Static Shock

Season 4 Episode 9

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 27, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Static pursues Tarmac as Alva's security doors seal all the exits, he's stopped by one of the heavy steel doors, denting it in the process. Unless his superpowers includes super strength, it's very unlikely he would have dented it simply by flying into it.

    • If Rubberband Man has been plagued with dyslexia for so long, how is it possible for him to write and read his own lyrics? Being able to read should be a requirement for any musician/singer. Also, we've seen him read fan mail in previous episodes. (Reply: Reading is not exactly necessary for musicians. Some can't read the notes they're playing because they just play by ear/memory. It's safe to say that RB Man memorizes/records what he makes up, or if he needs to write it down in a way he can understand it.)

    • When Tarmac stuck Carmen Dillo to the ceiling fan it should've been brought down from the resulting weight. Even if it weren't, there was no way it could spin as fast as it did.

    • When Alva discusses the theft of the fusion engine to Static, Gear, and Rubberband Man in his office, notice that in the first shot, Gear's left glove is on. In the next shot, it's missing, and in the next, it's back on his hand.

    • Whenever Rubberband Man's dyslexia kicks in, X's and Z's were in the whole mess of letters that show up, even though they weren't in the original lettering. (Reply: His is apparently an advanced case. He doesn't just get letters in the word mixed up, he confuses them for other letters entirely. There are kids like this, who when reading, have thought R makes the same sound as K, S as A, and so on and so forth.)

    • Rubberband Man can stretch and possibly create the appearance of clothing with this ability. While getting dressed for his date with Sharon, he is putting on a shirt and tie. He reaches to buzz her in and the sleeve of the shirt stretches too. Any fabric that is not part of his body should not do this. Later at the restaurant, he morphs from his street clothes, which I remind you he put on, into his Rubberband Man suit. Where did the clothing go?

    • When Tarmack is playing pool, he's shooting with the 14 ball instead of the cue ball.

  • Quotes

    • Tarmac: Your security's useless, Alva. Ya shoulda hired a bouncer.
      Rubberband Man: Now there's an entrance line if I ever heard one!

    • Virgil: What I lack in maturity, I make up for in immaturity.

    • Static: (to Specs) I should blast your butt, but that's ungentlemanly. Aw, who am I kidding?

    • Static: Looks like "Asphalt Man's" a tough road to hoe.
      Tarmack: Hey! The name's Tarmack!
      Static: What kind of a name is "Thumbtack"?
      Gear: No, no, man, he said "Knicknack".
      Static: "Fat back"?
      Gear: I think it was "Rat pack".
      Static: Oh, "Short stack".

  • Notes

    • When Tarmack is talking to Carmen Dillo, Shiv and Onyx can be seen in the backround.

    • Only appearance of Tarmack in the series.

    • One of the dishes on the menu at the restaurant Sharon and Adam were at was called "Five Alarm Chicken". In the comics, "5-Alarm Crew" was the name of F-Stop's, a.k.a. Hotstreak's, gang. Or it might be an actual food. ('Five Alarm,' in this case, most probably refers to how hot/how spicy the chicken is. Normally, it's chili that gets that label, but other foods can get it too. Five alarm is, originally, a reference to how bad a fire is (a five alarm fire), and refers at least partially to the amount of equipment and personnel sent - a one-alarm fire requires significantly less than a five, and that requires less than a six or a seven.)

    • Tarmac's design bears resemblance to another character from the DC Animated Universe: Magma from the Batman Beyond episode "Heroes."

    • Final appearances of Rubberband Man, Specs, and Trapper.

    • Tarmack is a Static villian that appeared in Issue #3 titled "Pounding the Pavement."

    • The exchange between Gear and Static about Tarmack's name is a reference to the way Static taunted Tarmack in Issue #3.

    • Many references to Marvel Comics here: as noted before, RB Man's new look is very Reed Richards. Tarmack looks not unlike Ben Grimm (The Thing), and Spec's laser glasses give him a very Scott Summers (Cyclops) feel.

    • This is the perennial morality episode, like "Jimmy" (gun violence in schools) or Frozen Out" (homelessness).

  • Allusions

    • Static: Well, Dr. Evil, any ideas how?
      Dr. Evil is Austin Powers' arch enemy, who continuely tries to take over the world in the three movies, while Austin Powers always manages to stop him. Mike Myers plays both characters.

    • Virgil: "Stretch UnderArmstrong's" a popular guy.
      Stretch Armstrong is a toy that can stretch his limbs up to 4 times the width of his body, and they'll snap right back into place.

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