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  • Season 1
    • Shining Voice
      Shining Voice
      Episode 26
      The Halcyon has been badly damaged by the gravity currents. Now it's they have to use the Stellvia as the last chance to stop the Cosmic Fracture.
    • Goodbye
      Episode 25
      The Genesis Mission has begun, but the gravity currents are playing havoc
    • Darkness Falls Again
      The Stellvia arrives at Pluto for the Genesis Mission. Meanwhile, most of the cadets are hiding in the air ducts.
    • That's Why You're There
      Shima is chosen to fly the Halcyon, a giant robot similar to the Infinity. Evacuation plans are underway to escape the Cosmic Fracture.
    • Their Own Path
      Their Own Path
      Episode 22
      It's time for the Genesis Mission, in which the Infinity is going to fire a massive laser powered by the Foundation in the hope of destroying the Cosmic Fracture.
    • Invisible Wall
      Invisible Wall
      Episode 21
      The Council has discovered a way to disrupt the Cosmic Fracture.
    • Let There Be A Future For You
      While Rinna throws a party, the Supreme Council meets to discuss the Cosmic Fracture.
    • Cry Baby, Hot-head
      Cry Baby, Hot-head
      Episode 19
      After Shima breaks down during a mission, Akira, Yayoi and Aris start fighting with each other over how to cheer up Shima.
    • Distant Voice
      Distant Voice
      Episode 18
      The rescue mission to the Ultima Station is complete and now it's time for a welcome back party for Shima, Kouta and Rinna. Afterwards, Shima & Kouta are chosen to take the Infinity out to learn more about the mysterious vocal signals.
    • Battle
      Episode 17
      The Infinity gets a new weapon and everyone tries to decipher the enemy's motives.
    • In Doubt
      In Doubt
      Episode 16
      With a group from the Akapusso and Stellvia heading towards the Ultima in an effort to rescue the trapped crew members onboard they encounter the beings from another dimension that have been randomly appearing throughout the Solar System.

      The rescue mission fails and the realisation that rescuing the people on the ultima will be difficult, Shima and Kouta inside the infinite robot cover the escape of the Biancas from the Stellvia, and Akapusso.moreless
    • I Don't Understand
      I Don't Understand
      Episode 15
      It's time to go back to class.
    • Dream and Reality
      Dream and Reality
      Episode 14
      An emergency assembly has been called after the Ultima Station falls under attack from and unknown source.
    • Winter Vacation
      Winter Vacation
      Episode 13
      It's vacation time and everyone gets to go back to Earth.
    • Confession
      Episode 12
      It's Christmas time and it's also Rinna's farewell party. Also Ayaka Machida faces expulsion for her attempts to injure Shima.
    • The Real You
      The Real You
      Episode 11
      The Great Mission was a success and now they're going to the next level. The Biancas are switching to the DLS system. With the Direct Link System, the information flows directly into the pilots head, but it's bad for their health.
    • Welcome Back
      Welcome Back
      Episode 10
      The second wave is moments away from reaching Earth and everyone is prepared, with the Great wall all but set up, and the tatsonaut generators powering and protecting the Earth and the Moon, and the various Langrange points.

      Kaedes and Biancas are currently in space to destroy any fragments that may prenitrate the Great wall, and repair any holes in the wall that may occur.

      While Shima is out in space with most of the other students readying herself with the big 4 also, Shima's freinds are closely observing the events as they happen along with everyone from the earth.

      Shima saves a pilot whose ship was about to be hit, but unfortunately something went wrong. The pilot was saved but the barrier that Shima was trying to set up to destroy the rock didn't work, and her ship was slightly damaged.

      Shima suffers a lose of confidence and returns to the Stellvia, but is soon cheered up by Arisa and Rinna as well as her overfriends, as the realisation that she saved someone kicks in, and she regains confidence.

      But there's a problem - a titanic-sized asteroid has penetrated the Great wall. While the big 4 and the other students try to destroy it with the lasers, on their Biancas/Kaedes, it just isnt having much effect

      The teachers onboard Stellvia as well as Kouta/Shima and her friends decide that the only way to destroy the asteroid is with the Infinite Robot, as they launch and destroy the asteroid, they repaired the breach in the Great wall, as the second wave passes...

