Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 24, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In "Attack of the Living Brain Puppets," Madelyn was wearing a sweater and a skirt through the entire episode. In the flashbacks seen here, she's wearing an entirely different outfit.

    • After Madelyn finds out she has telekinesis, her turtleneck switched from pink to blue.

    • Talon seems to be one of the smarter characters, so why does she expect Hotstreak to even have five bucks, considering they just got out of jail?

    • Static's given Ebon headshots that are far more powerful than the one that he gave Spaulding, but that hasn't seemed to affect Ebon's powers at all. However, Spaulding gets a major overhaul from a little zap. (Reply: All the head-zapping Static gave Ebon didn't affect his powers because his aren't telekinetic like Madelyn's.)

    • The last time we saw Ebon in jail, he had special restraints on to keep him from phasing through the walls. This time? Zilch. And people call it the Metahuman menace, more like the very inept cop menace. (Reply: It looks like the police had gotten more advanced technology with what looked like forcefields. As long as they were in place, the special restraints weren't needed once Ebon was taken inside the cell. Notice they were needed as he was being transported at the end of the episode.) (Reply: But those force fields didn't stop Hotstreak from using his powers. Even if he couldn't use his powers on the fields, couldn't Ebon have used them on the walls to escape?)

    • Talon says in "The Breed" that she hates Metahumans that aren't deformed from the Big Bang, but she's more than willing to work with Hotstreak and Spaulding. Granted, the fact that she's broken that philosophy before with Shiv and Kangor, it's not that hard to believe, but still . . . (Reply: Talon probably just meant that she hates Bang Babies whom she feels think they're better than her because they aren't deformed.)

    • Why would Gear and Static be surprised when Shebang was distributing her calling cards to the reporters? Gear himself did the same thing to the police officers when he first came upon the crime fighting scene in "The Usual Suspect." And it seemed like the reporters didn't know Shebang, despite the fact she had already gotten the spotlight in the episode "Shebang." (Reply: They knew she was shy around people, and didn't learn until later that she was only pretending to protect her identity.)

  • Quotes

    • Static: I'm picking up a police radio call. There's a riot at the Bogus Truth concert.
      Gear: They must've played something in tune! (laughs) That could get ugly!

    • Static: Shebang? What are you doing here?
      Shebang: Uh, saving your behind?

    • Static: (to Gear) I thought you said that couldn't happen in real life!
      Shebang: If you two don't pay attention, real life's gonna be over real soon!

    • Madelyn: Give me some space, ok?
      Ebon: Seems to me you got plenty of that between your ears.

    • Virgil: Bad enough Shebang keeps butting in when we're on patrol, but Shenice won't let us alone neither.
      Richie: You're telling me. She was so busy describing the new curtains for the gas station, she followed me right into the boys' restroom. She thought that could use new curtains, too.

    • Shenice: And the best part is, I don't have to pretend I'm shy anymore. I can be myself.
      Richie: (to Virgil) There's a scary thought.

  • Notes

    • This marks the second time Static's powers have mixed with another Metahumans and altered them. (The first was in "Replay").

    • Excluding Kangor and Shiv (not present in this episode), the group Madelyn frees are the same Meta-Breed members recruited by the Joker in "The Big Leagues."

    • Final appearance of Madelyn and Shebang.

    • This episode seems to take place shortly after "Romeo in the Mix," as that is the only time after Shebang's first appearence that Talon, Hotstreak and Ebon would all be in jail at the same time.

    • There's a Justice League reference and a "Soul Power" reference in this episode. The Watchtower was on a poster outside of the comic book store, and Soul Power was on the back of a comic book that Virgil had.

    • Madelyn returns from "Attack of the Living Brain Puppets." She has different powers this time, which is telekinesis.

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