Static Shock

Season 3 Episode 10

Romeo in the Mix

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Apr 19, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • At one point during the episode, after Leech begins his attack, Gear is literally seen soon after eating with his helmet on, how can Gear eat straight through his helmet?

    • Leech absorbed Static's powers. However, later when Static and Romeo are left trapped, Static sees a powerline and tries to recharge. How can he recharge if Leech has his powers? (Reply: Static states that he's gaining his power back, little by little. He should be able to recharge.)

    • When Leech grabs Static for his final drain, he doesn't have Talon's wings, although directly before and after, he does.

    • A correction to an earlier goof says that Bernie is not blaming Beast Boy for the abduction of Romeo, but instead is trying to get help from him. Can't he just ask whoever is on the phone with him?

    • When Lil' Romeo and Static defeat Leech, he loses all his powers and Talon's wings. However, when they come out, Gear said they are a lot easier to catch when they lost their powers. Why shoudn't they get their powers back? If they lost their powers, why shouldn't Static? (Reply: Static even says that his power is slowly returning. By the same token, Talon, Hotstreak and Ebon would recover their powers slowly, and Gear just caught them before it happened.)

    • Why couldn't Lil' Romeo charge Static up just a little bit?

    • In the midst of the confusion after Leech kidnapped Lil' Romeo, Static, waiting for his part in the video shoot, says "Nobody cued me!" But in the closed-captioning, the line reads "Nobody killed me!"

    • Ebon still has his purple/black "shadow skin" even though he lost his powers, but Talon loses her wings when she loses hers.

    • Whenever Leech uses someone's powers, he grows some recognizable characteristic linked to their powers(shadowskin, wings). Static's dreads and Hotstreak's hair aren't connected to their powers in any way. (Reply: It'll be hard to find a physical attribute to a pyro/electrokinetic.)

    • Ebon and Leech look entirely different, even with the skin change that happens every time Leech used Ebon's powers, so why did Talon mistake them? We know that Hotstreak didn't even look, but Talon got in a very good look before he zapped her.

    • When Gear was at the snack table, he picked up something and ate it without lifting the glass/plastic covering that surrounded his whole face.

    • Leech says that he'll drain "all of you Bang Babies." What, is he not a Bang Baby himself? You'd think that someone would have heard of him before if he wasn't.

    • When Leech grabs Static in the roller coaster tunnel, a close-up shows him using Talon's feathers to grab Static. In the scene directly before and directly after, though, he is using Ebon's shadow-skin.

    • Rast tells the police that he thinks that Leech was Beast Boy (in a roundabout way), but Leech is a good two feet taller than Beast Boy. If Rast has seen Beast Boy on the news, he'd know that, and the fact that Beast Boy and Leech have entirely different powers. (Reply: Rast was actually trying to call for help and tried to get Beast Boy when Robin was unavailable.)

  • Quotes

    • Static: (about Romeo's limo) Sweet ride.
      Gear: Bet it's got its own zip code.

    • (As Leech has Gear pinned down)
      Leech: I'd steal your powers too, but yours seem like the kind I can buy at Radio Shack.

    • Hotstreak: So, uh, while you're waiting, think I could have your autograph? (Romeo scoffs) Hey, it's for my sister, ok?

    • Romeo: Back off! Mess with me, and you'll have to mess with my posse.
      Leech: Do you really think I'm afraid of some street gang?
      Romeo: Street gang? Dog, I'm talking about my lawyers.

  • Notes

    • Do not be confused by the clues that Teen Titans is in the DCAU, just because of the numerous references. There is also evidence that this is not the case.

    • With two more references to Teen Titans, it shows that Bruce Timm and Paul Dini thought that Teen Titans was going to be a part of the "DC Animated Universe."

    • There was two more Teen Titans references in this episode, which were both made by Bernie. The first is when he calls Gear "Gizmo," and the second is when he tells the police officer on the phone that the abductor was "the kid from the Titans. The green one." He was trying to get Beast Boy's help after he tried to get Robin, who wasn't available.

  • Allusions

    • Leech says that Gear's powers are the kind he could buy at Radio Shack. Radio Shack is a popular electronics store that sells all kinds of devices.

    • n/a: Parasite
      Leech seems to be a carbon copy of Parasite from Superman: TAS, right down to the fact that his power drains eventually wear off. Leech is also the name of a Marvel comics character with similar powers.

    • Bernie: Hey, Gizmo.
      Gizmo's the little brat with the weapon-filled backpack from Teen Titans.

    • Bernie: Yeah, the green one.
      "The green one" probably refers to Beastboy from Teen Titans. He got sick with a deadly ailment when he was living in South Ameria because him and his father tested a evolution type device on him to cure his son. After leaving as a green monkey, he changed his son back to normal, but side effects were Beast Boy's powers and green skin.