      The earth is well.moreless
    • I'm Going
      I'm Going
      Episode 9
      The second wave from the supernova that destroyed the Earth and colored the universe green 189 years ago has approached the solar system. The day after tomorrow will be the day of the Great Mission to protect Earth.
    • Me?
      Episode 8
      A transfer student arrives from Ultima Station.
    • Frustration
      Episode 7
      Shima is improving in every subject to everyones surprise, Shima recently ranked 12th in the test, and her friends are optimistic she will eventually become 1st place the students are instructed in the lightning joust training with their biancas, with each student facing one another in turn meanwhile Ayeka seems interested in the students results, as Kent Austin/Ayeka discuss about Shima, and how shes turned into a Honour student the students then face the regular students in the Lightning Joust, which in turn leads to a rather interesting match between Ayeka Machida of the Big 4 and Shima.moreless
    • I Will Not Lose
      I Will Not Lose
      Episode 6
      the Competition between foundations is out in full force, with Stellvia currently in first place, the Big 4 + Shima(Stellvia) faces another foundation in the Astro Ball event, but Shima accidental touches a beacon and is dismissed from the match, Shima then feels disheartened but is cheered up by her Friends, and Rinna from Foundation 6 Ultima

      whilst at the table they meet another team, who seemed confident in defeating the Big 4 + Shima, Rinna defends Shima and points out the amazing save she made in the game, in her Bianca and tells them i doubt any of them could do that in a training ship, the 5 people from the other team walk away as they leave Shima tells them that she wont lose, no matter what

      meanwhile as the game between Stellvia and the said team is taking place, the Big 4 are currently being marked by the other team leaving Shima completly open, she manages to block the other teams attack, and take the ball and score, now full of spirit, shima becomes a part of the Stellvia teams attack force with Ayeka, whilst Kent Austin falls back into defence, everyone is happy with Stellvias amazing victory thanks to Shimamoreless
    • Opportunity
      Episode 5
      the Students on board Stellvia are informed of a Competition between foundations, and are motivated to do their best by Kent Austin of the Big 4, he tells them whoever wins the Competition will be considered for the Great Mission, everyone is now motivated to do their best

      the instructors inform the Big 4 of the importance of Winning the Astro Ball event, and are told to bring the glory back home to Stellvia, the Big 4 then tests the students in a difficult task in search of a fifth member of the team, and Shima is the only one that manages to come out on top and get past the Big 4, and so she was invited and accepts to be in the Big 4"s (Stellvias) Astro Ball team at the eventmoreless
    • I"ll Do My Best
      I"ll Do My Best
      Episode 4
      Shima while working off her punishment feels disheartened after a talk with Ayeka which makes her realise a few things, meanwhile Shimas friends were looking for her and run into Ayeka who tells them that Shima may be leaving Stellvia. Shima runs into Kouta while trying to be alone, and tells her not to worry too much about the data when flying in the Bianca upon the next space training lesson, Shima takes Koutas advice into consideration, and much to everyones surprise does very well, and flys almost perfectly, afterwards the instructor talks with Shima about her flying/lesson and shows her the flight record and ways she can improve her performance.moreless
    • I"m Sorry
      I"m Sorry
      Episode 3
      Shimas work is going fairly well in class and Arisa invites herself and all her friends over for a study group with Shima, while Shima was explaining the work to Kouta and the barrier that"l be used, Shimas friends were playing around, much to Akiras displeasure, which leads to Akira coming to their room and telling them to be quiet, which then leads to shimas friend touching the panel and over writing data on stellvias server. They decide to go to the main control room of stellvia to try and write the situation, along the way they run into Kent Austin, Najima, and Shoujin of the Big 4 in different places, upon reaching the control room, they are discovered by Ayeka and Yayoi, which leads to Shimas friend touching the panel again, which makes the situation worse, and Shima worried..the instructor punishes them all after..moreless
    • Hesitation
      Episode 2
      Shima settles in to her life onboard Stellvia, after the initial introduction assembly, Shima begins her classes, and is required to select which subjects she would like to learn, and meets a new friend Yayoi

      she starts the very first lesson she selected which was space training, Shima was at first embarrassed to wear the under uniform but eventually settles in, Shima's first space flight in the Bianca doesn't go well, the instructor tries to stop her machine, but is locked out the system by Shima, which inturn leads to Ayeka Machida of the Big 4 helping, but eventually the Bianca runs out of power, and shima is towed back to Stellvia, Shima feels disheartened.moreless
    • Welcome
      Episode 1
      Shima departs the earth, saying goodbye to her family, her brother hands Shima some Conpetto, and says goodbye, as Shima Boards the transport ship headed for Foundation II - Stellvia, onboard she meets Arisa, and the director of Stellvia, as they talk the transport ship is in contact with Stellvia, specifically speaking to Kent Austin, who welcomes them to Stellvia, and prepares the students already on Stellvia to go out and welcome them in their ships, which are lead by Ayeka, everyone onboard the transport is excited to be going to Stellvia as they arrivemoreless