Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 9

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 27, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Adam takes Sharon out on a date, while Virgil and Richie play Adam's Game Station 2. At the restaurant, Adam can't read their menu. The words are all jumbled around, meaning that he has dyslexia. Meanwhile, a creature breaks into Edwin Alva's labs. It gets past security with no trouble, and comes face to face with Alva. The creature introduces itself as Tarmack, the "living chunk of the biggest, baddest road you'll even drive on." Its come to the labs to steal a fusion engine Alva has. Back at the date, a news report on a nearby TV shows up, explaining what's happening at Alva's labs. Adam turns into Rubberband Man, and rushes over to the labs to stop the creature. Soon after RB Man arrives, Static and Gear show up to help. Tarmack takes the fusion engine, and proceeds to run out the lab. Alva tells RB Man to press "override" on the computer to lock up every door so that Tarmack can't escape. Because of his dyslexia, RB Man can't tell the difference from what all the buttons say. Static chases Tarmack down the corridors, and Gear, running out of patience, presses the "override" button. Tarmack just slips out of Static's grasp. Alva gets angry at RB Man, explaining that his hesitation made the villain get away with his fusion engine. Tarmack brings the engine to Specs and Trapper's lab. In return, Tarmack receives some money. Back with Static, Alva explains to them that the fusion engine generates power, which is enough to wipe out the city. Alva explains to the superheroes that he also has a shutdown sequence for the engine. RB Man takes the instructions for the sequence, and all three of them set out to retrieve the engine.

Specs and Trapper plan to use the fusion engine as their master plan to destroy sections of the city, derail trains, crack airport runways, etc. Their plan is called the "disaster matrix". Later, RB Man eventually tells Static that he's dyslexic, and it's a learning disability. Static encourages RB Man to seek help for it, and he knows he can overcome the dyslexia. Tarmack soon arrives at a bar, where Carmen Dillo shows up and tells him that Alva is giving one million dollars reward money to whoever returns the fusion engine back to the labs. Tarmack gets angry because he just got a little amount from Specs and Trapper. He goes back to where Specs and Trapper are, demanding more money. The two decide don't need Tarmack anymore. They use the tools they built to trap and try to destroy the creature. Specs accidentally shoots the fusion engine, while trying to get Tarmack. Meanwhile, Static, Gear, and RB Man continue to search around the city. RB Man decides to look into an old abandoned building, but can't read the sign right next to it, stating its "condemned and dangerous". Turns out that the secret lab is right under the abandoned building, and because the fusion engine got damaged, everything goes out of whack, causing the building to collapse. Static helps RB Man get out just in time. They then find the secret lab, and Static disables Specs and Trappers' gadgets. Tarmack runs out with the fusion engine in hand. Rubberband Man goes after him, turns into a rubber ball, and rams Tarmack off of a bridge and splashing into the water. RB Man takes out the instructions he got earlier from Alva to stop the fusion engine from going off. He has trouble reading it again, but puts the words on his arm, stretching it out so he can maybe read better. Struggling, he finally gets to the last instruction in time, shutting off the engine with one second remaining.

A small segment at the end shows Static and RB Man explaining the problems dyslexia causes, and that a large part of America is affected by it. They also say that if you have trouble reading, you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help by either a teacher or parent.