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  • Super zero Static Shock.

    This is so bad. I cannot believe that they aired this on Cartoon Network. It was a huge piece of crap and was not worth my watch time. Static controls electricity and his friend has the power to control machines and uses a jet pack. That is so lame. I would give it a zero, but i give it a one because i find the theme song sung by Lil Bow Wow (i think that is him) to be catchy.
  • This show is so lame.

    ANOTHER superhero show!? Come on! I KNOW Cartoon Network can do better than that! Wasn't Justice League enough??? Every time it came on I started channel surfing. Super hero shows are just so unoriginal. And the plot! A superhero that comes out of no where and can't tell anyone except his best friend? Oh, where have I heard THAT before? *Rolls eyes* I hope I NEVER have to see it again.
  • A gas explosion gives super powers to the most unstable segment of the population--teenagers.

    What would you do if you suddenly had super powers? If you had the strength to crush cars like soda cans or take out the trash just by looking at it? Well, if you're disaffected enough to join a gang and live in a TV show called Static Shock, you'd probably make up a silly name and start pushing normal people around. Unless you're Virgil Hawkins, who instead made up a silly name and flies around on a manhole cover trying stop everybody else with super powers. It was a show about growing up with super powers added to the normal problems of keeping your grades up and having to face bullies, and done better than a lot of its kind because it was so serious. But eventually they seemed to feel the need to glam it up, making Richie a super-genius and throwing in all kinds of guest stars from the Justice League cartoon to famous basketball players. When that happened it seemed desperate for attention to me. The show never fell far enough to jump the shark, but it was never the same.
  • Superb!!!

    Mean I never get tired of this show! no matter how many times i watch it, i can\'t seem to get enough of it. Even though i have seen soo ... many teen superheroes, static always stands out of them all. i don\'t know what of it gets me, i don\'t really like the theme song but even though i watch all the shows even when i don\'t like it. too bad it stopped showing. Hope they will show static again soon coz i really miss it and i am sure every static fan would want it to come back again.
  • Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins uses his electromagnetic superpowers to fight crime as a superhero.

    Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins uses his electromagnetic superpowers to fight crime as a superhero. Created by Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited), “Static Shock” is a fun animated series that lasted a course of four seasons. The character of Static is much similar to Spider-Man. He is a fourteen year old student who struggles in his daily responsibilities as a regular teenage boy and a super charged crime fighter. The episodes are certainly amusing and quite relatable. It often focuses on real life topics such as racism, gang violence, loss of a family member and more. The characters and dialogue is well developed. The animation and battle scenes looked very well. The animated series gained a solid viewing audience and earned several awards. Later seasons feature special episodes with strong morale messages and appearances of popular DC Comics’ heroes like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Justice League.
  • A great Cartoon, suprising for Kids WB.

    Static was a great cartoon about Virgil Hawking and his friend Ritchie who were superheroes. The concept was great, some kids get infected with a purple gas giving them super powers and also there was finaly a black superhero. Virgil "Static" and his electricity powers and Ritchie "Gear" and his gadgets. Bring it back!
  • This show is about a gorup of people living int he inner city that happen to be in the worng or wright place at htat time. they then end up gettign super powers and then the show takes off.

    this is a shockingly good show. When i first saw it on tv i didnt know what to think. i watched a few epissodes an ended up taking a likeing to the show. it makes you thing onceagain that you to could get super powers. One other great thing about this show is that it makes the super hero protect not only the big imprtatn parts of the world but the small parts of town that are often over looked. A good show overall and it dose what any good show should do and that is to entertaine.
  • A teenager, who is caught in an explosion is given electromagnetic powers

    If nothing else this show has an exelent villan Ebon, with shadow powers, though he is more crafty and devious than the hero his power can not match up to Statics. Though it has the alredy gone over theme of hiding ones identity it is also very continous, new charectors, when introduced stay and the main charectors devolop and change. Static even changes his costume in the series, and his best friend, a one time behind the scenes man ends up joining him as his partner it is not that funny but the conflicts between Virgel and his sister are good to watch.
  • Electrifying!

