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Stella, a comedic satire of everyday life, features the talents of Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain. Don't let the suits fool you…the maturity level of these guys doesn't always match their attire. As they go through their day they spread their sarcasm and wit-tinged non-sensical comedy to everyone they meet.

The show was based on the stage-comedy and videos of the troupe of the same name by Black, Showalter, and Wain, who also wrote, produced and helped in directing the show.


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    The State vets get Comedy (Central) show

    Cult comics Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are giving television another shot. The duo's latest project, dubbed Michael and Michael Have Issues, has been picked up to series by Comedy Central and is set to debut in July.

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    • Derrrp. We're so funny in our over-acting and zany situations!! It sounds exactly like a high school improv. group-- just terrible. Eccentric DOES NOT equal funny. Stella just applies it in all the wrong ways.moreless

      It's very hit and miss. Mostly miss.

      The BAD:

      Eccentric DOES NOT equal funny.

      Really difficult to watch this histrionic mess. It's just pure immature over-acting in "zany" situations.

      An example scene is a "laundry fight" with no lines or jokes, just them throwing laundry around, it's hilarious-- oh wait, not it isn't it's worthless.

      50% of the time they mope around talking in 8-year-old voices and making childish faces. ---

      The GOOD:

      Every now and then the troupe does come up with some extremely funny material.


      Over-all, when it's funny, it's very very funny. Few shows makes laugh out loud, and this on rare occasion does. These laughs usually arise from the ridiculousness in which the show is drenched.moreless

      Omfg omfg they are so cute!! I love all the Michaels and David too! They go on these crazy satirical adventures together and learn about friendship along the way. they always get what the want in the end and say "YAAAAYYY" when they do. Sometimes they make oopsies and try to fix them the best way they can. Like the episode where they help their paper boy Kevin deliver papers and stand up to the bully with friendship! Sometimes David is forgotten and/or singled out in some things but we still love him :D

      P.S this show should still be on tv! I hear they're making a movie but we'll have to find out!moreless
    • We don't have..this money..

      "Stella" was a really great show that aired on Comedy Central during the summer of 2005. My friends and I would get together every week to tune in for an amazing dose of obscurity and off-the-roof comedy.

      I actually met Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, (David wasn't there that night), at a comedy club in Northampton, Massachusetts last October and they seemed like really great guys. They both put on a great show and seemed more than happy to chat with fans after their act. They were also selling DVD's of "Stella Shorts", earlier short films that are near-impossible to find, that aren't distributed by any studio.moreless
    • What happend to it my sister introduced me to the show and we watched it twice. We couldnt find it anymore after that.

      Even though I only saw it twice I thought it was awesome and we kept looking for it but no luck. We thought maybe they changed what channel its on but still no luck so why isnt there a second season and is there going to be one? The Reason we started watching is because my sister has a strange attraction to david Wain. I think its his personality in the show. I like their comedy its a little off but thats what makes it so cool and not to mention the differant personalitys they all have coming together.moreless
    • Bring it back!

      Comedy Central should be punished for not bringing this extremely hilarious show! I enjoyed every single episode of this series, even though it's only ten. Michael, Michael, and David are extremely talented and can easily make anybody laugh. Their antics make this show an instant classic. My favorite episode was the one when they performed open-heart surgery on the man. It was just funny how it ended up that they killed a hitman or whoever it was and got rewarded. That's what they get for being really funny.

      I'll pray every night for this show to come back, even if they are reruns. Comedy Central, please here my plea! Please get some humor back into your lineup and bring this show back!!!!!!moreless
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