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  • Bringing back this show would be quite nice - it was very nice.

    I did love Static Shock.
    Even now, as of maybe five or so years later since it's last episode's air date, I still like it (I still record every episode from Disney XD at 3PM EST).

    No matter my protests and such, the show was really great.
    Most of the episodes had morals (even though they were always kind of hidden in most episodes) & intrigue, which also kept viewer's on the edge of their seat waiting for Virgil/Static (and later on, Richie/Gear) to kick some majour bad-guy butt.

    Although, it did seem quite off to me that the show could even be considered to be Y7 still.
    Yes, I must admit that they really had to tone it done from the comics, but without it's very "comic-orgin" sense of style, the show just never got me going like the Static comics did.
    But it still had lead evidence from it's true comic origins, but the I still don't like that fact that they opened the show to a Y7 audience, giving the fact that it included problems such as gang violence(s), riots, bullying, and other sets of more-than-Y7-ratings, if you know what I mean.

    Alas, overall, and as you know, the Static Shock show could never possibly relate in heavy regard to the comics - seeing as they'd run into Copyright issues & such, even with permission from the creator(s), but I still miss (first off, the good ol' Richard "Rich" Stone - although Richard "Richie" Foley has always been a blast too) the good comic-twist that always left us camping out at our local comics stores waiting for the new issue to arrive at midnight - or was that just me? c:
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