Steel Angel Kurumi

Season 1 Episode 5

Warm Saki

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1999 on

Episode Recap

Kurumi gets up, only to get knocked around and down again by Saki. All the while, Dr. Amagi is watching the battle alone amongst the trees. Kurumi asks Saki why is Saki fighting her, and Saki replies, "You know why." But Kurumi doesn't understand it at all. As the two Steel Angels continue their battle, Nakahito, Dr. Ayanokoji, and Kamihito are watching them, wondering why Kurumi isn't fighting back. Saki backs Kurumi up against a pole and starts punching her in the stomach. She then punches Kurumi through the pole. Nakahito runs to Kurumi, but then a structure from the nearly-destroyed shrine is about to fall on him. Kurumi rushes out and stops the structure from falling on Nakahito. After knocking it away, Kurumi falls on her knees. Nakahito then asks Kurumi why she isn't fighting back. Kurumi replies that Nakahito, her master, ordered her not to hurt anybody. This causes Nakahito to flashback to the time where he gave her that order. Saki makes her move and throws a wooden pole at Nakahito and Kurumi, who blocks the pole. Saki tosses Kurumi, still holding on to the pole, to a wall. Saki starts pushing the pole against Kurumi's stomach. Saki then goes in for the killing blow, but she unexpectedly stops. Her eyes go blank, and she falls to the ground. Kurumi, Nakahito, Kamihito and Dr. Ayaynokoji are all puzzled by this turn of events. Dr. Amagi appears before them and says, "You've won, and I have failed." Ayanokoji asks her how did she activate Saki, since the imperial army doesn't have the technology to do so. Amagi answers that it was a forced activation and not a true one. Amagi also tells Ayanokoji about Dr. Brandow. "If Kurumi's second unit has been activated artificially, the reinforced nerve circuits I implanted are working, but I don't know for how long," says Ayanokoji. Nakahito asks Kamihito what Ayanokoji meant by "second unit." Kamihito replies that it's like a sister. Kurumi becomes very happy at the thought of having a sister! She thinks about all the fun stuff that she can do with her "sister" Saki, who is still deactivated. So, Kurumi believes that Saki can wake up the same way as Kurumi was activated: by kissing her. So, all eyes turn on Nakahito, but he says that he can't. After much begging from Kurumi, Nakahito decides to do it. Amagi and Ayanokoji are skeptical about all this. As Nakahito gets himself closer to kissing the inanimate Saki, Kurumi knocks Nakahito away and says that she'll activate Saki. Kurumi kisses Saki, who miraculously awakens! Ayanokoji believes that the energy in Kurumi's heart was able to rescucitate Saki's heart. Kurumi gets happy and starts calling Saki her sister. Saki is perplexed by this. Amagi wants Saki to come back to her, but Saki doesn't want to go. Then, Nakahito asks Kurumi and Saki if they were hurt. Kurumi hugs Nakahito, putting his face against her breasts, for caring about her. While Nakahito is being cuddled by Kurumi, he explains that it is okay for her to fight back when she's in trouble. Kurumi tries to assess this, but she can't understand it, since Nakahito knows all the rules and she doesn't. While Kurumi and Nakahito are talking about how he can teach her everything he knows, a sudden explosion occurs and knocks Ayanokoji unconscious. A grapple appears and grabs him. The person responsible for this is Dr. Brandow, and he kidnaps Ayanokoji. Amagi yells, "Doctor!" as Brandow escapes with Ayanokoji.
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