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  • Derrrp. We're so funny in our over-acting and zany situations!! It sounds exactly like a high school improv. group-- just terrible. Eccentric DOES NOT equal funny. Stella just applies it in all the wrong ways.

    It's very hit and miss. Mostly miss.

    The BAD:
    Eccentric DOES NOT equal funny.

    Really difficult to watch this histrionic mess. It's just pure immature over-acting in "zany" situations.

    An example scene is a "laundry fight" with no lines or jokes, just them throwing laundry around, it's hilarious-- oh wait, not it isn't it's worthless.

    50% of the time they mope around talking in 8-year-old voices and making childish faces. ---
    The GOOD:
    Every now and then the troupe does come up with some extremely funny material.
    Over-all, when it's funny, it's very very funny. Few shows makes laugh out loud, and this on rare occasion does. These laughs usually arise from the ridiculousness in which the show is drenched.

    Omfg omfg they are so cute!! I love all the Michaels and David too! They go on these crazy satirical adventures together and learn about friendship along the way. they always get what the want in the end and say "YAAAAYYY" when they do. Sometimes they make oopsies and try to fix them the best way they can. Like the episode where they help their paper boy Kevin deliver papers and stand up to the bully with friendship! Sometimes David is forgotten and/or singled out in some things but we still love him :D

    P.S this show should still be on tv! I hear they're making a movie but we'll have to find out!
  • We don't have..this money..

    "Stella" was a really great show that aired on Comedy Central during the summer of 2005. My friends and I would get together every week to tune in for an amazing dose of obscurity and off-the-roof comedy.

    I actually met Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, (David wasn't there that night), at a comedy club in Northampton, Massachusetts last October and they seemed like really great guys. They both put on a great show and seemed more than happy to chat with fans after their act. They were also selling DVD's of "Stella Shorts", earlier short films that are near-impossible to find, that aren't distributed by any studio.
  • What happend to it my sister introduced me to the show and we watched it twice. We couldnt find it anymore after that.

    Even though I only saw it twice I thought it was awesome and we kept looking for it but no luck. We thought maybe they changed what channel its on but still no luck so why isnt there a second season and is there going to be one? The Reason we started watching is because my sister has a strange attraction to david Wain. I think its his personality in the show. I like their comedy its a little off but thats what makes it so cool and not to mention the differant personalitys they all have coming together.
  • Bring it back!

    Comedy Central should be punished for not bringing this extremely hilarious show! I enjoyed every single episode of this series, even though it's only ten. Michael, Michael, and David are extremely talented and can easily make anybody laugh. Their antics make this show an instant classic. My favorite episode was the one when they performed open-heart surgery on the man. It was just funny how it ended up that they killed a hitman or whoever it was and got rewarded. That's what they get for being really funny.

    I'll pray every night for this show to come back, even if they are reruns. Comedy Central, please here my plea! Please get some humor back into your lineup and bring this show back!!!!!!
  • Stella was and is the best show ever

    It's remarkable to me that this show was not renewed for a second season! It's hilarious. Period. They have a unique humor which was the problem. It targets a specific audience, people who love incredibly stupid humor. But if you enjoy people suddenly breaking out into cat like sounds, or you can relate to working all night on something and then wanting to throw it into a fire. I dont know what to say about this show. If you've never seen it you should. You can also find a whole bunch of Stella shorts on the web on sites like
  • Dumb comedy, dressed up on a suit. Great show.

    i would have to recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of comedy. Comedic timing in my opinion is the most important aspect in a comedy. Stella has it down to a science, just perfect. The overall theme is humorous, and many slap-stick moments make this the funniest show I have ever seen.

  • This is the best thing Comedy Central has come out with in the past year.

    This is the best thing Comedy Central has come out with in the past year. It's very wierd, buy in a good way, and funny in a random bizare way. This is way up there with my favorite shows. This is far better than junk like "Drawn Together." The DVD is going to be awesome when it comes out. I really hope they come out with a season 2.
  • Dumb Comedy, Dressed Up In A Suit.

    Stella is da bomb. I have loved this show ever since i saw the preveiws of it before it aired. The real joy of this is how crazy and immature these men can be, always bickering and whatnot. Anyways this show is a number one in my book. Its dumb comedy, dressed up in a suit.
  • Its great

    The best show on TV right now. It is so good that if you ever saw it for the first time without proper introduction, your head would probably explode. Its just that great. The best episode is the coffee shop one. Its by far the funniest thing I have ever seen. Bo-Ya Ka Sha
  • Stella

    Anyone who doesn't appreciate, understand or love the humor of Stella is nutsy. I have been watching the three guys since The State and they have been getting funnier and more clever and more raunchy. I guess you need to have a higher quality sense of humor to enjoy them;)
  • Undoubtedly underappreciated, I wonder if this show will survive.

