risk their lives to revive Alva's son)
        Alva: I can't thank you enough for what you've done.
        Static: I didn't do it for you Alva. I did it because it was right.
        Hotstreak: Yeah. You should try it.
        (Everyone looks at Hotstreak)

      • Static: How's your shoulder?
        Hotstreak: Fine. How's your stupid leg?
        Static: Fine.

      • Static: Now you're usin' your head.
        Hotstreak: Not really. I just like to blow stuff up.

      • Hotstreak: Whoo-hoo! Now this is what I call a hot car!
        Static: Coincidentally, this is also what the police call a hot car.
        Hotstreak: Static, can't a guy even go for a joy ride anymore?
        Static: Sure. Drop you off at County lockup?

      • (Hotstreak tries melting the cuffs on himself and Static)
        Hotstreak: This stuff's some kind of high-tech stupid somethin' or other.
        Static: Can I quote you on that, Professor?

    • NOTES (10)

      • During the scene on the island when the robots are chasing Static and Hotstreak, the music used is the same that is used for the Imperials in Star Wars.

      • This is the second time Hotstreak destroyed something important. This time, he fried the key; in "Aftershock," he destroyed the disk with all the Big Bang information on it.

      • This marks the first time that Hotstreak and Static ever worked together.

      • "The Imperial March" from the Star Wars Trilogy is played during the forest chase.

      • Omnifarious is reverted back to a human state.

      • Rubberband Man's new costume looks surprisingly a lot like Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic's of the Fantasic Four.

      • Rubberband Man has a new look. He's now a much darker purple (almost black) and does not have the three "ridges" on his head.

      • We learn that Hotstreak has a phobia of hospitals. His remark about spending two years in one as a child may indicate he was very sick once. We see a very poignant human side of the thuggish mutie for once.

      • The island's significance is three-pronged: (a) very much like the island of Dr. Moreau (b) the experiments Alva performs on bang babies are very reminiscent of what atrocities Nazi doctors did to Jews in the camps back in the war and (c) recalls the island of Genosha on the old X-Men series.

      • Rubberband Man appears for the first time this season, though he doesn't do much, if anything. In fact, it seems odd they'd go through all that trouble to get Kadeem Hardison into the voice-over booth for just one line.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • n/a: Ewoks on hovercrafts
        Watch as Static and Hotstreak dodge the droids in the forest. The whole scene is an homage to the Ewok-on-the-hovercraft scene in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. The score is even a re-worked version of Darth Vader's signature music.