Season 1 Episode 3

Office Party

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Michael, Michael and David find out their lady neighbor is having an office party. They really want to come. They beg and plead, and she finally obliges.

When they get there, the boys walk around and garner mixed reactions from the workers. The boys enjoy themselves, until their neighbor's bosses come around. They're heading the big account, which makes them all important.

So they're all makin' fun of M, M, 'n' D. So much so, in fact, that the three run back to their appartment and cry in bed. They call each other on their phones (even though they're in the same appartment, one of the show's hilarious moments), and they unanimously decide to show up at the office's upcoming company picnic and show everyone that they are not losers!

So, uh, they realize that they can't go like they are or they'll get recognized, so they go to David's friend Gary, a man who makes mustaches. They borrow some mustaches and go to the picnic incognito. There, they win in every single event and win all the trophies. It is when they have to make their acceptance speeches that they rip off their mustaches and reveal to everyone who they are. The office's owner is so impressed by their maverick behaviour, he hires them to head the big account! The boys accept.

Michael, Michael, and David go to sleep and wake up the next day, ready for work! They wonder what people wear to work. Business suits are their casual get-up, so they wear tuxedos to work (ingenious!). So they go there and boss around everyone there. At 9:30 they leave for lunch.

Hours later, the owners of the big account come, ready for a meeting. Unfortunately, the boys are still out at lunch. They come back, hours late, and put on one of the wackiest business presentations in history ("Observe what I do with this apple sauce. *pours it down pants*").

The owner hates it, hates them, and fires them. The ending is so bizarre it'd make all our heads explode if we begun to ponder its meaning. It involves the mayor and the people of the United States. In the end, however, everyone learns from their mistakes and the world is a better place.
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