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  • Static Shock.

    Well written dialog and story.

    Awesome music

    Great characters what more do you need?

    Shock to your system!
  • Static Shock Music

    Someone knows the music of the Episode a League of their own 1? At min 02:20?
  • I love this show one of my favorite DC tv shows

    Pretty much we have a teenager named Virgil getting electric powers and becoming a hero called Static Shock there's also his best friend Richie it's a great and entertaining show not to mention well written and has a likable main character I recommend it Superman and other DC superheroes appearing in some episodes of this show is cool as well there was even an episode where Static ended up in the future and met the future Batman so cool this show is cool I love Static Shock
  • About this series

    It had great music score in Season 3.
  • Why don't they continue it

    I am a bored 17 year old teen who started watching cartoon shows as means of procrastination.. but as soon as i started following this series I completely fell in love with it. The characters are original, the voice acting is AMAZING, and compared to the other shows i had watched it looked half as ***ed. There were some moments where I could strongly relate to the situations, and I loved the fact that the aim was not only to entertain but to educate, and that there were serious themes hidden beneath the kid-approved content. For some reason this show just gave me happiness as i saw Virgil struggle against the death of his mother, always following the right path... It is a real shame that after 52 episodes it has to end... there could have been so much more content....

    I read that the show was cancelled right after the death of the writer, to which I give enourmous props.... I do understand the fact that hiring a new writer might compromise the spirit behind the show.. but the show CAN be continued if competent people are chosen...

    I seriously wonder why they do not do some new seasons after all of the speculation and re-makes this industry has done. Hey guys, easy source of money right here, Y U NO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!?????
  • Bring Static Back!

    I love Static Shock, Gear's my favorite character, I just wish they would put the show back on the air. The world needs this show they should just put the show back with new episodes or something, Static should be on the HUB channel like Batman.
  • Dwayne's Best Work.

    Bring the series back!

    The series should have never been cancled and Static was the greatest superhero show on Kid's WB! and deserves better then that!

    Some of my favorite episodes are The Big Leagues, Future Shock, A League of Their Own, Kid Napped and Jimmy.

    The series was Dwayne's best work and I'm glad he wanted the series to be animated. The series could have never been better and I think that it definatly should have been better so only 3 words.

    Bring it Back!

    Who's with me? Bring the series back! Kid's WB, Bring the series back. It shouldn't have been cancled.
  • Outstanding animated program with real life references

    OK, this show was awsome. Some may say that it ended rather abruptly, but i dont think so. I believe that the animators did a fantastic job of ending the show with the fact that Static and Gear still had their powers, and that due to past episodes, they would grow up to join the justice league. When i first started watching this show, i wondered if i would get into it, and i did! This show had real life references in almost every episode, from homelessness to violence and peer pressure. It was the kind of stuff most people try not to think about, but i think the animators did an excellent job of making it so kids could get the message across too.
  • i wish they could bring it back!!!!!!!!!

    i wish they can bring static shock back but to answer why they didn't is because of financial problems with kids Wb which was the original channel of the show.despite the great tv ratings they extended the show as long as they could (52 eps.).i used to love the 1999-2004 kids wb with shows like pokemon,jackie chan adventures,static shock,xiolin showdown.i also liked fox kids when i was small with shows like digimon and stuff.
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  • Static Shock, check out re-runs on the Disney XD timeblock in February '09 on toondisney. It was an amazing show and set great examples for kids of yesterday and today.

    This was a great show and still can be once again if new viewers take a look at the re-runs airing on the new Disney XD timeblock on what is now toondisney in February '09. Check it out!! Who knows, it could be revived. It dealt with real-life issues and was one of the only animated action/comedy shows to showcase an African-American hero as the protagonist on television then, and since. Another great animated superhero television show was the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited which many would say represents the late '90's to '00's generation of kids and the producers of that show found Static Shock to be appropriate in its core values and morals for a crossover with their show. I'm just saying kids could use some better examples in animated superhero shows today, and a good place to start is in past shows.
  • Well done, well planned and well received by me.

    It just came out of nowhere when I was TV-surfing on Cartoon Network. Then Static showed up, and my evenings in Cartoon Network were never boring again (until they cancelled the show, that is).

