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  • Season 4 Episode 13: Power Outage

  • Goof: When Virgil and Richie are outside of school between classes, the latter's backpack is colored green. However, towards the end of the scene after they speak to Frieda and Daisy, his bag is colored black.

  • Goof: Gear says he'll make a "cure for the cure." Isn't that the gas itself?

  • Reply to first one: Ebon did have the power of shadow control, but when he had his powers, he could stretch like that, and he still could because his powers were't completely gone.

  • Ebon didn't have the power of elasticity, but instead the power of shadow control. After he lost the shadow-skin, he shouldn't have been able to grab Teresa from across the room.

  • When Tamara first appeared, she hated being a Bang Baby. So, why was she trying to get her powers back?

  • If everyone is losing their powers, why is Tamara in her Monster form? Shouldn't she be stuck in her human form?

  • Whenever Tamara/Monster makes any vocal noise, you can clearly tell that it's just a guy doing the voice, even though Tamara was voiced by both a guy and a girl for the monster form (the two-tone voice).

  • When Static and Gear go to fly, Gear says, "As long as we stay in the air ..." However, Gear's flight is just a product of his boots, presumably something he builds wouldn't disappear when his powers do. (Reply: True, but his flight capabilities will. Without his super-brain, he has a far shorter attention span and concentration level.)

  • Technically, Kangor's boots shouldn't have shrunk, too. They should've slipped off, as they are custom made. (Reply: Aquamaria was wearing a bathing suit when she got un-mutated, despite the fact that she was naked while she was a Bang Baby, so it stands to reason that Kangor's boots may have also been mutated by the meta-gas.)

  • When Ebon turned on the moniters, he had a shadow hand. However, he was already human then.

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Kidnapped

  • How does Gear expect to find Static using a tracer that, according to most of the series, only Static can trace? (Reply: It would be assumed that once Richie became super smart and became Gear, he would make it so he could track the trackers as well.)

  • Reply to above goof: It's most likely because Carmendillo wasn't in control of what he was doing that he was willing to answer to Static's interrogation.

  • Omnara's being hooked into the world's computers will not give her telekinetic powers, despite what happens in the episode.

  • Puff couldn't have come up with a more subtle way to be found instead of blowing giant fireballs into the air? Not to mention the fact that she risked blowing herself sky-high doing it.

  • Carmendillo can smash through stuff like shelves & walls with his hard shell, so how could Static interrogate him by dribbling him like a basketball?

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Wet and Wild

  • Aquamaria says that she can't move, but her lips, in fact, do move.

  • The Bang Baby antidote was in the water with Static & Gear, so shouldn't it have affected them too? (Reply: No. It only affected Aquamaria because she was made of water, which allowed her to absorb the cure. Since Static and Gear are solid life-forms, it wouldn't affect them.)

  • When Hotstreak runs away from the lab, the grate he pulls back over the vent is sitting by the vent at the same time!

  • Aquamaria claims that she can't become solid after the experimant went wrong, but she is later seen interacting with humans and other heavy objects that would require her solidifying if she wants to do more than splash all over them.

  • Even though he knows that water is his Achilles' heel, Hotstreak still treats Aquamaria like crap. Don't think he forgot either, because he was really afraid of her at various points of the episode.

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