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The WB (ended 2004)





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  • Static Shock, check out re-runs on the Disney XD timeblock in February '09 on toondisney. It was an amazing show and set great examples for kids of yesterday and today.

    This was a great show and still can be once again if new viewers take a look at the re-runs airing on the new Disney XD timeblock on what is now toondisney in February '09. Check it out!! Who knows, it could be revived. It dealt with real-life issues and was one of the only animated action/comedy shows to showcase an African-American hero as the protagonist on television then, and since. Another great animated superhero television show was the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited which many would say represents the late '90's to '00's generation of kids and the producers of that show found Static Shock to be appropriate in its core values and morals for a crossover with their show. I'm just saying kids could use some better examples in animated superhero shows today, and a good place to start is in past shows.