    If you watched Wet Hot American Summer and laughed so hard that you had to watch it again just to catch the parts you missed from laughing so much, then you should have been watching this show, written, directed, and starring the comedy group Stella, which made Wet Hot.

    Will it survive? It's hard to say. Stella's humor is an edgy combination of silliness, sarcasm, parody, and taboos. Unfortunately, not everyone can appreciate those qualities, and I find it hard to believe that the show did well, ratings-wise, in its inaugural season. If it doesn't make it, I'll at least have the DVD to keep me warm.
  • Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain live the lives of Average Joe's...with suits! It seems that everywhere they turn, conflict awaits. Conflicts arise over the stupidest things...with hilarious results!

    "That is Too Funny!" What a great show! This show is for everybody who wants to bust a gut at every joke. The first time I saw Stella's stand up special, I knew they were gold! When I saw that this show was starting up, I flipped! The first episode was hilarious and the show has nowhere to go but up. This is such an original form of comedy and I love everything about it. The botttom line is: If you are looking for a good laugh, watch Stella.
  • A Great Show Among a Wave of Crap

    Lately, TV has started going downhill. With the surge of reality shows and bad sitcoms, it seems like everyone in Hollywood was out of ideas. So, they turn to a cult comedic troupe. Stella (comprised of Micheal Ian Black, Micheal Showalter, and David Wain) have been performing since 1998, but are just now being recognized as possibly the funniest troupe around. They have been putting out shorts on the internet and on video, which many fans consider better than the show itself, due to the fact that they can't do as much on TV. Unfortunately, it seems that people can't appreciate the genius of Stella, as it will most likely be cancelled with the end of the first season. Comedy Central are scrambling to find the next Dave Chapelle, and it seems Stella just didn't fit the bill. Somehow, mediocre shows like Mind of Mencia and Weekends at the DL will continue to air, but Stella most likely won't. This just proves that people aren't smart enough to understand some well thought-out jokes and random humor.
  • One of my Comedy Central favorites.

    They were hyping up this show like crazy, so I had to see it. It's hysterical and the theme song is very good, especially when they cut the situation of the episode to it. Funny stuff, definitely watchable. My favorites is Paper Route, Office Party, and the pilot itself. You're missing out if you're not watching.
  • This is my favorite show. Stella is a new hit and needs to be brought back next year. Michael, Michael, and david are great. Just look at some the the quotes on this site and you laugh like you've never laugh before.

    This is a great new hit on comedy central in its first season. I have not missed an episode yet. My favorites so far are the novel, paper boy, and hunting episode. I love looking up quotes on this website. I think michael showalter has the best quotes. David wain is just a complete retard but i love him. This show needs to be brought back for another season and some reruns should be shown to. I reccomend this show to everyone and very much to the regular comedy central viewers.
    David: How's the soup, Michael?
    Michael: It's good.
    David: You won't be saying that after I kill you!
  • I donnot get the the hell is sooooooooooo funny about this show.Imean I donnot find anything funny about it.It is the worst thing to come on comedy central since shorties watching shorties.

    I donnot get the the hell is sooooooooooo funny about this show.Imean I donnot find anything funny about it.It is the worst thing to come on comedy central since shorties watching shorties.

    I donnot get the the hell is sooooooooooo funny about this show.Imean I donnot find anything funny about it.It is the worst thing to come on comedy central since shorties watching shorties.
  • A great show...if David Wain weren't on it.

    This is a great show. It's quirky. It's corny. But the one weak spot has to be David Wain. He's just now very all. Aside from Wain, the show is hysterical! This is a really good show and I hope it stays on for a long, long time. I'll be watching.
  • One of the greatest shows on Comedy Central. I do not know how they do it! It is just so funny!

    One of the greatest shows on Comedy Central. I do not know how they do it! It is just so funny!
    It is the only thing getting me through the week! I could keep rambling on about the show I can but I am not. Very, very, very, funny! The latest episode was "Novel" and I have been watching it from the first episode. They have been getting better evrey time! Just a great great show! The chemistry between M,M, and Craig(Ooops... I mean David) is awesome I wish a happy years! I hope it doesn't get cancelled it would be the end of the world, If I was a critic: *****!
  • Stella is as unique as comedy on television comes.

    It is hard to explain Stella. Perhaps the best words to use would be random, over the top, satire. It is easily the most original comedy in ages. A lot of credit has to go to the cast for making something so strange work so well. The show manages to skewer every day life of average people, in different ways, in very clever, subtle ways in the midst of the over-the-top quirkiness of each episode. It really is a treat to see something different, so if you want a break from all the situation comedies, Stella is worthy of a look. It will be something that will probably gain its greatest popularity long after its finished its original run.
  • This show is not funny unless you have been hit on the head too many times or are high at the time.

