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  • Well done, well planned and well received by me.

    It just came out of nowhere when I was TV-surfing on Cartoon Network. Then Static showed up, and my evenings in Cartoon Network were never boring again (until they cancelled the show, that is).

    One of the biggest things that pulled me to this show is that it feels so real, because first of all, this show isn't set on the moon or a distant universe (that is to say, a fictional planet like Krypton.) The story is set in a city in Dakota, where most of the action is from the gas station (Static and Gear's HQ), the Hawkins' (Static and his family's) Household and within the city (where most of the blows are traded between Static and the baddies). Also, the everyday life for Static (or should I say Virgil Hawkins) is so well depicted (examples there are the arguments between Virgil and his sister or father, school life, bullies and grades). I could watch one of the episodes and can say "I can relate to that" every time I see Virgil's struggles while not being the superhero he is. But at the same time, the show manages to fuse the superhero elements with the environment at the same time, and that is a very huge feat. I can sometimes see that other shows are so caught up trying to force-feed the superhero twist into their show; they forgot to check the facts and made their universe a bit too unrealistic. Well not this show. In a nutshell, the show is able to balance between having a realistic setting while adding the superheroes into the story effortlessly. And that's a big plus. I am not saying that unrealistic environments and settings are going to be penalized. I'm saying that realistic settings can personalize the experiences of viewers; they can see themselves in Virgil's/other characters' shoes.

    Another reason that this I am a fan of the show is because of two of the characters. They are Static (Virgil) and his father Robert. They grew on me and I'll probably never forget them for a long time. The reasons why are listed here:

    Virgil Hawkins/Static: His wisecracks add comedy relief in battles against his enemies can put some light in the heat of a serious brawl. He is an example of a typical teen who is trying to overcome a death of a parent and the usual stresses of a 15-year-old.

    Robert Hawkins: His understanding personality is a trait that a lot of people yearn for. Think of all the people who are struggling with their psychological problems (eg. dealing with a death of a loved one, arguments within the family and so on). It would be different if those people hang around the Freeman Community Center, having Robert Hawkins giving them his attention. They will feel much better when they are being listened to. To me, Robert is a symbol of understanding.

    So whether you are channel surfing or on YouTube, and you bump into Static, grab your popcorn, sit on your most comfortable sofa, and lock your remote control in a safe until the show is over. Static is going to deliver, and he's not going to disappoint. This is a fact that will last as long as time itself. - Warrior of Zero
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