    One of the biggest things that pulled me to this show is that it feels so real, because first of all, this show isn't set on the moon or a distant universe (that is to say, a fictional planet like Krypton.) The story is set in a city in Dakota, where most of the action is from the gas station (Static and Gear's HQ), the Hawkins' (Static and his family's) Household and within the city (where most of the blows are traded between Static and the baddies). Also, the everyday life for Static (or should I say Virgil Hawkins) is so well depicted (examples there are the arguments between Virgil and his sister or father, school life, bullies and grades). I could watch one of the episodes and can say "I can relate to that" every time I see Virgil's struggles while not being the superhero he is. But at the same time, the show manages to fuse the superhero elements with the environment at the same time, and that is a very huge feat. I can sometimes see that other shows are so caught up trying to force-feed the superhero twist into their show; they forgot to check the facts and made their universe a bit too unrealistic. Well not this show. In a nutshell, the show is able to balance between having a realistic setting while adding the superheroes into the story effortlessly. And that's a big plus. I am not saying that unrealistic environments and settings are going to be penalized. I'm saying that realistic settings can personalize the experiences of viewers; they can see themselves in Virgil's/other characters' shoes.

    Another reason that this I am a fan of the show is because of two of the characters. They are Static (Virgil) and his father Robert. They grew on me and I'll probably never forget them for a long time. The reasons why are listed here:

    Virgil Hawkins/Static: His wisecracks add comedy relief in battles against his enemies can put some light in the heat of a serious brawl. He is an example of a typical teen who is trying to overcome a death of a parent and the usual stresses of a 15-year-old.

    Robert Hawkins: His understanding personality is a trait that a lot of people yearn for. Think of all the people who are struggling with their psychological problems (eg. dealing with a death of a loved one, arguments within the family and so on). It would be different if those people hang around the Freeman Community Center, having Robert Hawkins giving them his attention. They will feel much better when they are being listened to. To me, Robert is a symbol of understanding.

    So whether you are channel surfing or on YouTube, and you bump into Static, grab your popcorn, sit on your most comfortable sofa, and lock your remote control in a safe until the show is over. Static is going to deliver, and he's not going to disappoint. This is a fact that will last as long as time itself. - Warrior of Zero
  • Why was this show cancelled???!!

    Why!?! Why?!? Whay did they cancel this show?!?!? THis was like my favorite show when I was lil. This was such a great show!!If only the brought it back!! They made a mistake taking this show off!! I loved the adventures of Virgil Hawkins and his friend Richie. They went around and saved the people of the city. This reminds me on Danny Phantom. U kno, Danny=Superhero, saves city, fights with sister. Static= Superhero, saves city, and fights with his sister. Static Shock was such a gooood show!!! I wish they would bring this show back! I miss Static Shock! Bring it back!
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    This show was the greatest, pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse bring a new season.
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  • I love this show. A regular kid, Virgil Hawkins gets super powers. It may sound old and played out, but it isn't.

    Virgil Hawkins was an average kid, but then a bully got a problem with him. He kept beating the snot out of Virgil everyday, that guy had a gang and they weren't letting up. So daryle, was a good guy, although he was in a gang as well. He told Virgil to come to the dock by the shore, and hung up before Virgil could refuse. So Virgil went down to the dock, only to find a gang war. They had guns and were ready to kill, Virgil knew this was wrong and ran, but when he was running the unexpected happened. A gun shot hit some toxic gas and it burst open, it could in everyone's lung there, and houses near by. It gave them superspowers, the majprity of people who got it were bad, now "Static" Virgil's super hero name has to save people lives from these people.
  • i thought it was the best cartoon of all times. bring it back that was my favorite show i wattched it everyday then when they took it off of the wb i watched it on cartoon network

    thumbs up i give it the highest rating ever. i loved that show him and his best friend gear was the best. and how nobody knew that stactic was virgil was sweet and cool. i wish i had super powers like gear and static. the best thing about the show was when staic went to meet his future self. and the justice league. i dont think ya'll should have evr took that cartoon off. it seems like they always tke off the good cartoons. i wish they would bring back the classic cartoons like thundercats, or johnny quest, they even took off the justice league

