Season 1 Episode 4

Coffee Shop

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jul 19, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

We open with Michael, Michael and David in barbershop quartet outfits, rehearsing a song when they hear "a real rowdy-dow" from the downstairs apartment.

It turns out to be the three neighbor girls in a big fight. The guys tell them that they know all about almost losing a friendship and invite them into their apartment for coffee and a story.

The story begins months ago, when after eating breakfast they want a place to hang out. They decide on a coffee shop because, as Michael Ian Black puts it, "that's the ultimate hang zone!"

So the trio go to hang out at Sansbury's, the "Starbucks" of the Stella world. They seem to do everything-- clipping their nails, playing Mouse Trap, making Folgers --except for buying coffee. Then, Richard, an out of work businessman comes into the coffee shop.

They start to chat, and Richard talks about how he doesn't feel whole unless he's working, contributing something to society. This hits home with Showalter, who decides to get a job at Sansbury's.

This is when the friction begins. Showalter throws his two friends out of the store because they can't be "sitting around not buying nothing all day". They decide to start their own coffee shop (aptly named "The Hang Zone").

While Michael Ian Black is hard at work operating his coffee shop (which consists of a table with some cups and involves going across the street and buying coffee from Sansbury's), David is just sitting around doing nothing. Finally, Michael kicks David out, saying that the chair "is for Hang Zone customers only", although really he could have said customer, since Richard the business man was his only one.

David Wain starts his own coffee shop, which becomes a hipster hotspot and is "voted best coffee shop by every alternative weekly in town".

Showalter (mopping), Black (sitting around), and Wain (making love to a beautiful woman) are all equally miserable without their two best friends.

Finally they have had enough. One night they have a long discussion in the apartment about pretty much everything, ultimately resulting in a morning coffee party. Richard comes in wondering where Michael was, Julie (the Sansbury's manager) comes in search of the other Michael, and David's hipster customers "are here too".

The story comes full circle when Michael Ian Black hands the reins of the Hang Zone over to Richard. Julie volunteers to be manager, and for whatever reason the two instantly fall in love. (That "fizzled out", though).

The three girls, moved by the story, make up and remain friends. Yaaay!

But wait, what about David's coffee shop? Well, they do what anybody with an unwanted coffee shop would do: blow the thing up!
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