Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 13

Power Outage

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 22, 2004 on The WB
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Power Outage
After Kangor suddenly loses his powers, Ebon and his crew find out that it's from inhaling Dr. Todd's cure. Soon, every bang baby in Dakota (even Static and Gear) begin to revert back, but Ebon tries to stop this from happening. Ebon and his crew plan to steal what's left of the bang baby gas that was used in making the cure to stage another Big Bang before everyone's cured.moreless

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  • Sharon yells at Virgil for not doing his share of the always but this time it new for static because Static and Gear talk about if Ebonstreak is still alive and both agree he is still alive so there face a new ferack in the show ...moreless

    Sharon yells at Virgil for not doing his share of the housework.She doesn't let up lucky for Virgil his dad calls him to fix his shaver which he does.Later at school Virgil tells Richie about what happened,a teacher passes back test.Richie is suprised by something.Later Richie tells Virgil that he got a B- on that test.Frieda and Daisy are angry at Virgil and Richie because they say they will help but they always disappear.Virgil says they can explain but they hear an alarm and Virgil and Richie disappear again.Kangor and Ferreit are robbing a a store,but Static and Gear come to stop.Static takes on Kangor and Gear chases Ferreit.When Kangor is about to crush Static he loses his powers.Static calls Gear over and they watch him change back to normal.Ferreit sees this and goes to Ebon and the rest of the breed.Ferreit tells them what happened to Kangor and he loses his powers to.Static and Gear take Kangor to a hospital were Dr. Toad tells them he has been sparying a cure for bang babies and that all of them including Static and Gear will lose their powers.Dr. Toad makes a public statement about the cure.Gear is freaking out about being normal again.Static tells him things maybe alright when their normal again,Gear askes him if he believes that.They go to vist Dr. Toad.Ebon,Hotstreak,Talon,and Shiv go to see Dr. Toad looking for bang baby gas.After threating another scientist Dr. Toad tells them were the gas is.Ebon and Hotstreak start arguing so Talon gets the gas she starts turning back to normal.Static and Gear come to thr rescue.After the battle Ebon and the others escapes with the gas.A normal Talon is left behind.Later Teresa Talon's real name tells Static and Gear that Ebon plans on setting another BIG BANG.Ebon kidnaps Teresa because Ebon wants her back in his gang.Static and Gear struggle to stay in the air because their powers are almost gone.Gear can no longer read the information he gets from backpack,he can only understand two things bang babies and docks.Static figures Ebon is setting up his big bang at the docks like the first one.On a ship in the docks Slipstream,Boom,Tamara,and Shiv are all powerless waiting for Ebon to restore their powers.A now human Ebon comes in saying he'll restore their powers if they become a part of his gang.Hotstreak comes in with Teresa tied up.Teresa says Ebon was nobody before the big bang and that's what he'll be again.Ebon tells Hotstreak to shut her up but he agrees with her.The two start to argue and Static and Gear come they take the gas and run.They are caught and put into a room so Ebon says when he and the others come back with there powers back they will take care of them.Static says you mean if Hotstreak lets you have your powers back.Hotstreak is gone and he has the gas.All of them except Static and Gear look for him.Ebon goes into the montor room and finds Hotstreak.Ebon and Hotstreak start to fight and set of the gas.Teresa who freed herself sees this and runs.Teresa finds Static and Gear and frees them.Teresa tells them whats happening gets out of there while Static and Gear go after Ebon.The gas come through the hall way Static and Gear breath in alot of the gas and their powers are restored.They find giant shadowy fire creature which is Ebon and Hotstreak they breathed in so much gas they fused together.The fight begins Gear's weapons are useless.Static seems stronger though and has made some major hits.But Ebonstreak seems to have no real damage he is about to suck in Static and Gear in a blackhole he create in his chest.Static throws a gas tank in the hole fire a blast at it and it blows up sinking the ship with Ebonstreak.Static and Gear get out in time and are flying away.As the ship goes down we see a flame coming out of the water.Static and Gear talk about if Ebonstreak is still alive and both agree he is still alive.They wonder how many old bang babies breathed in the gas.Static says Dr.Toad will no doubt spray the cure around again.Gear says he will make a cure for the cure and they fly off into the sky.

  • This episode involves every bang baby losing their powers.

    This episode was a great series finally that puts the entire series to close. The only part that I wanted to know about was what happened to Ebon and Hotstreak. Otherwise this episode was very well done and was a good way for the show to end. It's to bad that we have to see such a great show leave the air.
Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.

Dr. Donald Todd

Guest Star

Chick Vennera

Chick Vennera


Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


Recurring Role

Danny Cooksey

Danny Cooksey


Recurring Role

Tia Texada

Tia Texada


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: When Virgil and Richie are outside of school between classes, the latter's backpack is colored green. However, towards the end of the scene after they speak to Frieda and Daisy, his bag is colored black.

    • Goof: Gear says he'll make a "cure for the cure." Isn't that the gas itself?