    Something must be wrong here, are we watching the same show here. This show is not funny unless you have been hit on the head too many times or are high at the time. I get comedy and this is the worst show on comedy central except for that one "Wanda does it", hopefully this show will cancelled like the other 100 shows to get cancelled from comedy central.
  • Fianlly, someone gave Johnny Blue Jeans his own show. Sometimes the guys go too far but the sureal interpretations of the mundane make me laugh far more than groan.

    This show is supposedly based on a play of the same name performed by the boys, and I'm told that alot of the sex jokes / swearing have been cut out for tv. These seems odd as it's on the same channel that brings us South Park, which constantly pushes the boundries of exactly what can and can't been shown on television.

    It doesn't seem too matter though as each episode takes an everyday occurance and turns it on it's ear. The guys sometimes go too far to be weird or overdo the hammy overacting but this is more than made up for by the hilarity of each episode. Their oddball antics make you laugh far more than they make you groan. While this show is definitely not for everyone, those who it appeals to will find it very rewarding and worthwhile. I recomend you give it a chance as the overall payoff can be well worth the risk.
  • A funny comedy which makes fun of everyday life. Stella is a show in which 3 guys in suits go on with there lifes living together.

    This show is probably the best thing to happen to comedy central. I rather watch this show rather then watching a mexican make fun of mexicans and blah blah(Mind of Mencia). And definetnly watch it rather then watching mad tv, which to me isnt funny at all. This show has style and humour. This show should stay on air for as long as the writers..who are also the stars of the out of ideas.
  • WOW!!! i was completley amazed at the way these guys were able to break away form mainstream comedy and gather the love and respect from new people. oh... and david wain is gay!!!

    the show had me captivated form the first time i heard the cheesy FUNK rock music. that song now serves as the theme song to my life! i love how the guys were able to break away from the mainstream comedy of the current time and still retain the love of people. the suits were a nice addition to the show. they really contarsted the child-like way the guys behaved. i loved the show but not david. he was a little too weird with the gay roomates. i dont mind gay people but michael and michael need to know
  • I Never Laughed Harder

    This is one of the most original / funny show I've ever seen. It's a shame it probably going to be cancelled in two years or less. I've never met anyone who saw an episode of it, and doesn't like it. I look forward to the show every week.
  • dumb dumb c r a p

    This is the worst show I have ever seen in my life. I cant believe they are getting paid to do this. I hope that this show only has one season then gets cancelled. Complete waste of my time when I watched it. I would rather sit and do nothing
  • The stupidest yet greatest show on right now.

    There's something about this show that makes it near and dear to my heart. Stella is one of the dumbest shows I have ever seen. It is also one of the funniest. Nothing is ever expected and yet it all makes sense within the show. However, I fear that this show will never garner enough of an audience to allow it to see next season. It marks the return of Michael Ian Black to Comedy Central however who has last been seen as Johnny Bluejeans in Viva Variety, another terminally strange show. Perhaps America will warm up to the stupidest show ever made. I know I have.
  • My first question was "Why would anybody put this on tv?" My second was "Why I am watching it every week?" I still don't have an answer for either question.

    I saw the commercials before the show started airing. I thought, "I like Michael Ian Black. I like different. I'm going to tune in" and set my TiVo for Stella.

    After watching the first episode, I thought, "I don't get it. Where's the funny? Well, maybe I was in the wrong mindset tonight."

    After watching the second episode, I thought, "Hmmm . . . I still don't get it. I didn't even laugh once!"

    After the third episode, I thought, "I guess that makes it official. I'm old. Sigh. I'm too damn old for newfangled stuff."

    Still I watched the fourth episode and have started on the fifth. I sit here shaking my head and wondering if I'll ever get it or if I'm hopeless.

    Odds are on "hopeless."
  • awesome

    I think this show is genious and might be a cult hit with only a minimum of people understanding how freakishly halarious this is. michael, michael and david ar comedic gods and we should treat them like so and i digress i need this show and you all should support it so it would stay on the air. i don't know the ratings , but where i live nobody watches it but me and my friend.
  • a simple, funny, genius show.

    when I first started watching, i was expecting to be dissapointment, but it came out to be a great show. the story tells the tale about three men wearing business suits, without jobs. Going through life "ignoring the rules of life" and still ending up on top. they all seem to have the personality (and intelligence level) of 8 year olds. but they always seem to get into complex situations. I could go on, but the show is actualy so uniquely funny, its hard to explain.
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