Step by Step

Season 3 Episode 19

Birth of a Salesman

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 1994 on CBS



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    • Dana: (needs to interview a family member for school) Mark?
      Mark: Sorry, sis, but I'm going through puberty. There are things going on in my mind that should not be aired in public!

    • Frank: Okay, JT, here's how it goes. You either go to some type of school, or you get a job. If you don't, you start paying rent.
      JT: Rent?!? But you're my dad!
      Frank: Only until you're 18—then I'm your landlord.

    • Karen: (making sausages for breakfast) Do you want one, Cody?
      Cody: Oh, no, not for me. I had one of those once, and they went straight through me like a herd of buffalo!
      Karen: Maybe I'll just have an apple instead...

    • Carol: Boy, J.T., you know, I'm really proud of you. I mean, maybe your dad's right. Maybe college isn't for you.
      J.T.: Well, I'm thinking of going part-time to take a couple business classes, maybe take some math...
      Carol: Math?!?
      J.T.: Hey, when you put dollar signs in front of those numbers, they really start making sense.

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