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Which episode is this?

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    [1]Aug 24, 2006
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    I caught this show on ABC Family during my study hall, and I want to know what is the name of the episode I watched.

    Carol and Karen enter the mother-daughter Mrs and Miss Mallard beauty pageant, and Carol almost quits because she was hit on by one of the judges, Howard.  But Karen convinces her to stay, and then, on the night of the competition, Karen is told by a younger judge that the only way she will win is if she goes on a date with him.  Then Karen reveals what the judges have done, and based on an audience poll, Karen and Carol win.

    Meanwhile, J.T. is inducted into the Mallards club after part of the duck he made out of cheese was eaten by a pig, and he and Frank make up a reason why the duck looks the way it is.

    Could you just let me know of the episode name?  Please and thanks!

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    The episode is simply titled, "Beauty Contest".  It was the last episode of season 1 & the final regular appearance of Carol's mom & her sister, before being written off.
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