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The WB (ended 2004)





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  • Please, Bring Back The First Season!!!

    Static Shock used to be one of my favorite TV shows. The first season was my favorite one. It had a lot o sweet action scenes. At the end of almost every episode, there was a moral. There were themes such as racism, family, discrimination, poverty and friendship. Brings tears to my eyes... Just kidding. But seriusly, it was a good show. Then came the next season. In the next season, there many crossovers with other shows like Justice League. Static the character had a new costume, new theme song, better animation and the show slightly changed. I mean the show put more emphasis on action than morals. The plots went from saving Dakota to saving the world. The show became too complicated, and the stories, were too bizarre. Static appreared on Justice League and Batman Beyond. In Season 1 there was an episode in which Static was fighting a Bang Baby(mutant) who was angry and lived in poverty. That episode was trying to teach you something. In the following seasons, a typical episode would be, Static trying to save the world from a super computer. The new seasons aren't bad, but I miss the original. Nowadays, the show has long since been canceled. I wish they would bring it back.