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  • Static Shock.

    Well written dialog and story.

    Awesome music

    Great characters what more do you need?

    Shock to your system!
  • Static Shock Music

    Someone knows the music of the Episode a League of their own 1? At min 02:20?
  • I love this show one of my favorite DC tv shows

    Pretty much we have a teenager named Virgil getting electric powers and becoming a hero called Static Shock there's also his best friend Richie it's a great and entertaining show not to mention well written and has a likable main character I recommend it Superman and other DC superheroes appearing in some episodes of this show is cool as well there was even an episode where Static ended up in the future and met the future Batman so cool this show is cool I love Static Shock
  • This show got me into superheroes and when Saturday morning cartoons were worth watching

    Original in so many ways and a real treat to watch. I loved watching how the characters and plots developed and so many action sequences with very interesting villains. The main character Virgil/Static was sure funny and smart. He faces numerous foes and can use his power in so many ways. Not only that, but he is still in high school. This show got me interested in superheroes. For the longest time I didn't really care much for them.

  • About this series

    It had great music score in Season 3.
  • Season 5 and 6 That Should Have Been a Long Time a Go

    Could Have Made Wonder Woman Batgirl Nightwing and Supergirl Appear in the Series a Long Time a Go.

    Oh Will is Only a Series

  • Only 9 words to say!

    I only have 9 words to say: I PUT A SHOCK IN YOUR SYSTEM, STATIC SHOCK!
  • I'd Loved if this show would come back on the hub showing reruns

    This had me struck when i was a kid and it was still active static shock had me hooked he was at least 3rd behind Spider-Man and The Flash The show acually had a great plot and all with Bang Babies and other stuff but all isn't lost because Static Shock real name Virgil Hawkins was in a couple of The hit series Young Justice episodes but i hope he's all ready a super hero before he starts dressing up in the show but overall the show was great i still watch it to this day i acually find the Cross-Overs with Super-Man and Batman-Man and The Justice League and I loved it
  • Static Shock

    Even after all these years I still love this show. I rewatched the entire series only a couple of years ago and it still holds up. The story lies are hilarious, thoughtful and interesting. I adore the fact that I always accept Virgil and Richie as being teenage boys with good hearts. I always wish the show had gone on longer because I wanted to see where they would go after Bang Babies where cured.

    Man... now I want to watch it all over again.
  • Why don't they continue it

    I am a bored 17 year old teen who started watching cartoon shows as means of procrastination.. but as soon as i started following this series I completely fell in love with it. The characters are original, the voice acting is AMAZING, and compared to the other shows i had watched it looked half as ***ed. There were some moments where I could strongly relate to the situations, and I loved the fact that the aim was not only to entertain but to educate, and that there were serious themes hidden beneath the kid-approved content. For some reason this show just gave me happiness as i saw Virgil struggle against the death of his mother, always following the right path... It is a real shame that after 52 episodes it has to end... there could have been so much more content....

    I read that the show was cancelled right after the death of the writer, to which I give enourmous props.... I do understand the fact that hiring a new writer might compromise the spirit behind the show.. but the show CAN be continued if competent people are chosen...

    I seriously wonder why they do not do some new seasons after all of the speculation and re-makes this industry has done. Hey guys, easy source of money right here, Y U NO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!?????
  • Bring Static Back!

    I love Static Shock, Gear's my favorite character, I just wish they would put the show back on the air. The world needs this show they should just put the show back with new episodes or something, Static should be on the HUB channel like Batman.
  • A nice superhero show that I grew up watching.

    This was a show that I used to wake up every Saturday morning to see on Kids WB. Static Shock, Jackie Chan Adventures, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and The Batman were some of my favorite tv shows and they all appeared on Kids WB every Saturday morning. Static Shock was different from other comic book and superhero cartoons. It was a fresh, new series at it's time and it was actually based on the comic book series of the character. I think this show was also unique in the fact that the main character was an African-American. Yes, am African-American was the superhero of the series and his sidekick was Caucasian. I really enjoyed this series and I recomend it to everyone.
  • Dwayne's Best Work.

    Bring the series back!

    The series should have never been cancled and Static was the greatest superhero show on Kid's WB! and deserves better then that!

    Some of my favorite episodes are The Big Leagues, Future Shock, A League of Their Own, Kid Napped and Jimmy.

    The series was Dwayne's best work and I'm glad he wanted the series to be animated. The series could have never been better and I think that it definatly should have been better so only 3 words.

    Bring it Back!

    Who's with me? Bring the series back! Kid's WB, Bring the series back. It shouldn't have been cancled.
  • refreshing superhero entertainment

    Do not get me wrong. Static Shock is, by no stretch of the imagination, a worthy substitute for Justice League. However, it is a fairly refreshing dose of superhero entertainment. I enjoyed most of the episodes of this show, though it did have a few problems. However, most of these problems were at the beginning. My main beef with the show's start was the lack of decent animation. I also disliked the monotonous turn that the first one or two seasons took. It eventually got to the point where one could predict what would happen. A bad guy is made, Virgil fights the guy and loses one, two, three times, the guy captures one of Virgil's friends or threatens to blow up the town, and Virgil pulls it together and takes the guy out when it counts, having learned some sappy lesson about family in the process. However, the last seasons more than made up for this with killer animation, episodes that had above average plot lines, epic team-ups with other heroes, and a great (if not unfortunate) series finale. Super show, guys.
  • Bringing back this show would be quite nice - it was very nice.

    I did love Static Shock.
    Even now, as of maybe five or so years later since it's last episode's air date, I still like it (I still record every episode from Disney XD at 3PM EST).

    No matter my protests and such, the show was really great.
    Most of the episodes had morals (even though they were always kind of hidden in most episodes) & intrigue, which also kept viewer's on the edge of their seat waiting for Virgil/Static (and later on, Richie/Gear) to kick some majour bad-guy butt.

    Although, it did seem quite off to me that the show could even be considered to be Y7 still.
    Yes, I must admit that they really had to tone it done from the comics, but without it's very "comic-orgin" sense of style, the show just never got me going like the Static comics did.
    But it still had lead evidence from it's true comic origins, but the I still don't like that fact that they opened the show to a Y7 audience, giving the fact that it included problems such as gang violence(s), riots, bullying, and other sets of more-than-Y7-ratings, if you know what I mean.

    Alas, overall, and as you know, the Static Shock show could never possibly relate in heavy regard to the comics - seeing as they'd run into Copyright issues & such, even with permission from the creator(s), but I still miss (first off, the good ol' Richard "Rich" Stone - although Richard "Richie" Foley has always been a blast too) the good comic-twist that always left us camping out at our local comics stores waiting for the new issue to arrive at midnight - or was that just me? c:
  • This show adds colour to the super hero world and introduces problems that other heroes wouldnt have.Its hard going to school and trying to save the world while keeping your identity a secret but somehow vergil manges to do just that.

    This was one of my personal favs cause of how much more relatable it was for me at that time.Static was not just a kid living in a community not too different from my own but it added to that he was black which help me see myself in every episode .He dad was not an alien or a billionaire but a single parent doing his best.It was hard for me to see the flaws but maybe i didnt want to but overall this was a decent show that i could watch over and over.
  • Outstanding animated program with real life references

    OK, this show was awsome. Some may say that it ended rather abruptly, but i dont think so. I believe that the animators did a fantastic job of ending the show with the fact that Static and Gear still had their powers, and that due to past episodes, they would grow up to join the justice league. When i first started watching this show, i wondered if i would get into it, and i did! This show had real life references in almost every episode, from homelessness to violence and peer pressure. It was the kind of stuff most people try not to think about, but i think the animators did an excellent job of making it so kids could get the message across too.
  • i wish they could bring it back!!!!!!!!!

    i wish they can bring static shock back but to answer why they didn't is because of financial problems with kids Wb which was the original channel of the show.despite the great tv ratings they extended the show as long as they could (52 eps.).i used to love the 1999-2004 kids wb with shows like pokemon,jackie chan adventures,static shock,xiolin showdown.i also liked fox kids when i was small with shows like digimon and stuff.
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  • Static Shock, check out re-runs on the Disney XD timeblock in February '09 on toondisney. It was an amazing show and set great examples for kids of yesterday and today.

