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Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jul 05, 2005 on Comedy Central
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The boys start a dangerous campaign to try and help Michael Ian Black win the position of president of their building's residents board.

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  • This show is a brilliant parody of The West Wing-- and yet remains hilariously stupid.

    "Campaign" is definitely the best episode of the series so far, and is an instant classic as far as I'm concerned. This is the highlight of the season so far.

    It's amazing how Michael, Michael, and David have managed to turn this show into a hilarious must-see program so quickly. The writing doesn't miss, and the execution of the script is to perfection.

    This episode actually features elements of The West Wing: camera angles, following characters as they walk and talk, and even the writing is an obvious parody of West Wing sitations. Showalter basically becomes Josh Lyman.

    It's a great episode that manages to be incredibly well-written and refreshingly dumb at the same time.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of a show ever made!

    This episode beats all others ever! Family Guy? Bah this show is amazing, I cant believe this, every part of the show was funny in this episode and its all very original and all FUNNY. So if you dont like this show you might wanna go and laugh a little cause this is 100% pure comedy
  • Here! Here! Ho! Ho!

    This is the best Stella episode so far. It's complety wacky and funny. It's alot better than the pilot episode of Stella. The ending was very unexpected and crazy. A truly rememberal episode of the series. A must watch episode for Stella fan or people who wonder what's the show about. Here here ho ho.
  • This episode I enjoyed. I don't know what it is about this show, but I am beginning to like it more and more.

    This episode I enjoyed. I don't know what it is about this show, but I am beginning to like it more and more.

    I missed he beginning of this episode, but the end was good with the robots and stuff. They are purposely trying to be as obviously funny as possible, which actually makes it pretty funny, which you wouldn't think.
Robert LuPone

Robert LuPone

Bob Feldman

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Matt Ballard

Guy in Hallway

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Ryan Giese


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Andrea Rosen


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    • (A part of Michael Ian Black's campaign ad:)

      Voice Over: In six years as resident's board president, Bob Feldman has never once stated his opinion on motor scooters. NEVER STATED HIS OPINION? ON MOTOR SCOOTERS?

    • Michael Ian Black: I like it. It'll get him right where it hurts. You know what I mean?
      Michael Showalter: I know what you mean.
      Michael Ian Black: I mean his sack, his wrinkly old sack.

    • Michael Showalter: Here here, har har!

      (This is said at the building meeting where Michael Ian Black is nominated for resident's board president.)

    • Michael Ian Black: Fine, Mr. Zookeeper, we'll go back to our cage.

      (This is said after Bob Feldman kicks Michael, Michael, and David out of the laundry room after their laundry fight.)

    • Michael Showalter: Hey Bob, did ya see me land my kickflip?
      (This is said after the skateboarding sequence when Bob Feldman notices the three are illegally skateboarding.)

    • David Wain: How's the soup, Mike?
      Michael Ian Black: It's good.
      David Wain: Yeah, you won't be saying that after I kill you.

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