Static Shock

Season 1 Episode 5

They're Playing My Song

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 11, 2000 on The WB
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An elastic powered Boom Baby calling himself Rubberband Man goes after a crooked record producer who stole his music.

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    Kadeem Hardison

    Kadeem Hardison

    Adam Evans / Rubberband Man

    Guest Star

    Terrance Trent D'Arby

    Terrance Trent D'Arby

    DJ Rock

    Guest Star

    David Faustino

    David Faustino


    Guest Star

    Maria Canals

    Maria Canals

    Shelly Sandoval

    Recurring Role

    Danica McKellar

    Danica McKellar


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When one of DJ Rock's goons comes at Static with an aluminum baseball bat, Static would not be able to use his electromagnetic powers on it because aluminum has no magnetic properties. Only iron, nickel, and cobalt are magnetic, and therefore only items with substantial amounts of any of those three metals could someone with electromagnetic abilities be able to control. (Reply: All materials are affected in someway by electric and electromagnetic energy. Iron, nickel, and cobalt are just the most noticeable. A substantial amount of electric energy (not necessarily just magnetic) would be able to be able to manipulate the aluminum bat. However, it wouldn't be as effective and I wonder why Static didn't just aim the blasts at their bodies or use it to throw them around like he usually does.)
        (Re-reply: To answer your wondering, Static is still human. If I saw a guy coming at me with a baseball bat, my first thought would be to disarm him.)

      • When Richie and Virgil see Rubberband Man chasing the limo and Virgil grabs his clothes to turn into Static, he pulls his white shirt out of his bag first. The goof: We've seen before that he wears that shirt under his other shirt, so he'd have no need to carry a second one.

      • When Rubberband Man goes to the studio in the beginning of the episode, he looks at Ice Pack's poster and gets his name and picture off of it. Two problems: 1) How can he read Ice Pack's name, since we later learn that he is dyslexic, and 2) How does he find Mr. Pack with that information? (Reply: Rubberband Man doesn't need to read to see Ice Pack's face, and he could've gotten the name and his present location from the guy he was threatening.)

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    • NOTES (6)

      • This episode along with "Shock To The System", "Aftershock", "The Breed", "Grounded" and "The New Kid" was released on DVD as Static Shock: The New Kid.

      • Rubberband Man's motives(payback at a record studio for stealing his music) was the motive of comic character and ex-rapper Boom-Box, who showed up later in the cartoon.

      • Rubberband Man showed up in the comics, where he was a big-shot fighter that wanted to beat Static up on live TV. Static got him to let loose with language, and the former gloryhound lost his reputation, leaving him a broken man. He was nowhere near as versatile as he is here, though.

      • This marks the first appearance of the Gas Station of Solitude. Richie finds it and shows it to Virgil.

      • Virgil's middle name is Ovid. Virgil and Ovid were both rather renowned Roman poets and authors who contributed to the Latinization of the Greek gods. We also learn that Virgil hates his middle name.

      • First appearance of Rubberband Man, who becomes a "semi-regular" character as the series progresses.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Static mentions the ancient japanese art of misdirection, and calls it "Kalarini". The correct word is "Kawarimi" (body switch/body substitution).

      • Static: Is that your final answer?
        Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? was the hit British game show. It's later played as a US game in which Regis Philbin, the host, asks this before any player answers a question.