    This was a great show and still can be once again if new viewers take a look at the re-runs airing on the new Disney XD timeblock on what is now toondisney in February '09. Check it out!! Who knows, it could be revived. It dealt with real-life issues and was one of the only animated action/comedy shows to showcase an African-American hero as the protagonist on television then, and since. Another great animated superhero television show was the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited which many would say represents the late '90's to '00's generation of kids and the producers of that show found Static Shock to be appropriate in its core values and morals for a crossover with their show. I'm just saying kids could use some better examples in animated superhero shows today, and a good place to start is in past shows.
  • Well done, well planned and well received by me.

    It just came out of nowhere when I was TV-surfing on Cartoon Network. Then Static showed up, and my evenings in Cartoon Network were never boring again (until they cancelled the show, that is).

    One of the biggest things that pulled me to this show is that it feels so real, because first of all, this show isn't set on the moon or a distant universe (that is to say, a fictional planet like Krypton.) The story is set in a city in Dakota, where most of the action is from the gas station (Static and Gear's HQ), the Hawkins' (Static and his family's) Household and within the city (where most of the blows are traded between Static and the baddies). Also, the everyday life for Static (or should I say Virgil Hawkins) is so well depicted (examples there are the arguments between Virgil and his sister or father, school life, bullies and grades). I could watch one of the episodes and can say "I can relate to that" every time I see Virgil's struggles while not being the superhero he is. But at the same time, the show manages to fuse the superhero elements with the environment at the same time, and that is a very huge feat. I can sometimes see that other shows are so caught up trying to force-feed the superhero twist into their show; they forgot to check the facts and made their universe a bit too unrealistic. Well not this show. In a nutshell, the show is able to balance between having a realistic setting while adding the superheroes into the story effortlessly. And that's a big plus. I am not saying that unrealistic environments and settings are going to be penalized. I'm saying that realistic settings can personalize the experiences of viewers; they can see themselves in Virgil's/other characters' shoes.

    Another reason that this I am a fan of the show is because of two of the characters. They are Static (Virgil) and his father Robert. They grew on me and I'll probably never forget them for a long time. The reasons why are listed here:

    Virgil Hawkins/Static: His wisecracks add comedy relief in battles against his enemies can put some light in the heat of a serious brawl. He is an example of a typical teen who is trying to overcome a death of a parent and the usual stresses of a 15-year-old.

    Robert Hawkins: His understanding personality is a trait that a lot of people yearn for. Think of all the people who are struggling with their psychological problems (eg. dealing with a death of a loved one, arguments within the family and so on). It would be different if those people hang around the Freeman Community Center, having Robert Hawkins giving them his attention. They will feel much better when they are being listened to. To me, Robert is a symbol of understanding.

    So whether you are channel surfing or on YouTube, and you bump into Static, grab your popcorn, sit on your most comfortable sofa, and lock your remote control in a safe until the show is over. Static is going to deliver, and he's not going to disappoint. This is a fact that will last as long as time itself. - Warrior of Zero
  • Why was this show cancelled???!!

    Why!?! Why?!? Whay did they cancel this show?!?!? THis was like my favorite show when I was lil. This was such a great show!!If only the brought it back!! They made a mistake taking this show off!! I loved the adventures of Virgil Hawkins and his friend Richie. They went around and saved the people of the city. This reminds me on Danny Phantom. U kno, Danny=Superhero, saves city, fights with sister. Static= Superhero, saves city, and fights with his sister. Static Shock was such a gooood show!!! I wish they would bring this show back! I miss Static Shock! Bring it back!
  • A black super-hero fights against mutants while dealing with real issues including gun-violence, racism, and dyslexia.

