Static Shock

Season 2 Episode 7

Pop's Girlfriend

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 09, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Pop's Girlfriend

Two teenagers steal a concentrated form of the Big Bang gas. If Static doesn't find it in 24 hours, it will combust and cause even more problems than the first accident. Meanwhile, Robert's new girlfriend causes stress in the Hawkins house.

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  • Pop's girlfriend

    Hilarious episode where Static gets some trouble with his family!! Namely, his pop's girlfriend!

    I loved how Virgil got out of trouble with his parents!
Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Trina Jessup

Guest Star

Rel Hunt

Rel Hunt

Franke Damico

Guest Star

Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert

Chief Barnsdale

Guest Star

Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson

Royce Axelrod

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is more of a nitpick then a goof- Why didn't Virgil just let the cops look in his bag, and tell them that he was doing some early halloween costume shopping?

    • The container holding the liquidated Big Bang gases was obviously under heavy gaurd due to its valuable contents, so doesn't it seem a bit odd Royce can simply pop it open with only a screw driver?

    • Reply: Maybe, maybe not. Rail guns work through electromagnetism (like Static's powers), and can launch projectiles at about half the speed of light if the power source is sufficient. The question is, could Static generate that much power, and still have enough left to fight Royce right after?

    • The fact that Static was able to launch the lockers containing the mutagenic gas into orbit seems to be a little too exaggerated, doesn't it?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sharon: I can't stand this, Daddy! I'm sorry you two broke up, but it was just so weird seeing you with her.
      Robert: You've made it abundantly clear, both of you.
      Virgil: Pops, all we --
      Robert: For a long time now, you two have been telling me it's time I got back out there. But Mom would want it that way. But when I finally find someone I like, this is how you treat her. Look, no one will replace your mother. But I have a life and I'm gonna live it. You gonna accept that or not?

    • Robert: Look at me! Just tell me why you did it.
      Virgil: I-I don't know. I just got scared. That's all.
      Robert: That's not acceptable! Your backpack -- I want to see it. Now! You wanna make it even harder on yourself? Fine. (Robert is about to open Virgil's closet door)
      Virgil: Pops, don't --
      (Robert gives Virgil a mean look, and he opens the closet door and an avalanche of junk falls on Robert)
      Robert: I'm gonna go cool off. You're beyond grounded! School, home. That's it! And clean up this room!

    • Robert: (to Virgil) Running away from the police!? Now I know I raised you better than that, Virgil! What you did was not only stupid and dangerous, but completely inexcusable!
      Virgil: But Dad --
      Robert: Get in your room right now! (door slams)

    • (After a passer-by looks at him)
      Static: What? A superhero can't use a payphone?

    • Static: Static's bug zapping service reporting for duty.

    • (On the phone)
      Virgil: Come on, Pops. My room's clean.
      Robert: Virgil, I'm standing in it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • It seems Virgil has no problem with his dad dating. The only problem Virgil had with Trina was she got him in trouble. However, Sharon does or did have a problem with her dad dating.

    • Virgil's identity would of been seen by his father if Virgil showed his dad his backpack. (The reason why Static ran away from the police)