Step by Step

Season 1 Episode 21

He Wanted Wings

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 1992 on CBS
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He Wanted Wings
About to turn 40, Frank decides to realize his life-long ambition to learn to fly. Cody and J.T. install a new shower head.

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      • Cody: Oops! Looks like I got a screw loose.
        Dana: Yeah? What's wrong with the shower?

      • Cody: Hey, Dana, is Uncle Frank gone?
        Dana: Yeah, why?
        Cody: OK, J.T., we can go to the bathroom now.
        (Cody and J.T. saunter out together)
        Dana: I hate to ask this, but since when is that a two-man job?
        JT: For your information, Dana, we got my dad a new showerhead for his birthday. You know, the one with the water massage that he wanted.
        Cody: Yeah and we're gonna install it in the bathroom. Far out, huh?
        Dana: No, no, no. No way am I letting you goons mess around in the bathroom.
        Cody: Don't call us goons. Show a little respect!
        Dana: OK. No way am I letting you cretins mess around in the bathroom.
        Cody: There now. Was that so hard?
        Dana: Look, the shower has to be installed by someone qualified, like a plumber or a handyman... or a baboon.
        J.T.: "A baboon," huh? Well, we'll call you if we need help!

      • Carol: Look, Frank, I know you frown on psychology—
        Frank: Now, honey, I don't frown on psychology; I just think it's crap.

      • Dana: Hey, Mom. How's it going?
        Carol: Oh, not so good, Dana. You know, I'm really worried about Frank. Saturday's his 40th birthday.
        Dana: What are you worried about? They don't make those funny little party hats in his size?
        Carol: Dana, I'm serious! I'm really worried that turning 40 could send Frank into a mid-life crisis. That's why I'm reading this book.
        Dana: Your Man at 40 - When His Inner Child Needs Changing—Mom, you promised to lay off the pop psychology.
        Carol: I know, I know, but listen. It says in here that when a man turns 40, he's beset by self doubt and the realization of his own mortality.
        Dana: Mom, this is Frank we're talking about. I think he'll be more concerned about the party hats!

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      • Dana pops into the bathroom where Cody and J.T. are attempting to install a shower-head. She walks in saying, "Hey Bill and Ted. How goes your not-so-excellent adventure?", a play on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. J.T. responds calling her, "Morticia", the gloomy mother in The Addams Family.