    • Reply to first one: Ebon did have the power of shadow control, but when he had his powers, he could stretch like that, and he still could because his powers were't completely gone.

    • Ebon didn't have the power of elasticity, but instead the power of shadow control. After he lost the shadow-skin, he shouldn't have been able to grab Teresa from across the room.

    • When Tamara first appeared, she hated being a Bang Baby. So, why was she trying to get her powers back?

    • If everyone is losing their powers, why is Tamara in her Monster form? Shouldn't she be stuck in her human form?

    • Whenever Tamara/Monster makes any vocal noise, you can clearly tell that it's just a guy doing the voice, even though Tamara was voiced by both a guy and a girl for the monster form (the two-tone voice).

    • When Static and Gear go to fly, Gear says, "As long as we stay in the air ..." However, Gear's flight is just a product of his boots, presumably something he builds wouldn't disappear when his powers do. (Reply: True, but his flight capabilities will. Without his super-brain, he has a far shorter attention span and concentration level.)

    • Technically, Kangor's boots shouldn't have shrunk, too. They should've slipped off, as they are custom made. (Reply: Aquamaria was wearing a bathing suit when she got un-mutated, despite the fact that she was naked while she was a Bang Baby, so it stands to reason that Kangor's boots may have also been mutated by the meta-gas.)

    • When Ebon turned on the moniters, he had a shadow hand. However, he was already human then.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Hotstreak: What's the problem, sparky? Running out of juice?
      Static: Hah, look who's talking! I've seen birthday candles hotter than you!

    • Kangorr: You're supposed to grab the cash, mon. What you doing with all that food?
      Ferret: I was hungry. Is that a crime?
      Static: No, but everything else you do is!

    • Virgil: I tell you Rich, Sharon is not gonna let up. If pops hadn't come in with that razor...
      Richie: So, maybe it's not that bad that he found out about your secret identity.
      Virgil: Yeah: He saves me from Sharon, and I save him a fortune in appliance repairs!

    • Virgil: (to the highly annoyed Daisy and Frieda) Wait! We can explain!
      Richie: We can?

    • Frieda: Look! It's Static and Gear.
      Daisy: And as usual, Virgil and Richie are missing out.
      Frieda: You don't think...?
      Daisy: Nah!
      Both: Couldn't be.

    • (Last line of the series)
      Static: They can't get rid of us that easily!

    • Hotstreak: Hey, doc. Remember me? Hotstreak? Thought you'd want to meet some of my pals. This is Talon, Shiv --
      Ebon: Skip the intros, stupid. This ain't a party.
      Hotstreak: Who are you callin' stupid?!

    • Daisy: What is up with you two? You say you'll help. Then you disappear. Poof!
      Virgil: Have you been talking to my sister?

    • Sharon: You have to help with the chores!
      Virgil: I do help with the chores!
      Sharon: No. You say you'll help. Then you disappear. Poof!
      Virgil: Well, I wouldn't say "poof". It's more like ... zzuum.

    • Sharon: Virgil!
      Virgil: You shrieked?
      Sharon: You didn't take the garbage out last night.
      Virgil: Is that what smells? I figured you were trying a new recipe.

  • NOTES (10)

    • Ebon's true appearance is seen in this episode.

    • This can be debated on whether this episode was a cliffhanger, since there was evidence that there were supposed to be later episodes. But then it can be argued that there was a happy ending, and there wasn't necessarily a need for new episodes. There is a similar debate on this for the last episode of Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles.

    • This was not meant to be the end of the series. Warner Brothers wanted a fifth season (65 episodes works better for syndication purposes). McDuffie stated on his website that they could not do a fifth season without a toy line deal and no toy company wanted to do Static Shock figures. Fans have responded by making reruns of Static Shock among the highest rated on Cartoon Network.

    • In the end, Gear says that they don't know how many Bang Babies were made by the new explosion. If they had made a new series, Talon would have definitely returned, as she was the first person to breathe any of the gas.

    • Gear will make an antidote for the antidote of the bang baby gas. So, if someone tries to cure the metahumans again, him and Static will be the only ones with powers.

    • Gear finally saw a portion of Static's true power. He was clearly amazed when Static used his powers to lift up the Ebon/Hotstreak creature.

    • Ebon and Hotstreak fuse together into a shadow/fire creature.

    • Slipstream returns from "Winds of Change," Boom returns from Brother-Sister Act," and Tamara Lawrence / Monster returns from The Usual Suspect." None of them have any lines.

    • Talon's real name is Teresa.

    • All of the bang babies except for Static, Gear, Ebon, and Hotstreak have lost their powers.


    • Lord of the Rings:
      The creature that Ebon and Hotstreak fuse into is similar to the Balrog from 'Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring'.

    • Gear: Highly illogical, Captain.
      Gear does an impression of the ever-thinking Spock from Star Trek after Static asks if Ebon and Hotstreak could still be around.