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  • A gas explosion gives super powers to the most unstable segment of the population--teenagers.

    What would you do if you suddenly had super powers? If you had the strength to crush cars like soda cans or take out the trash just by looking at it? Well, if you're disaffected enough to join a gang and live in a TV show called Static Shock, you'd probably make up a silly name and start pushing normal people around. Unless you're Virgil Hawkins, who instead made up a silly name and flies around on a manhole cover trying stop everybody else with super powers. It was a show about growing up with super powers added to the normal problems of keeping your grades up and having to face bullies, and done better than a lot of its kind because it was so serious. But eventually they seemed to feel the need to glam it up, making Richie a super-genius and throwing in all kinds of guest stars from the Justice League cartoon to famous basketball players. When that happened it seemed desperate for attention to me. The show never fell far enough to jump the shark, but it was never the same.
  • I want the 5th season and most of them I want Static to meet Teen Titans!

    As I was saying, this is a very intresting cartoon.I wrote this review now because I'm in Thailand, the episode:'Shock to the System' aired in March 2005 and Season 3 aired in September. I really, really, really, really want to have the 5th season, 6th bseason is great. As Batman said in 'Hard as Nails', he said Static would meet the Titans. He was lying. I don't like batman to lie. I want at least 2 episodes when Static meets the Titans.
  • Electrifying!

    This show is a great show and the creators should make a new season on cartoonnetwork. I loved to watch this show and love the reruns and if you have not seen this show watch what you can. The show is about a teenage boy named vergil hawkins who due to a gas explosion has electrity powers. And he has to use his powers to stop other people who got powers from the explosion! Bring it Back!
  • Static Shock... A black, teenaged, shock inducing superhero from Detroit in the United States. A charming addition to the stable of superheroes in tights-themed shows.

    role model

    A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate.

    role model

    someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"

    Finally, a hero that children can truly look up to. With a past shaded in tragedy (the death of his mother), a classic superhero origin that provides the basis for every episode to follow, tieing in with the origins of nearly every member of his rogues gallery, Static Shock, by creator and greatest cartoon writer ever - Dwayne McDuffie (see Justice League Unlimited) showcases a teen hero for the new generation. A black kid with a nerdy white sidekick, zapping evil mutated teens with megavolts (when he's not grounded) and teaming up with the likes of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Future Batman, and the Justice League to take on some of the universe's most capable supervillains.

    My only complaint is that Static's powers too closely resemble those of fellow black superhero - Black Vulcan.

    But other than that slight nitpick, this is truly, a darn good toon.
  • Static shock is about non-stop action with teenager virgil Hawkins, copes with his powers, his family, his teenage issues, and did I mention he is the first black teenage superhero, and a superhero he is through and through. This show will make you take

    Static shock, the worlds first black teenage superhero, and the only I might add, was, and is one of the best shows on tv today. Why it was cancel is beyond me. This show has everything, action, suspense, drama, comedy, heros, villans. BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!!! This show really did put a shock to the system.
  • This show is about a gorup of people living int he inner city that happen to be in the worng or wright place at htat time. they then end up gettign super powers and then the show takes off.

    this is a shockingly good show. When i first saw it on tv i didnt know what to think. i watched a few epissodes an ended up taking a likeing to the show. it makes you thing onceagain that you to could get super powers. One other great thing about this show is that it makes the super hero protect not only the big imprtatn parts of the world but the small parts of town that are often over looked. A good show overall and it dose what any good show should do and that is to entertaine.
  • This was one of the coolest shows on T.V. I think that it should be brought back To T.V.

    I seriously hope the they give a Revitalization to that show. When I checked the ratings one time I found out that It was the most watched show On cartoonnetwork during the week. That has got to mean something. He's like a black Spiderman. That show needs to be revamped. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  • Your average african american teenager is dealing with the regular issues of a teenager (bullies, school, girls, the usual) and finds himself getting involved in an event that would change his life forever, and even more so the lives of everyone in Dakota

    This is one of the only shows where the main hero is a black guy, at least that I know of in my generation so far. My other favorite black superhero is green lantern (justice league). But anyway, it does a good job of relating the show to common events and stuff in a teenagers life (except for getting powers). I am very surprised that they ended the show as early as they did, and continuing crap like xiaolin showdown.
  • Let's go back - to the good ol' time way when Super Heroes where just that - Super Heroes

    Static Shock was a great animated series about Virgil Hawkins and his shocking supernatural powers.