    This show was good it was very brutal in it's honesty. For example, they talked about gang-violence, gun-violence in schools, racism, and the serious disease of dyslexia. I liked the very charasmatic young hero, Static/ Virgil hawkins, who is one of a rare few who decides to ue his powers to fight evil. Others indulge in the spoils of their powers, such as a mutant with the power of wind, a mutant who controls humans and later takes Carrie-like abilities (my favorite), and a mutant with acid powers (my other favorite) and a big dumb sidekick. I have to admit that the music was one of my favorite parts. I rate it an 8.7: great!
  • I liked Static Shock a lot. It had the classic comic book theme to it, but the characters were somewhat different, and that's what I liked about it.

    I liked Static Shock a lot. It had the classic comic book theme to it, but the characters were somewhat different, and that's what I liked about it. Static (Virgil) was such a unique character with a unique personality to match, that I couldn't help but like him. He won't ever be one of the legendary superheroes, but he's still pretty cool. I also enjoyed all the various villians. (I'm sure there were ones like them in the classic comic books, but since I'm one of the people who doesn't read comic books, I wouldn't know. :P) So...yeah...Static Shock was a good show. :P
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    This show was the greatest, pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse bring a new season.
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  • Please, Bring Back The First Season!!!

    Static Shock used to be one of my favorite TV shows. The first season was my favorite one. It had a lot o sweet action scenes. At the end of almost every episode, there was a moral. There were themes such as racism, family, discrimination, poverty and friendship. Brings tears to my eyes... Just kidding. But seriusly, it was a good show. Then came the next season. In the next season, there many crossovers with other shows like Justice League. Static the character had a new costume, new theme song, better animation and the show slightly changed. I mean the show put more emphasis on action than morals. The plots went from saving Dakota to saving the world. The show became too complicated, and the stories, were too bizarre. Static appreared on Justice League and Batman Beyond. In Season 1 there was an episode in which Static was fighting a Bang Baby(mutant) who was angry and lived in poverty. That episode was trying to teach you something. In the following seasons, a typical episode would be, Static trying to save the world from a super computer. The new seasons aren't bad, but I miss the original. Nowadays, the show has long since been canceled. I wish they would bring it back.
  • Not bad, but the comics are sooo much better

    In the early 1990's, Dwayne McDuffie started Milestone Comics, an offshoot of DC Comics. The difference between his comics and DC's? His comics featured a more realistic racial variety, more human characters(for the time. DC's caught up by now), and some of the greatest heroes and villains most of the world has never seen. One of these heroes was Static. Milestone eventually was shut down in 1996-97, but the characters got one last breath of life in 2000, when Warner Brothers and Dwayne McDuffie creawted Static Shock, the more kid-friendly version of the Milestone universe. Lots of things have changed between then and now, and, really, the comics are better, but the show still deserved better than cancellation after teh fourth season, just like how Milestone Comics deserved better than what it got. That is all.
  • they had a black superhero

    Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutanic gas and takes on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation. He confronts real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood. Learning to control his powers, figuring out how to patrol the skies at night and still
  • So much more could've happened!

    I wish they had done more with this - it was a great show. I understand that some superhero teamups couldn't happen though - too bad. I would've liked to see a Teen Titans teamup - Batman promised! If they weren't planning on it he shouldn't have said anything or just "maybe." I'm not happy with their explanation of Richie getting his powers. It just seemed too convenient.
  • 8.1
    I loved this show so much. i really really wish that they had not got rid of static shock. it was a really totaly unique show. my favorite villan and or character was ebon the powers of everyone was really really original and ireally loved it. i really hope that they either bring back at least repeats or bring back brand new episodes with new characters. i was so so sad when they canceled it i hope that it comes back it is a rweally great show that every one th at i know really really like a lot. overall it is great
  • Virgil Hawkins was an average boy living an average life. unfortunatly to be protected from bullys he had to join a gang. when a toxic gas was realesed from the docks he and his gang members got transformed into bang-babies.

    i generlly thought it was a good show. i would come home everyday from school and watch it until it stopped airing on the WB. one of my favorite episodes was with "Brainiache" and the justice league. at this time he had become partners with "Gear" who was secretly his best friend Richie. i also liked the first or second episode when he was in the junk yeard flying on the cars when he was getting the hang of his newly aquired powers. all the little gadets and gizmos that Gear can invent is pretty cool as well. it is a good show and i would definetly recomend watching it.
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