Static Shock

Season 3 Episode 3

Static in Africa

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 08, 2003 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Static in Africa

Virgil and his family take a trip to Ghana. While there, Static helps a local super hero stop a villain from stealing an ancient cultural treasure.

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  • Cool! Awesome! Freaky! Outstanding!

    I believe the person who wrote this episode, has probably a lot of intel on the Ashanti culter or mythology (aka fairy tales). He has the intelligance of a very fine author, and I can't wait to see more of him. The African people, it shows in Virgal's opinion, have been down trodden and persecuted for various reasons, just for being African (black). I personally do not think that this is right, by no means. I might have issues with African-American, but it is no different than the issues I have with whites. They have only been persecuted because of a issues (I have) called Racism. I think it is absurd to call somebody wierd, stupid, unintelligent, bad, mean, just because they are black. Thank You and God Bless!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • No one turns around to see Virgil shocking the train? You'd think someone heard the crackle and turned around to see it.

    • When Static is first tring to reach Richie then shocks his Shock Vox it has no black stripes on it

    • Static complains that there are no black superheroes in America. Has he forgotten about John Stewart, the Green Lantern? (Reply: John Stewart is also the only black superhero he knows about (aside from himself and Anansi) at this point. It's just a figure of speech.)

    • Anansi's eyes flash blue for a moment after he leaves from preventing the train crash.

    • When Osebo attacks Anansi, he scratches Anansi's stomach. However, when Anansi turns around after Osebo falls off the train, there is no scratch.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Virgil: I just wanna see the tigers.
      Robert: There aren't any...
      Virgil: ...Tigers in Africa. I know. I just said it to get your goat. Are there any goats?

    • Sharon: I'm gonna miss Africa.
      Virgil: Why? You're bringing most of it home with you.

    • Virgil: Who are you?
      Anansi: I am the spider.
      Virgil: Hit him with a web blast!
      Anansi: I am not that kind of spider.

    • (Anansi stands on Static's flying disk upside-down)
      Static: I still don't get how you can stand upside down.
      Anansi: Stick-to-it-tiveness.

    • (Osebo rips through the top of the train)
      Virgil: This was not in the brochures.

    • Virgil: I can't feel anything after the 23 shots I had to get.
      Sharon: You took them all in your arm?
      Virgil: You know where they wanted me to take 'em?

    • Robert: (to Sharon) Aw, honey, you look so beautiful. Like an Ashanti Princess. Your mother would be so proud.
      Virgil: Yeah. You look so African, maybe we should leave you here.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Richie mentions that he is of Irish descent, on his father's side.

    • This is the first part of this episode, it will later be resolved in "Out of Africa."

    • Anansi's costume is one of three references to Stevedore J. Perkins, a former hero from the comics named the Scarlet Scarab. Anansi wears the exact costume that the Scarlet Scarab wore in the comics, and acts quite the same. The only difference is that Anansi has illusion powers, while Scarlet Scarab had a dog companion.

    • The title is a possible homage to Shaft in Africa.

    • Both Carl Lumbly and Michael Jai White have portrayed superheros. Carl Lumbly played a crippled man with a body suit, allowing himself to stand and walk on M.A.N.T.I.S. And Michael Jai White played Al Simmons/Spawn in Spawn.

    • Roscoe Lee Brown is best know for his voice as the Kingpin on the Fox Kids' Spider-Man cartoon and as recurring characters on Batman: TAS.

    • Carl Lumbly is also the voice of the Martian Manhunter in Justice League. Phil LaMarr (Static) is the voice of the Green Lantern in the show.


    • Anansi: I am the spider.
      Anansi is the trickster in Ashanti lore. He has tricked both humans and animals in many stories. Anansi in the Ashanti language translates simply to "the spider".

    • Virgil: Hit him with a web blast!
      When Anansi first appears, Virgil poses his hand in Spider-Man's traditional web shooter pose. Anansi quickly remarks that he "is not that kind of spider."