    This show is a great show and the creators should make a new season on cartoonnetwork. I loved to watch this show and love the reruns and if you have not seen this show watch what you can. The show is about a teenage boy named vergil hawkins who due to a gas explosion has electrity powers. And he has to use his powers to stop other people who got powers from the explosion! Bring it Back!
  • This show is shocking! LOL!

    This show is cool it\'s about a kid (Vergal) that gets banged with \"Bang Baby Gas\" and they get super powers and ability. Regie is Statics sidekick and with these two they kick butt!

    This show is another super hereo show. I think it will become a classic (atleast I\'ll remember it!) With all the super hereos coming and helping them out is trific!

    I like this show. It will go down and history (I\'m pretty sure).
  • This show was really good

    This show was a great show to wake up on Saturday mornings to. Almost every episode has a new villan and each one was great.

    The show had a great plot and I liked how static obtained his abilities. It was different then your normal super hero that just wakes up one day and can do something. he actually got it from the gas in the first episode. I also liked how later on they added richie as a character with super powers. He was one of my favorite characters and I think it was interesting how he became one.
  • They should put new episodes.

    Its the best show that was ever kids WB.
    But it should have hand to hand combat.
    But it has a good story big bang gas
    went around the city and if you smell
    you get powers and then Viril get powers
    and becomes static.Ten his friend gets
    and becomes Gear its a great to
    bad there is no more new episodes.

  • This was one of the better DC cartoons.

    I never would have thought that this show would be this good. It had good plots, interesting characters, excellent guest stars, and great fight scenes. This show also had a lot of great lessons about big problems in society, such as racism, gang violence, and guns in schools. I think this show also had good voice actors to boot. They were able to capture their character's feelings. I don't think this show had a real ending. The last episode of season four set us up for more episodes. I wish that this show would come back for one more season, so they could have a real ending. I also hope they will make a spin-off of this show. This was definitely one of the best DC Cartoons.
  • A show about an African-American superhero with electrical powers.

    I think its great that this show is made cause there is no show about a black superhero. Static Shock is one of the best shows on Kids WB. The villains are awesome and the plots are really thrilling. Also the show has amazing crossovers with Batman Gotham Knights, Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond. Young superhero with amazing allies like Rubberbandman, She-Bang and Anansi really made this show what it is. Also the show is the second longest African American animated show (Currently Little Bill is longest by six episodes). Static Shock U ROCK!!
  • WHY WHY WHY!!!!

    When this show first hit the airs, I had not interest in it. I never even cared to give it the time of day. And just on a whim, I caught an episode, and another, and another...heh, And I was hooked. The artwork and stories greatly improved over the seasons. As well as the action. And when they started having members from the JL on it, I was really impressed with the show. Grant it, the episodes that had the Backstreet Boys, Shaq, And the NFL all Star Team on it...I could have done without, but the originality of the story and charater creation was great. But like all good shows, it was snatched off the air WITHOUT any indication it was ending. The series ended with the belief that the next Season was going to ring in with a blast after it end with Hotstreak and Ebon fusing together. But after that.....NOTHING!!! Why in the hell do they keep canceling the good shows, whats even worse...not really ending the series...too stupid!!! Bring it back and end it right at least!!! But this show came a long way in my opinion, and it cold have gone further if WB was not run by idiots!! And this is JUST my opinion.
  • Static Shock is an excellant show I think they should bring it back.

    I love Static Shock its so cool and all of the episodes and sounds were good and I'm wondering why they cancelled a good show like this they should really bring this show back what do the fans got to say it was a good show with a good meaning.
  • This show got me into superheroes and when Saturday morning cartoons were worth watching

    Original in so many ways and a real treat to watch. I loved watching how the characters and plots developed and so many action sequences with very interesting villains. The main character Virgil/Static was sure funny and smart. He faces numerous foes and can use his power in so many ways. Not only that, but he is still in high school. This show got me interested in superheroes. For the longest time I didn't really care much for them.

  • Why did it have to go?

