Static Shock

Season 2 Episode 1

The Big Leagues

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 26, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The Big Leagues

The Joker comes to Dakota, recruiting Boom Babies to form a new gang. Batman and Robin show up following his trail and work together with Static to stop him.

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  • Crossover!


    Joker?! Batman?! ROBIN?!?!?!?!?! I love itttt!!!!

    It keeps it real with all the personas of Batman/Robin, even cuts in some new jokes!!!!
  • Static VS The Joker! I love it!

    This episode is the first Batman-Static crossover, which includes Joker coming to Dakota, for some reason, and teaming up with all of Static's enemies to take down Batman. This episode was great for the most part, even though Batman kept condescending Virgil and Static wasn't worth capturing to the Joker. But that fight scene was really funny. After Static whipped all his enemies butts (as usual), he (with some minar help from Batman) kicked Joker's ass, by shocking him to the system! Anyway, prettty good episode. Also, we get a new Romin voice in this episode, which is not that bad.moreless
  • The first Static/DCAU Crossover

    As a huge fan of all the DCAU shows I only watched this episode of "Static Shock" because it featured Batman. And I'm glad I did. Not only does Batman appear but he brought Robin with him and the villain of the episode is none other than The Joker!

    But to be fair, Static is a great character too and his humor worked surprisingly well alongside the moody Batman. This ep also sets up future team ups between Static and Bats as well as other heroes from DCAU. Although the storyline wasn't particularly great the dialogue was and that made up for it.

    As you can guess the heroes stopped The Joker's evil plans just in time and the day was saved. Great voice work (as usual) from Phil LaMarr, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Look out for Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock in a short, dialogue-less cameo at the end.moreless
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill


Guest Star

Chick Vennera

Chick Vennera


Guest Star

Eli Marienthal

Eli Marienthal

Robin/Tim Drake

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


Recurring Role

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy


Recurring Role

Tia Texada

Tia Texada


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Throughout the entire episode, Kangor is treated like we have all seen him before, but, by airing order, we haven't.

    • When Ferret catches Static's scent while terrorizing the produce market, he smells first his cologne, then his toothpaste/breath and finally 'a hint of ionized oxygen.' Call me crazy, but isn't ionized oxygen a bit more attention-grabbing than minty fresh breath? (Reply: That's sort of the joke. That was the first thing he noticed, but he put it last for the sake of comedy.)

    • Hyde is mentioned in this episode. This makes sense by production order, but this episode was actually aired before "Static Shaq," so we aren't supposed to know about Hyde yet.

    • Talon's eyelids are black in this episode. However, they are orange in all of the other episodes. It's not makeup either, as that would be a real pain to put on feathers. What gives?

    • Talon's sonic shriek is animated as a set of transparent ripples in this episode. For the rest of the series, it is shown with a white tint to it.

    • When the fire truck is on the way to the bank, the traffic light goes from red to yellow to green.

    • The Joker removed Batman and Robin's utility belts after he and the metahumans captured them. But in the scene where they're chained and hanging by their wrists, it alternates between the two with their belts on, then off, and even one clip that has Batman with his belt on and Robin without.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Hotstreak: Yo, Bigfoot! You almost hit me!
      Kangorr: Maybe next time, you'll move.
      Hotstreak: Maybe next time, I'll broil me some kangaroo meat!

    • Joker: The heat is on, gang! (sounds the fire trucks horn)
      Shiv: (laughs) "Heat is on!" Oh, this guy kills me!
      Kangorr: Only if you don't do what he says.

    • (Joker zapped Static, and it didn't do anything)
      Static: That was fun. Now let me try.(He zaps the Joker into unconsciousness)
      Batman: Nicely done.

    • Static: (annoyed) Static's big Batman adventure - standing by the door!

    • Robin: Er ... Bruce, there's something you should see.
      Batman: (sees an electric bat in the sky) I guess we should be thankful he (Static) didn't use a loudspeaker.

    • Batman: What took you so long?
      Static: Hey, I'm here, aren't I?

    • Static: Well, now, we got to find them. Joker just grabbed Batman and Robin.
      Richie: Oh, no! How did you get away?
      Static: I didn't get away! They trapped me in a tunnel! I wasn't even worth capturing!
      Richie: However, they did manage to mortally wound your ego.

    • Ferret: Kangor! Hotshot!
      Hotstreak: HotSTREAK, jerk!

    • Richie: You eating? (Virgil shakes his head) Good. More for me. (Laughs sinister-like)

    • Virgil: It doesn't make sense. Why would anyone help Ferret? And what made those balloons explode?
      Richie: I don't know. Too much hot air?

    • Talon: Too bad it has to end this way, Robin. You and I are birds of a feather.
      Robin: I can't tell you how many times I've heard that joke.

    • (After denying the invitation to join up with Joker)
      Kangor: Don't be stupid, mon!
      Shiv: Oh, yeah, this is the big leagues!
      Ferrett: I don't care. This guy is totally creeping me out!

    • (As Ferret pelts him with vegetables)
      Static: Whoa! I'm being jacked by produce!

    • (After Joker sprays Ferret with laughing gas, and Ferret starts laughing uncontrollably)
      Talon: What's happening to him?
      Joker: I'm seeing to it that he leaves us on a happy note.

    • (Static sees Joker and the rest of the meta-humans robbing a bank dressed as firemen)
      Static: Looks like the fire department better rethink its hiring policy.

    • Hotstreak: Loud noises get on my nerves.
      Kangor: Everything gets on your nerves, man.
      Hotstreak: Hey, I've got issues!

  • NOTES (11)

    • Batman and Robin are featured prominently in this episode. Their character designs are that of the Gotham Knights incarnation of the series. The Batwing (Batman's plane) is of the Batman: The Animated Series design. This is peculiar as the WB was forced to change all character and equipment designs when they moved Batman from Fox to the WB.

    • This episode was nominated for a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television Animation.

    • Mark Hamill once again provides the voice of The Joker, which he also provided for in Batman: The Animated Series.

    • Eli Marienthal will again voice Robin in "Future Shock" and again in the DTV film Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.

    • Robin's hair is spikier, his voice sounds older, and his cape is longer than in TNBA.

    • Tim Drake/Robin makes his first appearance after Batman: Gotham Knights ended aside from his appearance in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, which is set further in the timeline. He is now voiced by Eli Marienthal instead of Matthew Valencia, who played him prior to this episode.

    • Hyde is mentioned for the first time (by airing order) in this episode.

    • Batman's design for this episode portrays him being much more muscular than in his previous series, Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Gotham Knights. For his next appearance, Hard as Nails, his design is more inline with his Gotham Knights/Justice League appearance.

    • Commisioner Gordon and Detective Bullock were briefly shown at the end, but were not given any lines.

    • This episode marks a Static Shock season tradition. In every season (with the exception of the first season) Static teams up with a DC Universe Hero. The Heroes: Batman and Robin.

    • Batman and Robin are not the first DC heroes to bump into Static. In the comics - Superman, Superboy and Steel meet him in the "Worlds Collide" issues back in 1995.


    • Static: Engage autopilot! Find Batman and ... Robin!
      When Static flies the Batplane, he speaks in a "halting" manner similar to William Shatner's Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek.