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The ultimate Stella question - Showalter, Black, or Wain. Favorite?

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    I have to say my favorite Stella man is...(drum-roll) David Wain. At first I could not get enough of Michael Showalter. And I still LOVE his humor. But really he was the main reason that I loved that show when it originally aired in 2005. Nearly half a decade later, I bought the Stella dvd and re-watching the episodes has confirmed two things: Stella is brilliant exactly in it's weirdness that many don't understand, and David Wain is (for me) the funniest Stella man. I'll explain.Everything aboutWain - his weird "I'm David (fart-noise)", how he is the unseemingly Casanova of the group("What are we doing?"), and his bizzare pick-up lines ("You remind me of fast-food." - "Oh yeah, why's that?" -"Because I wanna pickyou up[woman laughes]...and then eat you in my car.").There's something aboutWain that won me over from Showalter. I will always have a special place in my funny-bone for Michael Showalter, but Wain is just so charming in his weird yet romantic persona.

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