Season 1 Episode 3

Office Party

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Predictably absurd.

    How does a show like Stella which is easily the most absurd program on television (other than 24) remain so structured?

    We're three episodes into the first season and they all follow the same pattern of rising absurdity through the course of the episode. While this makes for a program that gets funnier as the half-hour progresses, it also means that each episode starts off fairly slow with weak humor.

    Obviously, at this point, such a structure has to be intentional and it's not that its nonsensical. Why not make episodes that get better as they go on? But for me, I just find myself frustrated with the dull first five to ten minutes where the humor falls flat.

    Still, I have to give them credit for having two-thirds of a good show as well as having the most brilliant cameos. First Edward Norton and now in this episode they got Paul Rudd and Sam Rockwell. To see who they get next is almost enough incentive alone to tune in next week. But for me, I'll keep tuning in to see if that first third of the show gets any stronger. And if not, there's still two-thirds of greatness per episode.

    Oh, and the most brilliant part of this episode? The "Today's Global Business Economy" video. Holy God was that funny.
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