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In the Year 2167 the earth suffered incredible damage from a star that went supernova but people all over the world united together braving the destruction to survive. It is now the year 2356. Once mankind had recovered from the massive destruction of the first wave they began constructing 5 stations to protect the earths solar system from the Second wave. This was called the Great Mission, the great mission involves using all 5 stations to create a barrier/shield which will cover the entire solar system and protect it from the Second Wave. With the second wave due in a matter of months, all 5 foundations are preparing themselves for the great mission. Shima Katase is a 15 year old girl, who dreams of seeing the universe one day as it was meant to be seen, she travels to Stellvia to study. Stellvia, although its meant to be a place of study, it is also a place of great importance, as its the station that will protect Earth from the wave when the time comes. Foundation 6: Ultima is the closest station to the second wave, its main objective is to gather information before the wave hits the system, this station will be the first to be hit by the wave, around 2 weeks before the other foundations. The 5 foundations are as follows: Foundation 2: The Stellvia Foundation 3: The Odyssey Foundation 4: The El Santo Foundation 5: The Vision Foundation 6: The Ultima.