    I loved the show, and in fact it was for this show that I woke up early on Saturday mornings, grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat in front of the television watching each episode like I had gone back in time and become a kid again.

    The storylines were great, and I loved the fact that Static Shock was just a simple cartoon without all of the over-the-top action and violence. Most of the cartoons of the day are just too overrated and appear to be aimed more at teenagers or young adults rather than youngsters of elementary level.

    I'd love to see Static Shock back on television -it was a great show with what I thought was a promising future.
  • This is one of the best shows every they need to bring it back.Static Shock had action,adventure,and life lessons.

    Virgil Hawkens is teenage boy who got electricmagnetic powers from mutation gas.After gaining his powers Virgil decides to become a superhero named Static.Other teens who were also exposed to the gas were also given powers and most of them use their powers for wrong reasons and make trouble.Static has to stop them and save the city of Dakota.Static Shock was a great show and should be revived.Static was a teen hero trying figure out how to do his job as a normal teen and superhero.Static Shock was a great show.
  • Finally a black superhero

    This show was great! It was about a black teenage superhero. This show didn't need stereotypes to be a great show. It had some evil badguys and great action scences. Virgil evoveled over time and got a sidekick, a new costume, and became a better hero in general. It even mixed hip hop in it, too. Static Shock is a great show for everyone to watch and should be brought back.
  • A show about an African-American superhero with electrical powers.

    I think its great that this show is made cause there is no show about a black superhero. Static Shock is one of the best shows on Kids WB. The villains are awesome and the plots are really thrilling. Also the show has amazing crossovers with Batman Gotham Knights, Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond. Young superhero with amazing allies like Rubberbandman, She-Bang and Anansi really made this show what it is. Also the show is the second longest African American animated show (Currently Little Bill is longest by six episodes). Static Shock U ROCK!!
  • This show is shocking! LOL!

    This show is cool it\'s about a kid (Vergal) that gets banged with \"Bang Baby Gas\" and they get super powers and ability. Regie is Statics sidekick and with these two they kick butt!

    This show is another super hereo show. I think it will become a classic (atleast I\'ll remember it!) With all the super hereos coming and helping them out is trific!

    I like this show. It will go down and history (I\'m pretty sure).
  • This show is so lame.

    ANOTHER superhero show!? Come on! I KNOW Cartoon Network can do better than that! Wasn't Justice League enough??? Every time it came on I started channel surfing. Super hero shows are just so unoriginal. And the plot! A superhero that comes out of no where and can't tell anyone except his best friend? Oh, where have I heard THAT before? *Rolls eyes* I hope I NEVER have to see it again.
  • Static Shock is proberly Bill Cosby's version of a superhero... and that's good enough for me. Dwayne McDuffie, I tipped my hat to you for it makes me want to produce shows and write books like this. Thanks for your creating Static!

    Static is proberly one of the most underrated cartoons you'll ever see. It fits perfectly with a child; it have action, adventure and messages about growing up. Based (loosely) on Dwayne McDuffie's comic, Static is what happens when a superhero have to have to deal with teenage problems. Besides the superhero antics, it also focus on Virgil Hawkins growing up in a single parent environment, a reality that a lot of urban kids faces today.

    While it doesn't stick to the comic formula most of the times, it doesn't have to. Static have all the action, adventure and surprises that kids can handle, but with a moral message behind it, making it not only a fun show to watch, but a smart show as well. It's sad that not a lot of cartoons are done this way these days.

    Lucky for us, since Static does appear in Justice League Unlimited (with Dwayne McDuffie as one of the producers) maybe it won't be long before Static comes back.
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