    Another one of my favorite shows from The Dc animated Universe, Staic shock is basically a spinoff of batman. This show is very original, A kid gets superpowers from an explosion. His best friend is the only one who knows plus a few other heroes. Later in the series his friend becomes a hero. I mean static has a very cool power, he can control electricity and he flys around on a metal disk. Some other heroes make an appearance like the justice league. i don't think that this how should have ended as soon as it did. I never even saw the last episode. I wish that they would hurry up and put this show on dvd. later...
  • Static Shock... A black, teenaged, shock inducing superhero from Detroit in the United States. A charming addition to the stable of superheroes in tights-themed shows.

    role model

    A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate.

    role model

    someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"

    Finally, a hero that children can truly look up to. With a past shaded in tragedy (the death of his mother), a classic superhero origin that provides the basis for every episode to follow, tieing in with the origins of nearly every member of his rogues gallery, Static Shock, by creator and greatest cartoon writer ever - Dwayne McDuffie (see Justice League Unlimited) showcases a teen hero for the new generation. A black kid with a nerdy white sidekick, zapping evil mutated teens with megavolts (when he's not grounded) and teaming up with the likes of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Future Batman, and the Justice League to take on some of the universe's most capable supervillains.

    My only complaint is that Static's powers too closely resemble those of fellow black superhero - Black Vulcan.

    But other than that slight nitpick, this is truly, a darn good toon.
  • I loved this show why'd they cancel it?

    I thought this show was so clever and they canceled it! This show and Teen Titans were my favorites on the cartoon network. I loved Virgil Hankins aka Static Shock as a character he was awesome. Witty and one of the only minority super hereos that also promote episodes about safety and kids being smart about things. Plus every time another hereo would crowwover in the show, I loved it. The Justice League and Batman and Robin. I wish this show could make a comeback at least for a few more seasons... it seems like it was canceled out of no where.
  • One of the greatest teenage superhero shows I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

    When "Static Shock" first premiered, I didn't like it because I thought it was boring...well, that was then, and this is now. I adore the show for everything it stands for--its unique plot, its cultural heritage, its action, everything. It's almost all you could ask for in a superhero show.

    This is also, I believe, the first original debut of an African-American superhero. Green Lantern, although he's African-American in the new Justice League episodes, was actually Caucaisan to begin with (when the show was back in the '60s). Now people aren't so racially biased--and this show is wonderful! It portrays African-American life, straight down to the roots of its culture, without doing any stereotyping--the main character is actually a nice guy with a good attitude and respect toward everyone--except his older sister, that is. Everyone else has wonderful character development, and the way that their superpowers were triggered (the incident with the "Big Bang" gas) was very original and interesting. The villains possess awesome powers, and there's never a dull moment.

    What I also like about this show is that, despite the fact that it's a superhero show, it portrays the aspects of modern life as we know it--problems with the family, losing ones we love, emotional stress, rejection, and so much more--there was even a special episode about guns, which I found very emotional and not at all like the propaganda commercials I used to watch way back when. The characters--even the villains--have bad problems in their lives that they all need to resolve, and because of that I find it easy to relate to the characters themselves. Overall, a wonderful show which I highly recommend to all superhero lovers out there.
  • Cool!

    Boy did I love this show! It's like Batman Beyond except it's its own story. I liked the purple gas concept as it played out in a majority of the episodes and how it affected them. The pilot was so awesome, proving that this was another series that would push the bar and add its own riveting moments. I still can't believe they cancelled both this and Batman Beyond after only 52 episodes! The animation was pretty good, music was cool, lots of cool guest stars, and some pretty good action.
    Static was also just your basic teenage hero. Starting out with a trash can lid for transportation, lots of quick wit, and getting used to his powers. Congrats to Phil LaMarr for bringing Virgil alive. Also liked the also talented Jason Marsden as Richie, Kevin Richardson as Mr. Hawkins, Danny Cooksey as Hotstreak, ah heck just about everyone in this awesome animated series.
  • Static Shock.

    Well written dialog and story.

    Awesome music

    Great characters what more do you need?

