Steel Angel Kurumi

(ended 2001)


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  • Lets see nudity, anime, and bouncing I guess this is a boy's dream show.

    Unfortunately all this really is, is a robot with big breast. But you want to no more! Kurumi is a steel angel robot revived by a boy's kiss and when she awakens she falls in love and calls him master... which I find really odd. Anyway there is also her two sisters one named Saki and I forgot the other. The one with the blue hair loves her sister a bit to much and the other one loves Kurumi's master. The fighting scenes are entertaining but really I doubt you will care about that. Overall this is an average off the shelf import which means it has girls with bouncing breast who get nude and basically just a skeet skeet show.
  • It's powerful, it's a miracle, it's coming right now! It's popping, it's magical, it's wonderful! It's lyrical, it's comical, I'm falling in love, I'm melting! Look, it's Kurumi!

    Oh, how I love that theme song. I'm tempted to write out the entire song for this review, but you can just go to if you're interested in learning the lyrics to the theme.

    On a special side note, ADV (the people who dub SAK) came up with a special lyric of their own in the opening theme song. Instead of "Mira-ku-ru-mi," they say "Shut-your-f[bleep]-ing mouth!" Just wanted to point that out.

    Still, with a theme song like that, you'd think that SAK would be one of those mahou shoujo types of anime... until you see the main character naked in the first scene of the show! Moreover, there's plenty of other stuff that will get the males happy in their pants like HLA.

    But SAK is not just about girls kissing other girls; there's also action, comedy, drama, romance, lots of DVD extras, and of course, the opening theme song!