Steel Angel Kurumi

(ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • The Eternal Steel Angel
      All the other Steel Angels believe that they can unlock their true powers by kissing Nakahito. As a result, a competition is held to determine which Steel Angel shall receive Nakahito's kiss! Moreover, a new Steel Angel has come: the masked Steel Angel Yaoi!
    • Kurumi, Become an Adult...
      Kurumi is wondering why Nakahito doesn't seem to show as much affection as she would like. Nadeshi and Kamehito tell her men prefer traditional women so Kurumi decides that's what she is going to be. With a little help from Saki and a book, she gets started.
    • How Kurumi Became a Woman
      After being rejected to give a kiss to Nakahito, Kurumi believes the reason is that she is not a mature woman like Nadeshiko. So Saki shows Kurumi a book on "how to act like a woman."
    • Karinka, a New Love!
      Karinka receives a love letter. She goes out to meet the person who sent it to her, but she ends up spending the day with Kamihito. All the while, Kurumi, Nakahito, and Saki are spying on Karinka and Kamihito.
    • Saki Becomes a Star
      Saki gets her big break and almost immediately becomes an idol in Japan. But when Saki gets asked to go to Hollywood, will she leave Japan and her friends?
    • A Miracle that Starts with a Kiss
      The steel angels begin to drop. Nakahito rushes toward Kurumi's sphere and is pulled in. He makes his way to her just as the academy fires its weapons.
    • Kiss
      Episode 24
      Nakahito makes one final attempt to stop Kurumi from destroying everything.
    • Crime And Punishment
      After Kurumi (in demon possesion) attacks the academy base, the damage is fatal. So in order to stop Kurumi, all the steel angels drain themselves to the point of de-activation to power the ultimate weapon to stop Kurumi's destructive powers.
    • Hell's Angel
      Hell's Angel
      Episode 22
      After beating Mikhail, the demonically possesed Kurumi attacks dr.Walski's base!
    • When Angels Die
      When Angels Die
      Episode 21
      The battle between Kurumi and Mikhail continues. However, Kurumi is being consumed by demonic energy to the point that she grows black wings.
    • The Ultimate Super Steel Angel
      Steel angels try to stop Kurumi but are no match for her until she runs into Riharuru, who also has a custom angel heart.
    • Avenging Angel
      Avenging Angel
      Episode 20
      An angered Kurumi continues her search for Nakahito, but she runs into and fights Steel Angel Mikhail.
    • Storming The Base
      Storming The Base
      Episode 19
      Kurumi, Saki, Karinka, and Dr. Amagi arrive at the Academy Base to rescue Nakahito. However, the Steel Angels fall into the Academy's traps, and Dr. Amagi meets face-to-face with Dr. Walski.
    • That Can't Be True!
      At the Academy, Riharuru explains to Nakahito that his magic is needed to stop Kurumi. Her angel heart custom, he says, was made with forbidden knowledge and holds a dark power that could become disastrous. Meanwhile, the general assigns Koganei and Kichijoji to join Amagi and help their group openly. Acting on Nadeshi's suspicions, the group heads toward the academy to find Nakahito.moreless
    • Lies
      Episode 18
      Mikhail tells Nakahito about the potential danger of Kurumi's Angel Mark II Heart.
    • We've Arrived in Izumo
      After searching around for Dr. Ayanakouji, they finally run into Nadeshi. She knows Dr. Ayanakouji as she herself is a steel angel and the guardian of his lab. She fills the group in on Ayanakouji, the Academy, the purpose of the steel angels, the relationship of magic, and the importance of Kurumi.moreless
    • Mikhail
      Episode 17
      Kurumi and the gang finally arrives in Izumo, where they learn many secrets about Dr. Ayanokoji. Also, Nakahito meets a young boy...
    • Our Lips Are Sealed
      Karinka's new goal is to get a kiss from Nakahito so that she can become more powerful than Kurumi.
    • Dark Wings
      Dark Wings
      Episode 15
      Karinka finds herself working as a waitress with Kurumi and Nakahito in an effort to find out the secret to Kurumi's power.
    • I Won't Give Up!
      I Won't Give Up!
      Episode 14
      Amagi starts repairs on the badly injured Saki. Karinka is furious over her loss to Kurumi. She was told that her two hearts makes her the strongest angel so she disguises herself to spy on Kurumi to find out her secret.
    • It's Not Fair
      It's Not Fair
      Episode 14
      Karinka disguises herself and tries to find out Kurumi's secret.
    • Second Sister
      Second Sister
      Episode 13
      Kurumi fights Steel Angel Karinka. Can Kurumi's Mark II Angel Heart prevail over Karinka's two hearts?
    • It's Karinka!
      It's Karinka!
      Episode 12
      Recovering from an ambush, Saki fights back. The next morning, Kurumi and company notice Saki is missing and Kurumi senses that she is in trouble. They go looking for her, guided by Kurumi's custom angel heart.
    • Karinka
      Episode 12
      Kurumi, Nakahito, and Dr. Amagi go to Kyoto to find Saki, who is beaten badly by another new Steel Angel, Karinka.
    • Cinnamon Cookies
      Cinnamon Cookies
      Episode 11
      A couple of incidents get Kurumi thinking that there is something going on between Nakahito and Saki.
    • Triple Threat
      Triple Threat
      Episode 10
      Kurumi finds herself fighting Nakahito's kidnappers, the Steel Angels Kaga, Tsunami, and Kaori.
    • Fireworks
      Episode 9
      The group spends a night at a fireworks festival, but the sparks really fly when Nakahito is kidnapped and Kurumi sets off to find him.
