Static Shock

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 02, 2002 on The WB
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A rise in sunspot activity causes Static's powers to fluctuate wildly. This causes trouble for his personal and super hero life, especially when Hotstreak gets out on parole.

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  • Sunspots

    I love how uneasy Static is with his powers in this one. There's only so much episodes which deal with him having trouble with his powers. I'm glad to see this happen.

    We usually see the Real Life kind of problems of superheroes. Virgil has trouble with his normal friends, etc. etc.
  • Hilariously Great!

    This episode was kinda funny. Virgil losing control over his powers because of the sunspots, and it was cool to see him soo powerful. Poor Richie, wonder if that Hi-Five with Virgil shook him much. Not to mention haha... when Virgil lost control of his powers and ended up in a desert then he had to hitch a ride on an aeroplane and sky dive down to Dakota. It was scary when Hotstreak found out that Static had no powers and chased him. Luckily Static thought of the idea of getting the energy from the large fan. And striking the water tank above Hotstreak so that Hotstreak would lose his powers.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Static starts draining the fan's electricity, a long shot shows him wearing his goggles, although they were dropped in an earlier scene.

    • In the science classroom, the orange haired kid looks exactly like Jimmy (from the episode Jimmy), only Jimmy has brown hair.

    • When Richie and Virgil are in front of the school when Hotstreak arrives, they keep switching positions. First, they're basically right beside each other. Then, in a close-up, they're much closer together, and Richie is about a step ahead of Virgil. After a shot of Hotstreak, they're pretty much on opposite sides of the door. When he comes up to them, they're a few feet apart and Richie takes a few steps back. A moment later, they're again right up on each other with Richie a step ahead of Virgil!

    • Sharon is seen in Virgil's class when his powers go berserk, but it has already been established that she is far older than him, and it is revealed in the next episode that she is in college.

    • In the first scene in the classroom, Virgil's pants are tan instead of their usual red.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Virgil: I've gotta get rid of some of this electricity.
      Richie: Either that, or become your own public utility!

    • Richie: (about Hotstreak) I'd get a refund on that anger management class if I were him.

    • Daisy: (on the phone) Virgil? I can barely hear you. I think I'm having a problem with static.
      Virgil: So am I, Daisy. So am I.

    • Richie: Any way I can talk you out of this?
      Static: Can't think of one. Maybe it'll come to me later.
      Richie: Didn't you say something about having your own life again, about getting used to it?
      Static: I guess that's just not enough for me.
      Richie: I was right. He loves being a hero.

    • Static: You ok, sir?
      Driver: You almost threw me into orbit! I was scared to death.
      Static: I'm sorry, but something's happened to my powers. They're way stronger than they used to be.
      Driver: That so? Well, can you drop me off at 44th and 3rd?
      Static: Didn't you just say you were scared to death?
      Driver: Yeah. But the traffic in this town is even scarier.

  • NOTES (2)