Season 1 Episode 3

Office Party

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • If you've seen the Stella shorts, then you know what happened with this episode.

    Everything in this episode has been done before, and done much better. By who? By Stella!

    Both Sam Rockwell and Paul Rudd make hilarious cameos in the Stella short films that were produced to accompany their live act. Their cameos in this episode pale in comparison.

    The "real moustache" bit was done before, only with a much better premise.

    When David rolls out from behind the desk to reveal he isn't wearing any pants, it's a hacky attempt at watering down the "big black dildo" running gag that appears throughout the shorts.

    What made the first two episodes so great was that they were fresh, and the jokes seemed written for the medium and audience. This episode felt like watching Pulp Fiction on TBS. Hopefully the boys know they can't just water down their old schtick for a tv audience, they have to innovate.

    The only thing about this episode that gave me hope was the conference call gag. That was pure genius.