    This is an outrage!!! I have missed Static so long, but I did not know who or where to complain to. I really cannot take it, I am an absolute sucker for Static Shock and it is the absolute best show on Earth. I cannot remember the last time I have seen an episode, let alone a new one. I cannot understand why this blessing of a show is not on as often as Spongebob Squarepants, after all, that show is about a talking sponge! For those of you who do not know, Static Shock is about a meta-human named Virgil Hawkins who was at a big fight when a gas was released and he gained the ability to control static electricity. Most of the series is about Static dealing with the other bang babies or meta-humans and fighting against evil in Dakota City. This show had brought meaning into my pathetic, lifeless meaningless life, and it even taught me a lesson or two. Where has Static Shock gone, why is this show not airing as often as it should be, and, (sniffle) has the series really ended?!?
  • This show is awesome!!! A high school student name Virgil Hawkins gets superpowers after he's been exposed to this purple gas.

    He has the power of electricity and can control it. His mother was a nurse that died in a gang shooting. He lives with his father and sister, Sharon. Virgil\'s best friend is Richie. Being his best friend, they hang out a lot together, and as a result, got powers too. When Virgil got exposed to the gas, it was still kind of around him and Richie got exposed to the gas around Virgil. Richie is like the smartest person every...well, maybe not ever, but he\'s super smart. At first, he\'s all sad about it because he wanted a cool power, not something stupid, but after a while, he gets into it. He makes all these cool gadgets he use when there\'s trouble and he made these awesome walkie-talkies for him and Virgil, when they\'re in their superhero costumes. By the way, Virgil\'s alias is Static, if you didn't already now, and Richie\'s is Gear. I love this show. How come they don\'t show it anymore? It was awesome becuase the season ended with Mr. Hawkins finding out about Virgil and Richie being Static and Gear. Sharon didn\'t find out because she was tried of bang babies, as they call them, because they destroyed her car and she had tons of insurance bills, and didn\'t want to hear another word about them. Soo, they didn\'t tell her. I wish they would bring the show back...with a new season!!! That would be so totally cool!!!!
  • Love it.

    This show (Static Shock ) Should be brought back on the air A S A P. Or as Virgil said in the very first episode where Virgil Hawkins first got his powers, "A Sap". In this show a teen lives a double life as Virgil Hawkins/ Static (Phil LaMarr) Accompanied by his trusted partner Richy Foley/ Gear. Together they fight evil villains who got exposed to the gas too. But Virgil Hawkins has to keep his family or friends to know his big secret. Especially his very suspecting sister, Sharon Hawkins. This t. v. show is a classic and should be renewed and returned.
  • A kid get superpowers from a chemical gas, like I havn\'t heard that before. But I can\'t help but watch it (before it was rudely cancled). It\'s just one of those additive things....

    I\'m sure you all know how the story goes, a kid accedently ends up with some kind of power. I think the way it happened was kinda dumb. The show was so stupid in a way that made it awesome. And it\'s not often you get to see a black superhero (even though I\'m white I think it\'s a nice change). For the most part the main characters live normal lives. So what makes this show and different than any other kids show about a bunch of \"freaks\". I really don\'t know. All I can say is that the show was simply awesome and highly addictive. LIKE CANDY!!!
  • Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutanic gas and takes on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation. He confronts real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such a

    This show was one of the best shows on WB Kids ever they really should bring this show back it was a positive show and it had lots of action. If they did bring it back they should do some episodes in the future when Static is grown up and in the new Justice League plus his powers are way better when he's older they show them in one of the JLU episodes. They should really strongly consider bringing this back im probably going to start a petition on and I hope some of u other Static fans will do the same or sign mine when I make it.
  • This is a great cartoon that had many issues teens face, and is fun to watch with super hero action and humor. Too bad it still doesn't run anymore (at least from what I see). Even better is that it finally shows a positive black person.

    Static Shock is a show about a black teen named Virgil Hawkins. After getting jumped by F-Stop and his gang after school, he reluctantly goes along with a gang that saves him, led by Wade. Wade's gang is about to fight F-Stop's gangs while the cops fire at the docks and hit a chemical full of gas which mutates people into metahumans (or they call bang babies).

    Virgil gets his electrical superpowers here but doesn't get effected too much because he tried to run away during the fight (he knew gangs were wrong but felt forced into going to this area by Wade).

    The thing I like the most about this show is that it shows black people in a good light for once. The main character, Virgil Hawkins is a charismatic and intelligent (clever and makes funny jokes) person. His father, Robert Hawkins is also an admirable person. He is a great father figure and helps out his family as much as he can after his wife died. I wish more shows like this would air; I see too many stereotypes of black people on television.

