Season 1 Episode 6

Meeting Girls

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Aug 02, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Meeting Girls
The boys have a wild night of hooking up but soon find their friendship tested by their new relationships.

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  • Campaigns running mate

    This episode is a great one that shows off so many funny word jokes that I have loved and what makes so many people love Stella just like me. Its a great episode, thats all I can say, a great followup to the awesome Paper Boy episode. So nice work Stella boys
  • At long last, Stella has made me laugh!! I thought it'd never be funny!

    I've watched all episodes of Stella to date, and they just kept not being funny. It'd be a miracle if I laughed lightly once during an episode. But something told me to keep trying, that something on the Stella menu was going to tickle my taste buds, and apparently "Meeting Girls" was it. I had to pause the show at "I'm Michael Ian Black. I love the 80s." Oh mercy!!

    Certainly there were low points, but no show is going to be aces all the way through. I had been thinking about canceling this show from my TiVo's recording schedule, but this was enough to keep me coming back for more.moreless
  • This is the best episode since Campaign.

    What a brilliant episode this was! They got a little racier, but they also got hilariouser. Combining Coyote Ugly, Lifetime movies, and after-school specials to make this episode was a stroke of genius. The melodrama is deliciously overdone and the storyline is covered in silliness.

    The bar scene is great, and when the Michaels found girls and David didn't, it set the stage for a very funny episode. The guys'lives change dramatically in the span of only a few days. Michael Ian Black put it best when he said to Michael Showalter:"What happened to us? It seems like ever since we went to that bar two nights ago, everything's changed."

    A hilarious episode with tons of funny lines, this episode is a classic in what has already become one of my favorite shows ever.moreless
  • When the boys go out to a club on Friday night, both Michaels find girls, leaving david by himself in the apartment. After only 2 days both Michaels realize that the got into bad relationships and they go back to david who has already picked out other roomoreless

    This episode had it's moments but it's not the best of Stella. It was funny funny but not as consistent as the newspaper episode the week before. But I have to say that I love this show and it's holding up good and I hope it's around for a long time.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Michael Ian Black: How did you get past security without a boarding pass?
      David Wain: I know, it's weird.

    • Michael Showalter: In a perfect world, would they have... turkeys?

    • David Wain: You guys! Don't get on that plane!
      Michael Ian Black: Brian?

    • Michael Ian Black: What happened to us? It seems like ever since we went to that bar two nights ago, everything's changed.

    • Little Girl: I'm a fairy princess, la la la la la!
      David Wain: Okay.

    • (To Tamara)
      Michael Ian Black: I want you inside me.

    • Michael Showalter: I feel like a newborn baby lamb, fresh out of the womb, still covered in afterbirth.
      Michael Ian Black: I'm dripping placenta all over the place right now.
      Michael Showalter: I can see it.
      David Wain: You guys, that's gross.
      Michael Showalter: That's because you've never been in love, so how could you possibly understand?

    • Tamara: You're a really good dancer.
      Michael Ian Black: I know. I was a dance major at Overland.
      Tamara: Really?
      Michael Ian Black: No.

    • David Wain: You remind me of fast food.
      Woman: (giggling) Oh, why's that?
      David Wain: Cuz I wanna take you out...
      Woman: (flattered, giggling) Oh, haha.
      David Wain: ..And then I wanna eat you in my car.

    • Michael Ian Black: I'm not even wearing a bra!

    • Guy in Bar:Why don't you get out, you stupid freaks.
      Michael Showalter: Something tells me that we're not wanted here.

    • David Wain:I wanna meet me a woman. A smart, sexy woman with great big ovaries.
      Michael Ian Black: And fallopian tubes!

    • Michael Ian Black: I'm gonna go rub one out and call it a night.

    • Michael Showalter: I like your tat.
      Jemma: Thanks, I did it myself.
      Michael Showalter: Really?
      Jemma: I like pain.
      Michael Showalter: I like cookies.

    • Jeremy: When you walked out that door today, it was like the sun and all the stars in heaven walked out with you. We're begging you. Don't let the greatest totally heterosexual roommate situation either of us has ever had get away.

    • David: Excuse me, Ma'am. Have you seen two men around here?
      Old Lady: I might have seen two men in suits, is that who you mean?
      David: Yes, that's them! Did you happen to see where they were going?
      Old Lady: I think they said something about the airport.
      David: The airport?! You idiot, there's two airports in this town. Which one is it?
      Old Lady: I think they said something about Municipal Fields.
      David: Where were they going?
      Old Lady: I don't know! They might have said something about Rome.
      David: Fine. What flight?
      Old Lady: They might have said something like Flight 529 leaving from Gate 6 a little less than an hour from now. But I really don't know anymore.
      David: That's less than an hour from now. I'll never make it. Thanks for nothing!

    • David: Hi, I'm David.
      Woman: Yeah, I don't date Jews.

    • Michael Ian Black: How are you doing? Michael Ian Black. I love the '80s!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Listen to the music playing when Brian (David Wain) enters his bedroom and opens the closet where a suit from his "old wardrobe" is hanging: it's an orchestral version of the show's funky theme music.

    • Michael Ian Black's line "I want you inside me" (to Tamara) was also used in Stella's Comedy Central Presents show. The guys told the audience to turn to the person next to them and say "I want you inside me".

    • Van Gogh's masterpiece Starry Night can be seen above the iMac in David's apartment after he gets new roomates (Jeremy and Adam) and a new name (Brian).


    • The dance on top of the bar was inspired by the 2000 Tyra Banks film Coyote Ugly which itself was inspired by a real life bar famous for it's sexy female bartenders.

    • Most of the cliches spoofed in this episode come from movie-of-the-week telefilms popularized by women's network Lifetime.

    • Tamara: Michael. I was just asking if you thought we should trade in the old Camry.

      The Camry is a large family car, which was first launched in 1980 and is manufactured by Toyota.

    • Michael Showalter: David, David this Melba toast tastes like nectar.

      Melba toast is a very crisp, dry, thinly sliced form of toast named for Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba.

    • Michael Ian Black: I love the '80s!

      One of the things Michael Ian Black is best known for is the VH1 retrospective series I Love the '80s where he participated as a commentator. His quips regarding pop cultural events of the 1980s was one of the highlights of the series.