    Shock to your system!
  • Static Shock Music

    Someone knows the music of the Episode a League of their own 1? At min 02:20?
  • I love this show one of my favorite DC tv shows

    Pretty much we have a teenager named Virgil getting electric powers and becoming a hero called Static Shock there's also his best friend Richie it's a great and entertaining show not to mention well written and has a likable main character I recommend it Superman and other DC superheroes appearing in some episodes of this show is cool as well there was even an episode where Static ended up in the future and met the future Batman so cool this show is cool I love Static Shock

    This is an outrage!!! I have missed Static so long, but I did not know who or where to complain to. I really cannot take it, I am an absolute sucker for Static Shock and it is the absolute best show on Earth. I cannot remember the last time I have seen an episode, let alone a new one. I cannot understand why this blessing of a show is not on as often as Spongebob Squarepants, after all, that show is about a talking sponge! For those of you who do not know, Static Shock is about a meta-human named Virgil Hawkins who was at a big fight when a gas was released and he gained the ability to control static electricity. Most of the series is about Static dealing with the other bang babies or meta-humans and fighting against evil in Dakota City. This show had brought meaning into my pathetic, lifeless meaningless life, and it even taught me a lesson or two. Where has Static Shock gone, why is this show not airing as often as it should be, and, (sniffle) has the series really ended?!?
  • Love it.

    This show (Static Shock ) Should be brought back on the air A S A P. Or as Virgil said in the very first episode where Virgil Hawkins first got his powers, "A Sap". In this show a teen lives a double life as Virgil Hawkins/ Static (Phil LaMarr) Accompanied by his trusted partner Richy Foley/ Gear. Together they fight evil villains who got exposed to the gas too. But Virgil Hawkins has to keep his family or friends to know his big secret. Especially his very suspecting sister, Sharon Hawkins. This t. v. show is a classic and should be renewed and returned.
  • A kid get superpowers from a chemical gas, like I havn\'t heard that before. But I can\'t help but watch it (before it was rudely cancled). It\'s just one of those additive things....

    I\'m sure you all know how the story goes, a kid accedently ends up with some kind of power. I think the way it happened was kinda dumb. The show was so stupid in a way that made it awesome. And it\'s not often you get to see a black superhero (even though I\'m white I think it\'s a nice change). For the most part the main characters live normal lives. So what makes this show and different than any other kids show about a bunch of \"freaks\". I really don\'t know. All I can say is that the show was simply awesome and highly addictive. LIKE CANDY!!!
  • Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutanic gas and takes on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation. He confronts real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such a

    This show was one of the best shows on WB Kids ever they really should bring this show back it was a positive show and it had lots of action. If they did bring it back they should do some episodes in the future when Static is grown up and in the new Justice League plus his powers are way better when he's older they show them in one of the JLU episodes. They should really strongly consider bringing this back im probably going to start a petition on and I hope some of u other Static fans will do the same or sign mine when I make it.
  • This is a great cartoon that had many issues teens face, and is fun to watch with super hero action and humor. Too bad it still doesn't run anymore (at least from what I see). Even better is that it finally shows a positive black person.

    Static Shock is a show about a black teen named Virgil Hawkins. After getting jumped by F-Stop and his gang after school, he reluctantly goes along with a gang that saves him, led by Wade. Wade's gang is about to fight F-Stop's gangs while the cops fire at the docks and hit a chemical full of gas which mutates people into metahumans (or they call bang babies).

    Virgil gets his electrical superpowers here but doesn't get effected too much because he tried to run away during the fight (he knew gangs were wrong but felt forced into going to this area by Wade).

    The thing I like the most about this show is that it shows black people in a good light for once. The main character, Virgil Hawkins is a charismatic and intelligent (clever and makes funny jokes) person. His father, Robert Hawkins is also an admirable person. He is a great father figure and helps out his family as much as he can after his wife died. I wish more shows like this would air; I see too many stereotypes of black people on television.

    It is just rare to see honorable, intelligent, and trustworthy black people on television; especially black fathers, who are usually missing when it comes to airing black people on television (Mainly with black athletes in which the only parent mentioned is the mother).
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