    It is just rare to see honorable, intelligent, and trustworthy black people on television; especially black fathers, who are usually missing when it comes to airing black people on television (Mainly with black athletes in which the only parent mentioned is the mother).
  • Static Shock is great!

    I loved this show and look for it in re-runs but I hope the network brings it back. The constant story of Viril Hawkins, teen=ager and Static Shock bring a great balance to the show. He is the Peter Parker/Spiderman of a new generation.
    I hope it comes back soon.


  • This show needs to come back.

    Its one of the best superhero cartoons of all time, but was sadly short lived. I think it could have held up another season or four. Seriously, it taught great lessons, was touching, funny, very interesting, and to top it off, entertaining. You can't describe many shows using those words.
  • Static shock was canceled early it's life, though I can't understand why becasue this show was very popular and if you walked down the street and asked someone who Static shock was they'd know.

    Static shock was caneled but with it's popularity how cna this happen?! plus no other station picked it up? weird, cartoon network still shows repeats and if they are still showing those repeats doesn't that mean it's getting decent ratings or good ratings..? and so why was it canceled, and not picked up by another station? Odd. But it was about a kid who gets these electric(static) powers by inhaling some Gas that wasn't supposed to be released but he fights evil and was one of the Meta Humans(people infected by gas) that was good, the show was a DCComic show and was part of the justice league universe he even ran into the batman and superman and whatnot during it's 52episode run.
  • A Great Superhero Cartoon!

    Static Shock was a great superhero cartoon, that should be brought back. They definatly could have had a great 5th season if they had gotten that toy deal. I hope that they bring it back, even though its unlikly since it has been off for over a year. It was a really great show, and if they had made a 5th season, I was hoping they would have Static and Gear meet the Teen Titans. That would have been cool, since in one episode, Batman said he would meet them one day. I hope that someday they bring Static Shock back.
  • I want the 5th season and most of them I want Static to meet Teen Titans!

    As I was saying, this is a very intresting cartoon.I wrote this review now because I'm in Thailand, the episode:'Shock to the System' aired in March 2005 and Season 3 aired in September. I really, really, really, really want to have the 5th season, 6th bseason is great. As Batman said in 'Hard as Nails', he said Static would meet the Titans. He was lying. I don't like batman to lie. I want at least 2 episodes when Static meets the Titans.
  • Static shock is about non-stop action with teenager virgil Hawkins, copes with his powers, his family, his teenage issues, and did I mention he is the first black teenage superhero, and a superhero he is through and through. This show will make you take

    Static shock, the worlds first black teenage superhero, and the only I might add, was, and is one of the best shows on tv today. Why it was cancel is beyond me. This show has everything, action, suspense, drama, comedy, heros, villans. BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!!! This show really did put a shock to the system.
  • This was one of the coolest shows on T.V. I think that it should be brought back To T.V.

    I seriously hope the they give a Revitalization to that show. When I checked the ratings one time I found out that It was the most watched show On cartoonnetwork during the week. That has got to mean something. He's like a black Spiderman. That show needs to be revamped. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  • Your average african american teenager is dealing with the regular issues of a teenager (bullies, school, girls, the usual) and finds himself getting involved in an event that would change his life forever, and even more so the lives of everyone in Dakota

    This is one of the only shows where the main hero is a black guy, at least that I know of in my generation so far. My other favorite black superhero is green lantern (justice league). But anyway, it does a good job of relating the show to common events and stuff in a teenagers life (except for getting powers). I am very surprised that they ended the show as early as they did, and continuing crap like xiaolin showdown.
  • Let's go back - to the good ol' time way when Super Heroes where just that - Super Heroes

    Static Shock was a great animated series about Virgil Hawkins and his shocking supernatural powers.

    I loved the show, and in fact it was for this show that I woke up early on Saturday mornings, grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat in front of the television watching each episode like I had gone back in time and become a kid again.

    The storylines were great, and I loved the fact that Static Shock was just a simple cartoon without all of the over-the-top action and violence. Most of the cartoons of the day are just too overrated and appear to be aimed more at teenagers or young adults rather than youngsters of elementary level.

    I'd love to see Static Shock back on television -it was a great show with what I thought was a promising future.
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