    • Reiko Amagi, 23 Years Old?
      Kurumi wants to hurry up and get to the city to spend some time with Nakahito, but the train tracks are blocked by a huge boulder. Amagi forbids Kurumi from moving the boulder to keep from drawing unwanted attention. But after a day of waiting, the army still can't move it...moreless
    • Tsunami
      Episode 8
      A large boulder is blocking the path of the train to our comrade’s destination. With two days of travel lost, Dr. Amagi searches for other transportation with little success. While the army tries to remove the boulder, Nakahito learns more about Dr. Ayanakoji's past from Dr. Amagi. As everyone grows impatient with the army's attempts to remove the boulder, Kurumi suggests that she and Saki remove the boulder. Dr. Amagi immediately rejects the idea at the risk of the villagers seeing them do what an entire army could not. However Kurumi and Saki have a plan of their own. Meanwhile it appears that yet another person is monitoring the Steel Angels.moreless
    • Playing Doctor
      Playing Doctor
      Episode 7
      The group''s trip to Izumo comes to a halt when Nakahito gets a stomachache. So, Kurumi, Nakahito, and Amagi go see a doctor, but this doctor isn't your normal kind of doctor.
    • Sisterly Love
      Sisterly Love
      Episode 6
      Dr. Amagi reports back to the general and is relieved of duty. Kurumi and her new 'little sister' Saki, repair the damage done by their battle. Yoshiko Koganei and Eiko Kichijoji are assigned by the general to secretly keep an eye on Kurumi and help out if needed.
    • Love Shack
      Love Shack
      Episode 6
      With the kidnapping of Dr. Ayanokoji it seems that in return a new (and unexpected) member has joined in his place. Saki quickly redeems herself as she helps to rebuild what she had at one point destroyed. It also appears that Dr. Brandow has disappeared with everything pertaining to the Steel Angel Project. Even more interesting is that Brandow doesn't seem to officially exist. This leads to the assumption that there may be an unknown party in all of this. Meanwhile, it appears that Nakahito, Kurumi, Saki, and their new partner are on their way to Izumo to discover the whereabouts of their missing comrade.moreless
    • I Have a Kid Sister Now!
      The battle between Kurumi and Saki continues with Kurumi losing badly. As Saki is about to finish Kurumi, she keels over. Dr. Amagi appears and explains that Saki was awakened by electroshock and not completely functional. The only way to completely awaken a steel angel is with a kiss. To awaken Saki to her full potential, somebody has to volunteer.moreless
    • Warm Saki
      Warm Saki
      Episode 5
      As Kurumi finds herself forced into battle with Saki, she hesitates, giving Saki the upper hand. In an effort to help, Nakahito seems to just make things worse and discovers that his words put Kurumi in this dilemma. As the fight continues it seems as though no one can help against the wrath of Saki. What will be the final outcome?moreless
    • Don't Hate Me!
      Don't Hate Me!
      Episode 4
      The Imperial Army's preparation for the second Steel Angel's completion draws closer, during which Nakahito finds himself haunted by the words of Dr.Ayanakoji stating that only Nakahito has control over Kurumi. To make matters worse Nakahito is visited by some familiar characters,the end result leaving Nakahito even more confused and Kurumi afraid that her beloved master hates her. As though we thought things could not get much worse it seems the newly activated Saki is well on her way to causing trouble for Kurumi.moreless
    • Cold Saki
      Cold Saki
      Episode 3
      A new character by the name of Dr. Brandow joins the Imperial Army, and even more interesting it seems as though he has been previously part of the Steel Angel Project. Meanwhile, Nakahito must now become accustom to rude awakenings,while Dr. Ayanokoji is convinced the Imperial Army will not be able to awaken the second Steel Angel prototype, but he is unaware of Dr. Brandow's contribution. All of this, of course, means nothing to Kurumi, who is agitated with boredom as Nakahito refuses to give her an order. When he finally does, however, it leads both himself and Kurumi to trouble.moreless
    • A One-Master Kinda Gal
      Dr. Amagi attempts to coerce Dr. Ayanokoji into working with the Japanese military. When Amagi mistakenly grabs Nakahito, Kurumi rescues him. Nakahito and Dr. Ayanokoji discover they have another mutual associate. Kurumi displays jealousy when Nakahito hugs Kamahito. Dr. Ayanokoji and Kamahito misunderstand Nakahito’s explanation of Kurumi’s activation. Kurumi continues to question why she should proffer any significance to Dr. Ayanokoji. Dr. Amagi discovers another secret within the mansion.moreless
    • Kurumi Stands on Solid Ground!
      Nakahito Kagura's friends decide to investigate an abandoned house and since Nakahito's family has a history of magic, they decide that Nakahito should go with them to take care of the rumoured mad-scientist living there. Meanwhile the army restricts access to the area. The boys sneak past the guards and Nakahito is sent inside the house. While searching for around, stumbles upon a life-size doll. When a small earth quake causes the doll to fall forward onto Nakahito their lips meet and Kurumi comes to life.moreless
    • The Activation
      The Activation
      Episode 1
      Dr. Ayanokoji admires his creation - An Angel Heart Prototype Code Mark II named Kurumi. This experiment of his is the result of his efforts to save the world. Meanwhile, Nakahito is coerced into entering a mad doctor's mansion that supposedly has the detached living head of a dissected woman in the basement. The eleven-year-old Nakahito is drafted by his peers because he comes from a family of mystics, those who practice the Onmyou way. Dr. Ayanokoji, Kurumi and Nakahito are about to cross paths for the first time in a dramatic way.moreless